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Share Your Acne Stories

09 February 2013 - 03:48 PM

Hi all!
Feel free to share your personal acne stories on this here! Don't be afraid! Maybe I can help!

Acne Survivor Since 10 And A Half Years Old

08 February 2013 - 10:50 PM

Hi, my name is Kailee! When I was ten and a half years old, I was diagnosed with severe acne due to early puberty! In Grade 6 and trying everything I could to make my face look better was a big challenge for me! I don't know if no one wanted to be my friend because of my acne but that's how it seemed! I had no friends in my grade 6 year as all of my friends had ditched me for someone better! I felt so ashamed of my acne that I started to visit doctors! I have tried almost every single thing there was to do to treat acne! I tried proactive, myrad and so many other topical creams! By the time I had reached my last month of grade 6, my acne had not gotten better, but worse. It got to the point where I cried because my face was so bad! By that time, my family and I decided to almost gave up because nothing was a match for my acne! I had it on every centimetre of my forehead and down my temples, blackheads all over my nose and only very few on my cheeks! They had all become pussy! I squeezed all of them to try to make myself look more presentable, but it had only made me look even uglier! I had started grade 7 with my face covered with pimples. I had almost gotten to breaking point because I was the only person in my school of 550 with zits! All of the kids in my class had perfect skin that I only wished I could go back because they never understood what acne was like. My friend had once whispered in the night, "No, don't draw on her face, that'll only create more pimples and I'll lose my popularity." I was almost about to phone home and leave the fun! I had graduated Elementary School with zits everywhere, only wishing that they would be gone by that time! After I was done, my parents decided to take me to a local dermatologist who specialized in acne! At first they put me on tetracycline which didn't change it, then doxycycline which didn't help at all and then finally by the end of the summer, we had reached the final step that would hopefully clear my face for good! We decided to go on to accutane! After she told me I would have to do monthly blood tests, I almost felt like I didn't want to do it! My mom and I had a talk and decided that I would take it or else I would be stuck with my horribly pimply face until I was 19. Now, I have been on accutane for 6 months and am on my last month! My forehead had cleared in the first month of the process and had moved into my cheeks! They started to fade by month 4. After a while of taking this product, I thought, I shouldn't do it and they would never go away! I was scared to go to the doctor best one month she had to stick needles in my cheeks to get the sists out! Once that was done, I had never wanted to go back! But she never did it again because my face had improved so much! I always hated when little kids asked what the lumps on my face were! After being on accutane for six months, I see so much difference! Now that it is my last month I have decided to share my story publicly around all of you! Now that I have been self conscious and confident that my zits would one day go away, alongside with the help of my dermatologist and accutane, I have not had many active pimples since November 2012! I am now 13 years old and have been living with acne since I was ten and a half!

If anyone would like help in what to do or you just need to chat about acne problems, I'm here for advice