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14 February 2013 - 12:39 PM

Hello, I am african american 30/F and I am starting week one of my treatment. I have been dealing with acne since the age of 13. For year I was able to embrace my fate of having acne forever. Until about 5 years ago i started to wear make up. Well that was a complete set up...People began to get use to that image and the attention from the opposite sex wasn't all that bad either. Until I had to wash my face :( I felt/feel like a complete fake because people dont see me for me but if they did they would completely judge me. Which leads me to my predictment. I'm tired. For once i would like to get up and not avoid looking at a mirror. Or keeping bottle foundation near my bedside in case of an emergency. ITS CRAZY!!!

So I am now deciding to take the big leap of faith with amnesteem. After years of over the counters, prescription, and home remedies I'M TIRED!!! I pray this works!!! I've research this for a while and finally built the courage. Being that I'm AA i prefered getting some input and success information for someone of the same race (not to sound racist) but I find that my search was very limited. However it was enough me. Im excited/scared, but this is for all the marbles if this works by the summer time I will be able to hop in a pool with out my makeup/toolkit bag next to me. LOL wish me luck!!

I plan to share pics of my journey as well hopefully it helps someone!