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#3347789 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 11 May 2013 - 10:42 PM

Sierra - 


When you were on Spiro the first time, did you have any side effects? I just had my hormones tested and everything came back normal except my Testosterone...its real low..which is bizarre because I have always been really lean and gained muscle easily...I am wondering if they will want me to come off Spiro since my T is already so low. My skin is sooooooo oily though!

Sorry for the late response lifeinfaith!  Yes, spiro is a miracle for acne, but... it does come with some side effects.


Before I get into them I wanted to address the low T level.  I actually had low testosterone before i started on spiro.  That didn't deter my dermatologist and endocrinologist.  They still recommended it for my acne.  And now I'm just heading into month 5 and my skin is fantastic.  I barely get any pimples and when I do they are small and go away quickly.  There's someone else on this forum (maybe michi?) who mentioned that even though she has low testosterone, her doctor thinks there is extra androgens in her skin.  I probably wrote that wrong, but something like that.  I'm sure you could search the last couple pages on the forum and find what she said. 


In any case, I have low T and spiro has worked wonders!  But patience is really important.  And you may want to bump up your dose very gradually if you don't see improvement after 3 months.  Many gals didn't see a difference at all until they found the "magic dose."


So, side effects: had to pee all the time, dry mouth, thirst, a couple UTIs because I unfortunately started to hold it in overnight.  I also had some fatigue, even after 2 years on spiro.  There were just good energy days (mostly good days) and low energy days.  For me it was (and is) totally worth it.  The emotional pain of acne is so much worse than feeling tired and thirsty. 


Sending you lots of support on your journey.  Keep us updated!




Is your doc ok with you not having a period? I didn't know if this could be bad for me or not. It's 10 days late at this point, maybe it'll start eventually. My estrogen was normal.

Yeah I haven't had a period since I've been on it - but I don't think it's the Spiro but rather the fact that my estrogen can't get high enough to make me ovulate. You could get your hormones checked again and see where you are in your cycle.

Were you considering going on birth control michi?  I think we already talked about it, but I was in the same predicament.  No period or ovulation at all for almost a year, but it was only when i went off the pill that it stopped.  And it started up again as soon as I restarted the pill.


Oh yeah, I think we did talk about it.  You were just a bit nervous about starting it because you had a bad experience.  Totally understand.  But, might be worth a try because it really does increase your risk of cancer when you don't shed your uterine lining for long periods of time.  Something to talk to your doc about or maybe research.  



Hi everyone, it's been a few weeks since I've chimed in and I have big exciting news! I'm about to reach 17 weeks on Spiro, so just a little over 4 months, and let me tell you my skin is looking really, really good!!! I don't think I've had an actual cyst in about 2-3 weeks. A few smaller pimples around my period last week, but everything has either gone away or surfaced in about a 24 hour period. I definitely think the people that say in can take up to 6 months are right. I have seen the most noticeable changes between 3 1/2 half months and 4. I feel fairly positive that things will only continue to improve from here!!


Now I am mostly dealing with a few residual scars and the occasional white head, but nothing like a few months ago. I have a facial in a week and a half, and I'm hoping she'll be able to extract the last few whiteheads I have. Then I can work on healing and feeling confident for my wedding and honeymoon in September!!


Also, I started using Mario Badescu products and I'm in LOVE! If anyone is interested in the products I'm using just let me know.


I just wanted to write everyone and give hope that I really do believe Spiro is working and if you can be patient, you will see results. I had a few moments where I wanted to give up, but I'm glad I didn't. Stick it out... I truly believe it is worth it and better then constantly switching regimens and waking the so called acne beast.


XOXO ladies!!!



Woohoooo!!!  My skin is looking good too!  Gooo spiro.  Stick with it ladies!  Patience is so key with this medicine.


So happy for you Theresa!




#3341094 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 16 April 2013 - 12:37 PM

 Im going to check out the links of the products you purchased and maybe ask questions if I fancy them, the High Frequency thingy sounds very intriguing. One thing though, if I do still have active acne would these prosucts maybe not work for me? Like, do you need to just have Hyperpigmentation marks and stuff?


Thanks Stacey!


Skinoren sounds really interesting! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.


