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In Topic: Bump On Chest When Finishing Accutane Course?

25 February 2014 - 06:47 AM

I have 15 days left of my accutane course however I just got a bump on my chest which I am assuming is a cyst.


It kind of happened out of the blue, and I'm scared to death because my accutane course was even extended from 4.5 month course to a 5.5 course (I took 80mg/day during the entire course),


It is one of two active pimples that i have (the other is a minor one on my forehead) that I think are a result from my workout plan. At the end of December, I started to go on a bulk by eating a lot, drinking protein powders, and lifting weights a lot. I figured since I'm on accutane, I shouldn't breakout as a result but I guess I was wrong. I think it might have been from my preworkout, considering theres a lot of unnatural ingredients (no stimulants however) and my protein powder is beef isolate, so no dairy in there.


Should I be concerned? Could this be something other than acne? Hadn't had a brand new cyst since october-november.....damn!!


What does it look like specifically? It could be a boil. Working out and being a guy can put you more at risk of that stuff.

Its raised and red, about a little smaller than a dime, but it feels a lot bigger. You cant really tell its raised because its in like the middle of my chest, like sternum area. I've had something like this in the past, but it popped or just went away...cant remember

In Topic: Will Increasing Accutane Dosage Increase Redness?

13 January 2014 - 12:19 PM

I understand him prolonging the course because you have a greater chance of remission the more your body absorbs but 120 seems really high as well as 160. As far as redness it will start going away after a couple months onces your skin re adjust. 


I have no problem extending the course another month, or .5 of a month, but to increase the dose is just beyond me.


Isn't it about cumulative anyway? I don't think you can get used to an accutane dose to the point where it is ineffective.

In Topic: Need Advice On Doc's Increase In Accutane Dosage Please!

06 January 2014 - 03:10 PM

That's a bit ridiculous in my opinion... The side effects from just 60mg a day is even hard to deal with and hard on your body. But 160mg a day?!

If my dermatologist told me that, I'd tell him flat out no. I'd rather be on the drug for a longer period of time and have my body be able to handle it, than have a huge dose and have my body and myself suffer just to get it over with.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking, like I knew how redic it was when he told me, but I respect his title and how he was the only derm who would give me accutane and walked me through the process.


It's just that I barely have any active acne (mainly just a few blackheads on my cheek that seem to be clearing) and some red marks so I don't see any reason why just continuing my 80 mg dose for a little longer won't work........Unless you can build a tolerance to accutane, but I don't think I did because my nose is still dry as hell inside and I cannot leave my house w/o aquaphor lip repair.

In Topic: Need Advice On Doc's Increase In Accutane Dosage Please!

06 January 2014 - 02:34 PM


In Topic: Need Advice On Doc's Increase In Accutane Dosage Please!

06 January 2014 - 11:28 AM

yeah idk, personally I think the same dosage for another month will do the trick...really don't wanna risk a breakout by drastically increasing the dose