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Helton's Accutane Log - 5'8Ft , 140Lbs

17 May 2013 - 10:04 PM

Hello, I would like to document my accutane treatment through this thread. It will be periodically updated whenever available. smile.png


Accutane Start Day:




Age: 24

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140lbs

Accutane dosage (Claravis): 10mg twice a day, 20mg total per day for first month.

Skin type: Normal to dry

Acne severity: Face is mostly clear, chest clear, severe back acne.


Background Story:

I have been having acne ever since around 6th grade; however I never paid much attention to it til 18 or so. Most of my acne were developed on and around the nose, chin. My forehead was covered with acne when I was 7th grade but it cleared itself up, cheeks also were clear through out my teenage years.

Fast forward to today, I have tried numerous treatments, such as doxycycline, retina, and BP. All of them worked well, but never cleared me up completely and is only short term.


Products That I Am Currently Using:

Dr Robaina's Vita soap ( Found it randomly in Walgreens and the ingredient list caught my attention. It has tea tree oil and sulfur, and salicylic acid. Also, it doesn't dry my skin out.)

Cerave: Like it, and recommend everyone to use it. It's my back up cleanser.


None currently.

However, might start using Cerave lotion because I liked it, but don't need to use it.

Also, I have aquador in stock at home already.


Cerave AM SPF 15, like it, not greasy, moisturizing unlike some sunblock that makes my skin flakes stand out; however it has a slight white cast.

Elta MD 41 ( Haven't gotten a chance to repurchase it yet, but it used to be my go-to sunblock. It's tinted and matches my skin tone, so no white cast. )


BP, every morning

8% AHA liquid, every night

Retin A 0.05% twice a week

( Will adjust accordingly based on how my skin react while on accutane. )



Mostly vegetarian, low GI index when possible. Tend to shy away from wheat, dairy products.

However, I will eat everything as long as it's nutritious and organically grown.


Insurance covered all cost.

It didn't use to include any form of accutane, not even the genetic one, so I saved up two thousand dollars to pay at my own expanse.
But to my luck, they added it in their program while I was saving.

If you live in San Francisco and is low income/without insurance, shoot me a message and I might can help out by sharing information. If you are not in SF, then I can't help.

But do ask the doctor to send out letters to different pharmacy to see if there's a way to cover it.

Luckily, I have a good and handsome doctorwub.png  that voluntarily helped me.


Notes- Day 1:
Just took my first 10mg pill with a somewhat fatty meal, had pasta with cheese, and olive oil. I plan to get fish oil to take with the accutane pill, but not sure yet.

And I have to say, Claravis has the FANCIEST packaging ever. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to pop a pill out. I still am not sure if I did it the right way

( Someone correct me if I did it wrong. I push in the space at the front, so the paper at the back raises up for me to peel it off. Then after I peel it off, I break the foil for the pill.)



Thank you for reading!

: )