As for the two products I mentioned, I wouldn't use the PMD (Personal Microderm Device) until your acne has mostly cleared.  It's not good to use on active acne but it's great when it comes to scarring and evening skin tone and texture as well as preventing breakouts. 


However, you can definitely use the D'Arsonal Professional Grade High Frequency Device on active acne.  It's really gentle and effective, specifically on active breakouts.  So far I'm still in love with it!


Another device you might look into once your cystic acne is gone is the Clarisonic.  It's kind of similar to the PMD in that it exfoliates, reduces wrinkles, uneven skintone and helps prevent breakouts.  They have a Clarisonic that is specifically for acne and I've heard great things about it, but I've also read that it's best for mild to moderate acne, not severe or cystic.  I just got the Clarisonic Mia 2 with a "delicate" brush brand new on ebay for $67 (normally $149)!!  I'll let you know how it works.  I


Here's the link to Clarisonic reviews from acne.org: http://www.acne.org/.../421/page1.html





P.S. So sorry about being tagged on FB with a bad photo.  That's like my nightmare...I totally understand.  Hope you untagged yourself.  If you're really uncomfortable maybe you can request that the person take it down. 


P.P.S.  So interesting to hear about your history with anorexia.  I also have a history with binge eating and anorexia (not bulimia thank goodness - could never figure out the throwing up thing).  I really wonder if there is a connection with acne, PCOS and disordered eating because I've heard it come up from several people on acne.org.  I think it has to do with the perfectionist nature of who we are that perhaps has something to do with causing these "imperfections" like acne, weight gain, etc.  Also, my breasts have grown at least 1/2 a cup size too, but my bf seems to like it so I'm not so worried.  Just trying to focus on the fact that he still thinks I'm beautiful.  I did notice that I have to work harder to keep my weight down since starting spiro.  I was at 115, now more like 120, but I look totally different/curvier.

Hi ladies. Thought I'd chime in as I"m also on Spiro (the brand name Aldactone) and just passed the 12 week point. You all seem really nice so hope you don't mind me tagging along:) To give a brief history - I have had acne ONLY around my chin since I was 19 (I'm 32). I also have facial hair. But the wierd thing is that my testosterone is very low. So the endocrinologist thinks it might be high testosterone circulating just in the skin so Spiro may still work. So I have to say that 12 weeks in I am not really seeing anything good. I am still oily and I feel like my sex drive is HIGHER, which could mean Spiro is stimulating the androgen receptors instead of blocking them (which can happen if you don't have enough testosterone for it to bind with). My endo says it takes 6-9 months for it to work so I'm going to hang on. I have a follow up appointment with him on Friday and I'll see where my hormones are. Does anyone else here have low tesosterone?

Hi Michi! 


So happy you chimed in.  I also have low testosterone but all of the symptoms of someone with high testosterone - specifically severe acne and mild hirsuitism among others.  One of my doctors diagnosed me with PCOS but my other doctor kind of "un-diagnosed" me based on my low testosterone and perfect cholesterol and glucose levels.  Very frustrating not understanding why I have these symptoms.  I also have low estrogen - do you?


I can tell you that spiro is totally working for me.  I'm almost at week 16 and only started seeing a real difference at week 13.  It just seems to be getting better and better now.  I'm also on a birth control called Zovia which I started at the same time. 


While it's working for me, it seems like our experience is very different.  My oiliness went away pretty much immediately when I started.  My sex drive was gone the first couple months but around the time that my skin started clearing it started slowly coming back.  I don't expect it to ever be where it was though.  That's just my experience having been on the spiro and BC protocol before.


Would love to get an update from you.  Really curious since I haven't met anyone else with low testosterone and all the PCOS symptoms. 


Wishing you lots of luck!!


#3340668 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 14 April 2013 - 03:13 PM

Hi ladies!!


So my spiro got upped to 150mgs last week, and I have to say I think it's making a world of difference!! I'm also at 13 weeks, so I'm assuming that's helping too, but other than a two minor cysts this week, things have really calmed down!! If you're questioning whether to stay on it or not, I would suggest upping your dose if you can.


I was thinking a lot about the whole drinking thing this week because I'm going out this weekend for my birthday and I just kind of want to let loose. I'm curious to see how my body responds next week... I'll let you know.


