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angchicago's Blog > My Acne Story...and Choosing Accutane

Posted 22 February 2013

Hello! I've read a lot of blogs from my fellow Accutane users these past few months, and since so many stories have helped me, it's time to share my experience. Here's a little bit about me and my acne:  (scroll way down if you'd rather hear about the accutane)I'm a 27 year old female, and I've been dealing with mild/severe acne for 3+ years now...

angchicago's Blog > Accutane On Vacation

Posted 22 February 2013

Hello Everyone- I have been on accutane for 44 days now, and I have not had to worry about sun exposure being that I live in cold, gloomy Chicago, but I will be heading to Mexico in 2 weeks. Of course I will wear sunscreen, however, I am hoping to get a little tan on vacation. I talked to my doc about the concerns with accutane and the sun, and he ad...