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kevon's Blog > Day 114 - Journey Complete :)

Posted 13 May 2013

I came off the medication for a week due to my chest infection, but came back on once it cleared up to finish the course. I have my final appointment tomorrow to get my post-treatment check up. All in all, it's been pretty smooth sailing for me. I still don't know if the medicine was behind taking a long time to recover from my chest infection, but a...

kevon's Blog > Day 94 - Accutane - Chest Infection

Posted 23 April 2013

With three weeks to go, the end seemed in sight. So from the title I'm not saying my chest infection was caused by accutane. However I'm unsure if it's contributing to me being so unwell.I got a cold about 2 weeks ago, and from that got a bacterial chest infection and infection in my trachea (tracheitis) from coughing so much. I'm on antibiotics which has...

kevon's Blog > Accutane - Day 74 - Dry Nose!

Posted 03 April 2013

So I’ve been on the Accutane for a good while now. Think I have about 6 weeks left to go, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.All in all it’s been good at treating my acne. I had a couple of zits come up recently which was odd because I haven’t had any new ones for weeks. Hoping that it’s a one off! They aren’t big one...

kevon's Blog > Day 44 Accutane Update

Posted 04 March 2013

So I’m now on Day 44 of my course, been on the full dose for nearly a couple of weeks now. So far, my skin is still really good. I have one spot at the moment and the rest is completely clear. Even the red marks that are left after you have a bout of acne have cleared which is great. Was concerned that I’d get another IB when I upped my dose b...

kevon's Blog > Day 32 Accutane Full Dose Time!

Posted 21 February 2013

So yesterday I started my full dose of 70mg. I spoke to my dermatologist about how I’ve had some great effects from the lower dose and mentioned the possibility of staying on the 40mg dose if it was working. He said he’d be inclined to stick to the plan, which I was expecting. He said it was good that I’m not getting too many side effect...