Also, I've been doing some research into mario badescu products, because I've heard lots of good things about their buffering lotion--it's meant specifically for cysts! The best part is, the company will send you free samples of any of their products if you call and do a skin consultation with them. I figure it's worth a shot since all the reviews have been positive. Have any of you used the mario badescu products before??


Hope everyone is doing well... keep me updated on your progress!





Yaaaaay!!  That's fantastic Theresa smile.png


I vote that you should treat yourself on your birthday.  Don't worry about your skin for one day and just enjoy the moment. 


I really think upping the dose of spiro makes the biggest difference.  I've read so many posts about women who are having no results or even worse skin on spiro and then their doctor gives them a higher dose and suddenly they clear up. 


I'm at 14 weeks on spiro and also see the results happening.  I feel like we are kind of on the same track!  I noticed our skin started clearing up around the same time.  Mine was 13 weeks too.  I've never heard of the Mario Badescu products but would love to know if they work for you.


Speaking of new products...I spent some money (okay, a good chunk of change) and I bought two things I'm so excited about.


1st: The PMD (Personal Microderm Device).  Most people say it's just as good as a professional microdermabrasion.  Now that my skin is clearing I can start working on the dryness, scarring and the new wrinkles that arised from my harsh topicals (Acanya and HQRA).  I can't wait!  I won't be able to test it out for another week because I'm getting my second salicylic acid peel tomorrow.  I'll tell everyone how it goes.


Link to PMD: http://www.shopnbc.c...em/300-699.aspx


2nd:  The High Frequency D'arsonal Professional Grade Device.  I know.  WHAT?!  It looks like it's from NASA but it's so cool!  Whenever I get facials the aesthetician always uses it at the end to kill bacteria after extractions and can basically zap zits.  Have you heard of the Zeno Zit Zapper?  It's kind of like that but on steroids.  There are all these different shaped electrodes with argon gas (for acneic skin) and neon gas (for aging skin).  I used it for the first time last night and my skin is looking fantastic.  I had a binge I'm not proud of yesterday where I had tons of ice cream, dairy, gluten, oreos, candy (omg so much candy), quesadillas, pizza, and even more that I honestly can't remember.  It was such a whirlind of eating...ugh. So normally I would wake up with tons of new inflammed zits from the binge but not today.  Not one new zit.  I credit that to the D'Arsonal HF Device. 


Link to High Frequency D'arsonal Professional Grade Device: http://www.new-spa.u...of/lid=19346376


I know these items are expensive, but for the amount I spend on facials, these do the exact same thing for a fraction and in the comfort of my own home.  Plus I can afford to do them more often now which is great.  If you look around If you're interested in either of these and want more info I can give you more details.  There are a lot of good youtube video reviews for the PMD and written reviews for the D'Arsonal that I can send you.


Okay, that is all for today.  Sorry for the once again super long-winded post.  I just get so excited to talk to you ladies and I'm thrilled to hear that we all finally have good news to share!






#3338842 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 05 April 2013 - 08:47 PM

Day 49 (week7) - FIRST DAY on 50mg


Hello guys!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their kind words and support throughout this log, seriously, without this log I would be so lost and just...I don't even wanna think about it. I don't what it is about writing or typing even about your thoughts and feeling, it just feels like a release, like a PURGE.

Righty, I decided to up my dosage, so that is me now at 50mg. My doctor actually wanted me to wait until I got the results of my kidneys back but I just want to try it and see if 50mg might be the answer and work for me more. What dosages is everyone else on atm anyway again??

Side-effects I have noticed currently is literally just the less greasy/oily hair. This is very noticeable though. Also my hair is a bit thinner, BUT it is long, so if it was shorter it might be thicker, I don't know.

I also have noticed a bit of a more womanly shape to my body. I am generally bottom heavy (Booooty!) but I have broad shoulders - I kinda have the body of a gymnast, that figure aside from the lean-ness of them, at the moment. I am aiming to lose some weight, or inches and have been exercising a little more, Im probably between 117-120lbs at 5'1- however this easter I did eat alot of chocolate, OOPS. I have actually ate a bit of chocolate everyday for the past week tbh, so maybe this is why it seems more inflammed?? Yea proabably.


