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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

06 September 2013 - 01:23 AM

Okay here's what I'm thinking, I'll do it in point form it's just easier that way. tongue.gif

-Red marks are gettin' me down, they feel like they're getting worse. (I know that's practically impossible but I'm having a bad day, sue me.)
-Over the past few months acne is slowly coming back after getting off the tane... this is even more depressing because once you taste what it's like to be clear you never wanna go back.
-Been slacking in my diet and it's showing. I need to be more strict with myself.
-Got a pimple on my cheek, since most of my acne is around my mouth this was particularly depressing. Haven't had acne on my cheeks since before tane, or as I like to call it "The dark times".

Oh and I thought I had a date to grad (prom, for you Americans) but she changed her mind. This was a severe blow to my ego.

Best of luck to you all.


Have you tried using Retin A after the tane?
From what I have read, people need to be on Retin A after tane in order to keep the skin clear for long term :)

In Topic: Severe Acne/scars Log!

06 September 2013 - 01:21 AM

If your skin is oily/normal on its own, then really try to skip the lotion/cream.

Acne forms when the pores are clogged already, and the body is trying to extract themselves, why add extra burden?

Good luck! :)

In Topic: 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

05 September 2013 - 02:23 AM

Hey Accutane buddy! It's been a while! biggrin.png
Great to see everything's going well with u!

Just a bit update to u if u r interested, haha!
I am doing great here! Skin really cleared up. I literally don't even know what's benzoyl peroxide anymore, haha!!! It's awesome!

I just got bumped up to 80 mg a day for this month, lost track of the months already... but I think I started at the same time as u smile.png

I got a bit break out on my cheeks when I started to take 80mg initially, but nothing seriously, just a bump or two.
My skin isn't crazily dry though, my lips aren't crazily chopped like people always experience, I just slather on vaseline before I go to bed, and then the next day I don't even have to wear any lipstick while out. ( Although if I forget to put vaseline on at night then my lips would 100% be super dry the next day)

I use Ivory soap to wash my face with hot water at night, scrub my nose with the scrubby thing that I got if it feels rough to touch. And I don't use any moisturizer on my skin. In the morning I don't wash, just wake up and head to sch like a mindless zombie, haha!

I think it's different for each person on how our skin react, I personally only experienced the super dry effect during the few two months and then my skin just balance itself out but still slightly on the dry side. No bone/ankle/back pain at all too. Except I did get fatigue more easily during the first month.


Hope things will continue to get better for u! biggrin.png
I probably won't log on here much from now on, seriously for the past few months, I have been touching my face and sleeping on my side occasionally, yet I am still doing fine!

And I can picture you being completely recover at the end of the course already! Hang in there! smile.png

In Topic: My First Accutane Log

10 June 2013 - 04:22 PM








Do you think there is anything else to remove redness? I am getting medium sized pimples every now and then, but the problem  is not the pimple really. The pimple goes away very fast within days, but that redness will last for sooo long. I tried using hydrocorison cream, it doesn't help that much at all. All I really got is just to put skin lotion on the redness and use time. I really need retin A, I even considered buying it online, but I don't know any sources and I'm willing to pay up to 30$ or more for a bottle. Idk what to do anymore, by the time my tane treatment is done within 2-3 months, my face is going to be full of like 20+ red spots at the rate this is going...And what makes me mad as hell is everytime I see my derm hes like "u look fine" and pretty much ups my tane and walks out. Clearly, This is not the case and it makes me mad that he will not comprimise, but I can't just dip on him because its hard to find derms that work with my insurance :l


There's nothing really can be done for the redness except AHA and retin a since they both increase the speed of skin renewals, I don't recommend using them on a large area while on Accutane though.

It's not that big of a difference using retin a anyways, you can do with or without it~ I only use it to make the pimples go away quicker, not for the marks.


And isn't hydrocorison cream a steroid? Be careful when using it! It thins out the skin in the long run~


If your skin isn't really really dry, then maybe invest in a cream/lotion that has 5% AHA to use at night! It should help with the skin flakes/ red marks without much irritations smile.png




went to walgreens right after i saw your post and bought a AHA. Its 8% Glycolic and 70% solution. Cost me around 10$. I saw some ok reviews online before I bought it here too. I'm going to apply it to my red spots and "new" forming cystics/pimples. Is this ok? Also, I quit using my hydrocorisone cream. I just don't see it helping what so ever and it indeed is a steroid.








Tane is only making life worse from this point. Before I started tane I had a few pimples, Then 40mg into tane or second month I became to the point of ALMOST clear, so very close...Now Four month in, I can say that tane is not helping me anymore. I take the 80mg pills, but it only makes life so much worse. I break out every other day now and not usually with a small zit, but Now their these giants cysts. Yesterday I broke out with 2 New ones to add. NOw my face has like 15+ red spots randomly. Ugh.. Idk what to do anymore. Bought some AHA, going to see how that pans out. I'm about to even take a week off from the gym, the one place that keeps me at ease, but I can't walk around looking like this anymore.


