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How To Stop Forming Cyst?

04 April 2013 - 06:37 PM

Hi everyone,


So I currently see a decent sized cyst forming on my left cheek, it's already really red and I'd love to lower it if I can at all by this weekend since it's my 21st bday :(. I read that some people dab benzoyl peroxide 2.5% directly on the forming cyst and leave it on overnight, could this help? Any other recommendations you guys could offer? It's not like this is the only acne i'm dealing with, it's just that this is the most prominent right now and it hasn't even formed :(.


Side Note: I am on accutane right now, on my second month. So don't know if that changes anything about the benzoyl peroxide or not.. I know I used to use toothpaste on skin and that didn't burn my face or anything


Thanks a lot in advance!!

Male/20 Yrs Old Accutane Journey

01 March 2013 - 07:11 PM

Hey guys,


Decided to start an accutane log and post updates from time to time! I'm a 20 year old male, have had persistent mild to moderate acne for about five years, and I'm turning 21 in April. Went to a new dermatologist and he decided to put me on accutane without any hesitation. The first month I'm starting on 60 mg/day and I'll be bumped up to 80 mg/day the next month.


I started on 2/26/13 so right now I'm on Day 4.


*Day 4 Update*


Definitely starting to have the beginning of what could be the initial breakout. Getting bad inflamed acne on my jawline that I've never had before, as well as cystic acne, praying it can die down a little over the weekend sad.png. Other than that, no side effects that have been too serious. I notice my lips are getting a little dryer but not chapped yet. I am thirsty ALL the time however and my throat seems to always be dry.


Will update this thread with how this progresses, hopefully this will really do the trick for my acne eusa_pray.gif


EDIT: Adding pictures from now on throughout the course. Here's pictures I have taken so far...


Before Accutane: cdkCtWV.png



About 3 Weeks In, Flaring so got on Prednisone : FMwRyjp.png


Day 49 (7 Weeks): WkQDuga.png



Will add further updates throughout thread

Accutane For Male Hormonal Acne

09 February 2013 - 01:37 PM

Hey guys,


New to the forum and I've tried practically everything from topicals to antibiotics. I'm on my last course of Cephalexin that my derm is making me take before I can be prescribed accutane next month, and it's not helping my skin at all. I have had persistent mild to moderate acne since I was 14 and it's always been on my cheeks and chin mainly, which I believe is due to hormonal reasons.


So my question is, have any males with similar acne been cured from accutane? I know women have better options like Spiro etc and was hoping that accutane has worked for males.


Thanks a lot guys!


edit: Forgot to mention I'm 20