My skin state right now is hell. Seriously. My. Skin. Is. Shit. I have acne almost everywhere, with a rough texture to it. I had been using ABS (african black soap) once per day for a week and a half but took a break from it yesterday, it is very drying and I think it has made me purge like crazy.

Also I have been taking 1000mg of EPO (evening primrose oil) for 5 days, and I wonder if these have something to do with the inflammed spots? They actually have nuts as an allergy. Its probably the amount of sugar Ive consumed though, so lets just wait and see howI am in a week of healthier eating.



Hi Stacey,


I'm very happy to hear you have increased your dose of spiro.  I have read about lots of ladies who have breakouts for months and then finally increase to the "magic dose" of spiro that clears them. 


I'm all the way at 200mg (also weigh 120 lbs) and I literally JUST started seeing improvements at 12 weeks.  My initial breakout honestly lasted the full 12 weeks. I know that doesn't sound great, but I'm hoping it helps you stay optimistic.  I'm not perfectly clear yet, but there has definitely been a shift that happened.  I noticed my skin wasn't making as many new pimples around 11 weeks, but the existing pimples and clogged pores were slowly coming to the surface and getting angry and inflammed. So I decided to get a facial to get rid of the congestion and that helped immensely.  Maybe it's something you can look into?  Kind of like speeding along that purging process. 


I hope the clean diet helps improve the inflammation.  I really notice a difference when I cut out sugar (most importantly), dairy, and gluten.  Sugar and dairy tend to be the most common culprits when it comes to skin.  However, if your problem stems from hormones, diet will help, but it can only do so much.


Please remember that there is a reason you are going through this.  There is a greater purpose.  Acne is...humbling.  It gives you perspective.  It shows you how to appreciate the little things SO much more.  Hang in there.  We are here with a listening ear and a shoulder if you need it.


I also just want to say, I am so grateful that you started this forum!  I feel exactly like you do.  Just writing to you ladies and reading your posts helps me know I am not alone.  I kept my acne such a secret for so long because I was incredibly ashamed, but talking about it here has really helped me put it into perspective.  My acne doesn't define me as a person.  It's just a skin condition.  Since I've been on acne.org I've been able open up to other people in my life.  I just finally let my boyfriend in on the big "secret." He saw me without my makeup and still told me I was beautiful.  Whew!  What a weight off my shoulders... So grateful I have loving people in my life, and you ladies are included.





P.S. - I have three pimples on my face right now.  Plus one tiny one.  That's it!  Yippeeeeeeee!  Soon I can start working on all these scars... will keep you posted.


P.P.S. - I follow this girl on youtube and she's really inspiring.  She has severe cystic acne and she's a model! 

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Posted by skindeepstory on 29 March 2013 - 11:14 AM

Spiro Mid Week 8 1
Album: Spironolactone Week 8
3 images

Hello friends!


I thought I'd take some photos today to track my progress.  When I look in the mirror I can tell I have much less acne and clogged pores, but it doesn't exactly translate as well into photos because of all my acne scars.  But trust me when I say it's improving!  I can cover up acne scars, but the actual raised bumps are impossible to hide.  I'll take scars over bumps any time.


Anyway, here are my photos from Week 12 on 200mg Spironolactone, Birth Control (Generess Fe), Acanya Gel (Day Topical) and HQRA (Night Topical).  I stopped taking the Metformin after about a week and a half because my endo isn't sure I need it.  Fine with me because I was getting kind of nauseous though I did notice that I FINALLY had a normal size appetite.  I really miss that...


Without futher adieu, week 12:


Spiro Week 12 3
Spiro Week 12 2
Spiro Week 12 1
P.S. I'm normally so crazy self conscious about posting pics of my skin but today I actually wasn't worried at all.  I'm excited to share my not-so-pretty journey if it can give hope or encouragement to anyone... I hope it does.

#3333657 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 15 March 2013 - 02:04 PM

Hello Spiro Friends,


Wanted to share a little week 10 update.  I have good news...


My skin has definitely been improving a lot this past week!  I was almost nervous to write that - maybe I would jinx it or something. But, it's undeniable.  I'm getting less amounts of new acne.  Most of the new acne I am getting is from bumps or clogged pores that are several weeks old and never came to fruition.  When they do make an appearance they seem smaller and quicker to disappear.  I'm certainly not flawless, but it's nice that the areas where I have a lot of scarring have kind of had a break so they are starting to fade. 


