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28 February 2013 - 01:13 PM

Thanks for your post its really encouraging for me

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking and realising just how deeply this affects me. I feel comfortable and unjudged around most of my colleagues but I've started hating the idea of meeting new people, esp men. The last Boyf I had I refused to let him see me without make up, I'm very body conscious nowadays too, everything is affected. I feel old. The acne and treatments make me look haggard, old, pale, dry and wrinkly.

I look in the mirror too much, not always to hate on myself but just to check, see what others might see. If my make up doesn't look good I stress all day. I never feel relaxed unless I'm home alone with my kids

It's all looking less inflamed now, period has stopped too which is all related. I stopped smoking 2 months ago and have put on weight. My diet isn't great. I just feel pretty down and in motivated. I have a few active cysts on one side of my face and the other side is all red mark scarring. I don't know how to get my skin and mind to feel good again. My skin is so dry it's like paper. Docs on wed, get the spiro


Hi Sarsar!


Just checking in.  Did you start the spiro yet? 


I just had a dermatologist appointment yesterday and I have the same "red marks" left over from previous acne.  He said this happens to everyone and it's always the last thing to go away when your skin starts to clear up.  He called it post-inflammatory something or other.  Anyway, his advice was to stay out of the sun as much as possible - even if you are driving you are being hit by the sun so wear a big sun hat and lather on the sunscreen every single day!  You don't have to permanently be weird hat lady/vampire who avoids the sun at all costs, but it will speed the fading of those red marks.  Once they go away you can be a little less careful, but in general it's a good idea to keep your skin protected from the sun. 


I was really grateful to get that advice.  Anything I can do to speed this process up makes me hopeful!


Stay connected.  I'd love to hear how the spiro is working for you.






In Topic: Pcos Acne Log

16 February 2013 - 10:14 PM

Hi Sarsar123,


I can totally relate.  I've been hiding out from friends and my boyfriend every chance I get.  I totally sympathize with you and just want to let you know you are not alone. 


I think it's really important you don't isolate yourself completely, but if you really think you are going to be self conscious and not have a good time, you are not obligated to do anything.  Give yourself a break and just take the night off.  Take a bath, paint your toenails and watch your favorite movie.  Stress does not help your skin.


With that said, don't wait until your skin is perfect to live life.  You are your harshest critic.  I guarantee.  If I decide to go out and I'm having a bad skin day (which over the last 8 months has been every day) I literally say "f--k it."  Seriously!  Who cares what anyone else thinks!  Life is more than just what your skin looks like and I'm sure you know that when you can let go of it, even for a couple hours, you start to enjoy the company of friends again.  Your mind is a powerful thing so just make the choice not to dwell and enjoy life again.


As for spironolactone, it was a miracle for me.  I have had severe cystic acne on and off since my teens.  A few years back my derm suggested spironolactone and it was the only thing that ever worked (I tried everything under the sun including 3 rounds of accutane).  When I was on spiro my skin was perfect.  Crystal clear.  I also used a few topicals and birth control.  


I stopped all my medicines last year even though they were working because I was trying to go the natural holistic route and that really backfired.  Then luckily I got my diagnosis of PCOS and I discovered that spironolactone is actually exactly the right medicine for me.  So, it's been 6 weeks back on it and birth control and topicals.  And things are finally starting to get better!  Since I've been through this before I know it takes time.


I have a lot of hope for you.  Be patient with the spiro.  It can potentially work quickly but may take as long as 3-4 months.  I also encourage you to find out the underlying issue.  I know spiro works for PCOS but I'm not sure if you know what's going on in YOUR body.  Once you get to the root of your problem you will be able to treat it correctly.  That was the real turning point for me.


Anyway, sorry so long winded.  I just really could relate to you and wanted to reach out.


Sending love and support,




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16 February 2013 - 11:53 AM

Hi Sweet Potato. 


I can totally relate.  I tried everything to cure my acne - every pill, topical and natural method (diet, exercise, meditation and then some) that exists.  Finally I got my diagnosis and EVERYTHING suddenly made sense. 


I suggest you RESEARCH and really find a qualified gynocologist, endocrinologist and dermatologist.  Write down a list of all your symptoms and have everything super organized for them. 


One thing I can tell you is acne is so much worse when it's a big mystery.  If it's your thyroid then at least you have an answer and a good protocol that you know will work.  Shooting in the dark is no fun and can feel hopeless so it's time you found out the source of your acne and resolved it. 


I love that you are trying natural methods and I suggest you continue with your holistic health as much as possible while also listening to your doctors.  Some of us can't be au natural when it comes to skin so a pseudo holistic approach is the way to go.


Sending lots of support your way!