Just hang in there and let accutane does its job! We all are supposed to break out before it gets better smile.png

The AHA sounds nice,  just make sure don't put it over open wounds! Also, only use at night time if possible.

For new forming pimples, I recommend putting ice on it for around 5 minutes, multiple times a day. This method always helps decreasing the inflammations for me~

And use your best judgement to determine if you should continue the AHA or not, if you feel tight or burn after 10~20 minutes using the AHA, then maybe u should stop using/decrease the amount smile.png


Everything will be fine at the end! Remember you still have 3 months to go on this, there's still tons of rooms for improvements!



 I put decent sized "dime" dabs over all the red marks and the fading ones. I applied the NEW dabs every 1-2 Hours for about 10 hours. I woke up now and all the spots and faded ones are EXTREMELY red, like they just had a pimple there or something terrible happened. IDK what to do now. Did I overuse it? It looks like my face is 10x redder now. What should I do at this point? Stop using the product? Use it less? How was I suppose to use for how many hours and day and do I reapply it ever in a day or not. Im so confused.... This last month is THE WORST of my entire life.


Wait... u apply the AHA every once an hour? That's way too much! You are only supposed to apply it once at night.

Also, one thing to note about AHA is that we don't have to use it everyday to see result, once a week could be enough depending on the %.

But for you, I think just stop using it for now and wait for the redness to fade.



So to use AHA correctly: Do I put a "mask" on my face, or cover only the red pimple spots at night? Is it a Thin layer or a Thick Layer over the red spots using AHA? Btw I'm ordering BHA too form online. Is this any good?


You could apply it as a mask, wait 10 minutes, rinse off with water.
Or just a small amount on the skin overnight.


I don't think you should add anymore stuff while on accutane :(

Just wash, and wear sunscreen in the daytime, that's all you really need. AHA is just a bonus depending on your skin condition.

Though I don't see a problem with BHA... it doesn't fade reddness as good as AHA though.
Remember one at time! Don't use AHA and BHA together for now.

In Topic: 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

09 June 2013 - 11:51 PM


Day 24


Thanks for the advice smile.png


I brought some eye drops from Boots today that are designed for dry eyes so I'll see how I get on.


I have the strangest rash on my foot. It's only on my last 3 toes and it's made the skin is lumpy. It's not at all red but it is really itchy. I have never had anything like it, the side of my toe is an odd shape because of a large squishy lump on the side of it. It's so weird. 

I tried putting insect bite cream and Sudocrem on it to help the itching but they had not effect.

I was planning to make a appointment to see my GP about it, but I'll see my derm at the hospital on the 17th May and I don't suppose I'll be able to get a Dr's appointment before then anyway. I will show my derm when I see her next Monday.


Hey Accutane Buddy!
How have you been? wink.png


Have you tried taking fish oil with the pills yet? I stopped taking my pill with olive oil, only with fish oil pill now~ ( The olive oil was too much work! I need to pour it on the spoon and all that... I am too lazyyyy, haha!!! Would be better if it were in pill form though... )

I haven't experienced any dry eyes so far on my course .( In fact the only things that I am experiencing are some random break outs, and dry lips, )

Maybe the fish oil plays a role in this! It's even supposed to help with joint pain on Accutane which I haven't experienced.


Hope all is well! smile.png


I'm surprisingly good thank you Helton! 


No, I'm not taking my pills with oil. I tried to take a pill with a spoonful of olive oil a few days ago, but turns out that extra virgin olive oil tastes AWFUL on its own so I gave up on that idea. I looked into buying olive oil pills but they're quite hard to get hold of. They're also not cheap (or the ones I could find were not cheap anyway) and at the moment I'm spending (well my mum's spending...) so much on vaseline, moisturiser and now eye drops that I didn't really want to ask her to buy me more Accutane paraphernalia. It's going to be an expensive few months... wink.png

If in a couple of months I don't think my body is absorbing this drug then I'll definitely invest in some fish oil pills.


How's Accutane treating you so far? Judging by your log you're pretty good, right?


That's great to hear! smile.png
My Accutane's treating me well so far; I agree with you completely on the hair part~ My hair feels so niceeee, I used to have to wash it everyday or it gets greasy X_X

My skin is going through the stage where the break outs died down and they are slowly peeling off which is a good sign to know they are renewing, scrubbing is no good during this stage so I am just going to look crazy biggrin.png


You don't really have to do the fish oil/olive oil thing as long as u r eating a meal with fat in it. I just get lazy some time and eat like a piece of toast for breakfast then rush out to school, that's when the fish oil pill comes in handy wink.png

But I like fish oil because of the omega 3 + the fat content, I also eat alot chia seed for the omega 3 too, they are good stuff smile.png

And I agree olive oil tastes awful on its own, it burns my throat too X_X

Maybe u can have a spoon of avocado when taking ur pill, it's full of good fat too :)


I hope the rash/bumps on ur hand and foot will heal soon!

And it will FOR SURE worth it at the end! smile.png