And, the big exciting thing is that yesterday I put on a ton of makeup (that's the only way to cover up the blemishes and hyperpigmentation) and I was out all day - well over 12 hours.  I was so nervous about washing my makeup off and to my surprise...nothing!  No new bumps.  I thought for sure this morning I would see something, but no.  That, to me, is a miracle. 


As a note, I have been exercising almost every day, being really careful about my diet, and 5 days ago I added the pill Metformin.  I was on 500mg the first 4 days, and then bumped to 1000mg.  No side effects at all. I don't know if it's what made the difference in my skin or just the passage of time on spiro.


Aside from the few active pimples and the scarring, the other thing I am still dealing with is bigtime dryness and redness!  I think it's a combo of the spiro plus my topicals (HQRA and Acanya).  I know if my skin were super hydrated my acne would look a lot better, so, begrungingly, I'm going to be skipping my topicals a few nights a week and just hydrating like crazy. 


If anyone has any tips for a good heavy duty (but non pore-clogging) night time moisturizer or mask, that would be amazing! 


Oh!!  And I wanted to share a link to a girl's youtube vlog about her journey with spironolactone.  She documents a year on it and it really made me feel secure about my progress.  There are going to be ups and downs on this medicine, but in the longrun, we are making progress!!


Here's the link to her first video.  I watched all of her videos last night.  Felt like a youtube stalker, but God bless her for sharing her story!




Have a lovely day everyone!




#3331037 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 04 March 2013 - 10:55 PM

Are you going to up your dose? Based on your pics I would say you're going to need 100mg to see results. 


Hi!  Unfortunately, I'm already at 200mgs a day.  At my weight that is the absolute highest dosage I can safely take.  I've had clear skin before at 150mg so I feel confident it's just a very slow process for me...

#3329965 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 28 February 2013 - 12:49 PM

Happy birthday Sierra!! Ive left it a little late to update my log. Of course I don't mind AT ALL you venting on this page, honestly smile.png I hope you are feeling alright though.

Trust me I completely know where you are coming from, I am convinced I have more down days as opposed to up days I tell you. But when I have a good day honestly it feels so friggin' great, I love it when I have those days. How about when we feel as though we are having a bad day, we remember how good we actually felt on one of our good days, we will just avoid the mirrors and trust our happier feelings to judge how we plan/go about our day? smile.png sounds so easy though doesn't it!


But I believe it is true that, that which we feel on the inside and think about ourselves totally reflects our outer experiences...totally. Therefore maybe when we are having a down-day we could like know how far we have come and how well we have eaten and excersised, but instead of getting discouraged and feeling hopeless that something isn't working we could maybe start to appreciate how our acne OR any other problems are forcing us to make other healthier changes. It is definately a journey and whether thats a long, short, never ending one...we need to trust it and hope for the good times but also feeeeel good too. When we feel good we show that in everything; our body language, our voice, our clothes styles. We are happier and more serene and chirpy smile.png just all because we literally feeeeel grateful, thakful, loved - and as soon as that persistent pang of a negative voice is about to jump in, shut it out. Don't let that b**ch enter in there. 


So be chirpy today Sierra, be you. You are amazing, with or without acne. You have lots of things to feel good about just focus on them, not your skin. I remember a post you wrote on your blog and Im sure you had said when you were relaxed and not-stressed your skin felt and looked much better. Well think back to that relaxing feeling! Look how easy it was then to just let the negative sh** drive past you.


Life is beautiful, it is wonderful and full of many surprises. But most importantly life wants to give us what we want but it can't when we focus on the negative things, because it will just give us the negative things. Find the good things (life goals, aspirations, family, friends, hobbies, love..) that are buried underneath that pile of old rehearsed negative chit chat that keeps saying you have bad skin, and realise that you have so so much to offer to life.


I hope you have the very best birthday today, I don't know about you but Im a sucker for cake haha!


Thanks so much Stacey.  I feel like I just wrote myself that note!  We're very much alike.


That really made a big difference for me and can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  You are SO right:  "That which we feel on the inside and think about ourselves totally reflects our outer experiences."  I actually printed that out and put it on my desk.


