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What Type Of Acne Is This?

04 February 2013 - 04:20 PM

I used to use EPIDUO gel but then I stopped because my skin didnt look as clear in the beginning and I didnt want to have to use it my entire life... so i slowly discontinued it. However, it was a slow process but slowly littly bumps started resurfacing and BAM now look at me! Ive never had a breakout this bad in my life...... ever.
What type of acne is this? severe, mild or moderate?


Also... would I be elligible for accutane? I would really like to take it, ive heard wonders! 


This picture is before BENZOYL PEROXIDE CLEAN AND CLEAR 3 STEPS. HOW COME ITS GETTING WORSE? and my skin is oily + dry at the same time and has a very unconfortable texture...

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