I had a great birthday and yes, I ate cake - well, a cupcake - and it was delish!






#3328471 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by skindeepstory on 21 February 2013 - 02:59 PM

Hey Sierra how have you been doing? I completely and utterly agree that we are ALL unique, so so unique infact. I know people in the world - normal people lol - try and be nice and supportive and think giving advice is needed, but it is hard to explain to a non acne sufferer about how diet, hormones, stress etc can ALSO contribute to this isn't it? I just need to bite my tongue and not say a word. My real friends are the ones who support what Im doing and wish the best for me and don't try to tell my what to do.

I totally agree with you to stick to a cleansing regime - Ive been doing what Im doing literally for about a month and a bit now. I just wash my face late afternoon (once a day) and let it dry for an hour and apply tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar if it is dry. I haven't used a topical in about 2 months, I gave them up and relaised ..well thought my acne would heal itself without it once I fix inside my body and when it is balanced, however I am considering a good exfoliating regime, so Im still looking into that. I also take supplements (3000iu vit D - I have slowly upped to this - 24mg Zinc, and cod liver oil every other day) I was looking into L-carnite or something? Apparantly it is meant to be good for healing your digestive system.


Did you find you got an IB on the HQRA? The only retinoid I have tried is Differin, but even by taking a pea sized amount it burned my face over time, and I had these burns on my skin for a good few weeks...that's when I decided to stop ALL topicals and just focus on tea tree oil. Good to hear you were having an okay skin day the other day. I am today! Woo. Hope your night out went well.

I have been reading your blog from the beginning Sierra and I must say it is amazing. I try to read a bit when I get time, Ive managed to read all posts of the Dec 2012. You are actually a little like me, I like to call myself a hippie and love the holistic approach to life. I have never read "the power of now" but it sounds like something I'd be interested in. I like the idea of being in the present moment, it is ahrd to do though with all the mind chatter that runs through your head, do you ever meditate?

There is a book that I read on and off and it is called "Your life was never meant to be a struggle" by Roy E Klienwachter, I think you would like it, he is very interested in the idea that we are here in this life to learn things and we chose our parents accordingly before birth to make sure we live our lfie purpose through the life lessons that they teach us. This book also refers to "manifesting" - a subject I love dearly - and how when we focus positively and BELIEVE and KNOW that we will have something, we will.


I know it is very hard to be un-perfect so-to-speak but sometimes we need to show the world our vulnrability and rely on others for a time to make us feel better. We can't always have a braze face and expect everything to go as plan, life isn't like that, its forever changing, it likes to keep us on our toes! I like to say "Happiness is fleeting" - I totally believe this, we need to change this though and attempt to stay happier for longer and if this means opening up to someone who we trust and effectively understands, they can keep encouraging us to 'keep on keeping on'. Then hopefully we will feel so relieved and even happy to have opened up in the first place smile.png some people in the world like to know things, and maybe by telling people our own stories they can then be inspired to share their own and maybe even help others out. Im glad your sisteris supporting you smile.png really, so happy you spoke to her about your PCOS.

Take care!

Hi Stacey!  It's really great hearing about your natural approach.  I've been taking zinc with digestive enzymes and rose hip oil.  I have heard about L-Carnitine on this site actually.  I don't know much about it...


I don't know if I got an initial breakout on HQRA...I started it around the time that I started spiro and I was getting my initial breakout from spiro.  If HQRA did cause an IB, it didn't last long.  Every time I use it my skin improves.  It's little by little, but it's noticeable. 


What I did get when I started HQRA was incredibly red, dry itchy skin.  I started it when my skin was already super dry from self-treatments of benzoyl peroxide.  I should have let my skin heal first before I tried the HQRA.  But that has been resolved pretty easily.  I laid off all topicals for a few days and poured on the moisturizer.  Then I started HQRA again, but every other night instead of every night.  Now I am up to two nights in a row with one night of just moisturizer.  My skin is still a bit red and dry, but nothing terrible.


Sorry to hear about your experience with Differin.  It is different from HQRA, so maybe you would have more luck? 


Thank you for reading my blog!!  I thought only the spammers hung out there :)  I actually got The Power of Now as an audiobook.  I throw it on in the car and it reminds me to relax and consider life in a new way.  I used to meditate every day and then I just sort of petered off.  Now it's once a week or whenever I'm super uptight.  I do meditative yoga which I prefer best.  It is definitely hard to stop the chatter... One of the basic principles in The Power of Now is just to observe the chatter.  Don't let it define you because your mind isn't you.  It's been programmed with the same chatter (often negative for us who are struggling with acne).  Just listening to my own thoughts has been a real awakening. 


I will definitely check out the book you recommended!  I'm kind of a self help junkie ;)


I really appreciate all your kind words and support and especially liked hearing you were having a good skin day!!  Hoooray!!




Day 9 of 25mg


Ive felt a little discouraged today. I hate how days can be so juxtaposed...one day your amazing, the next your low.


Thankfully Im not experiencing major side effects smile.png Im just hating on my skin today, I kinda caught my face in a small mirror at college (BAD lighting, you know that bright florescent one - doesn't help that the walls and everything else is white.) and I noticed that there are actually so many bumps all over my forehead, like skin coloured but all frigging over. It just looks so disgusting to me and I hate knowing that its on my face like that.


I also went to the bathroom at college, and just about as I was leaving three girls walked in, they were from a Beauty therapy class so they had all their hair and make-up done perrrrfectly. And there was me. Infront of them trying to get past. I heard them giggling alot after I walked away...I KNOW they may probably not have been giggling at my skin or whatever but it just seemed to heighten my total HATE for my skin today. Acht.


I used a clay mask again today, I mix Bentonite Clay with apple cider vinegar, I do actually like it and probably only use it once/twice a week max. I like feeling it pulsating and imagining it cleaning my skin. Im actually considering getting some sort of facial or something, maybe to try and extract all these bumps or something, I dunno, I shall look into it!


And another thing I wanted to mention I noticed on my Spiro the brand name is Actavist, I am guessing that this is a generic brand? I hope it doesn't mean it is less effective than Aldactone.


Just sending a quick digi-hug to you.  I totally hear you about the ups and downs.  One day I feel great and the next is a disaster.  I don't really have advice except to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and always keep that in mind. 


I know your skin is going to clear and you are doing everything right.  Hang in there!



#3327332 Pcos Acne Log

Posted by skindeepstory on 16 February 2013 - 10:14 PM

Hi Sarsar123,


I can totally relate.  I've been hiding out from friends and my boyfriend every chance I get.  I totally sympathize with you and just want to let you know you are not alone. 


I think it's really important you don't isolate yourself completely, but if you really think you are going to be self conscious and not have a good time, you are not obligated to do anything.  Give yourself a break and just take the night off.  Take a bath, paint your toenails and watch your favorite movie.  Stress does not help your skin.


With that said, don't wait until your skin is perfect to live life.  You are your harshest critic.  I guarantee.  If I decide to go out and I'm having a bad skin day (which over the last 8 months has been every day) I literally say "f--k it."  Seriously!  Who cares what anyone else thinks!  Life is more than just what your skin looks like and I'm sure you know that when you can let go of it, even for a couple hours, you start to enjoy the company of friends again.  Your mind is a powerful thing so just make the choice not to dwell and enjoy life again.


As for spironolactone, it was a miracle for me.  I have had severe cystic acne on and off since my teens.  A few years back my derm suggested spironolactone and it was the only thing that ever worked (I tried everything under the sun including 3 rounds of accutane).  When I was on spiro my skin was perfect.  Crystal clear.  I also used a few topicals and birth control.  


I stopped all my medicines last year even though they were working because I was trying to go the natural holistic route and that really backfired.  Then luckily I got my diagnosis of PCOS and I discovered that spironolactone is actually exactly the right medicine for me.  So, it's been 6 weeks back on it and birth control and topicals.  And things are finally starting to get better!  Since I've been through this before I know it takes time.


I have a lot of hope for you.  Be patient with the spiro.  It can potentially work quickly but may take as long as 3-4 months.  I also encourage you to find out the underlying issue.  I know spiro works for PCOS but I'm not sure if you know what's going on in YOUR body.  Once you get to the root of your problem you will be able to treat it correctly.  That was the real turning point for me.


Anyway, sorry so long winded.  I just really could relate to you and wanted to reach out.


Sending love and support,