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In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

06 September 2013 - 01:23 AM

Okay here's what I'm thinking, I'll do it in point form it's just easier that way. tongue.gif

-Red marks are gettin' me down, they feel like they're getting worse. (I know that's practically impossible but I'm having a bad day, sue me.)
-Over the past few months acne is slowly coming back after getting off the tane... this is even more depressing because once you taste what it's like to be clear you never wanna go back.
-Been slacking in my diet and it's showing. I need to be more strict with myself.
-Got a pimple on my cheek, since most of my acne is around my mouth this was particularly depressing. Haven't had acne on my cheeks since before tane, or as I like to call it "The dark times".

Oh and I thought I had a date to grad (prom, for you Americans) but she changed her mind. This was a severe blow to my ego.

Best of luck to you all.


Have you tried using Retin A after the tane?
From what I have read, people need to be on Retin A after tane in order to keep the skin clear for long term :)

In Topic: Severe Acne/scars Log!

06 September 2013 - 01:21 AM

If your skin is oily/normal on its own, then really try to skip the lotion/cream.

Acne forms when the pores are clogged already, and the body is trying to extract themselves, why add extra burden?

Good luck! :)

In Topic: 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

05 September 2013 - 02:23 AM

Hey Accutane buddy! It's been a while! biggrin.png
Great to see everything's going well with u!

Just a bit update to u if u r interested, haha!
I am doing great here! Skin really cleared up. I literally don't even know what's benzoyl peroxide anymore, haha!!! It's awesome!

I just got bumped up to 80 mg a day for this month, lost track of the months already... but I think I started at the same time as u smile.png

I got a bit break out on my cheeks when I started to take 80mg initially, but nothing seriously, just a bump or two.
My skin isn't crazily dry though, my lips aren't crazily chopped like people always experience, I just slather on vaseline before I go to bed, and then the next day I don't even have to wear any lipstick while out. ( Although if I forget to put vaseline on at night then my lips would 100% be super dry the next day)

I use Ivory soap to wash my face with hot water at night, scrub my nose with the scrubby thing that I got if it feels rough to touch. And I don't use any moisturizer on my skin. In the morning I don't wash, just wake up and head to sch like a mindless zombie, haha!

I think it's different for each person on how our skin react, I personally only experienced the super dry effect during the few two months and then my skin just balance itself out but still slightly on the dry side. No bone/ankle/back pain at all too. Except I did get fatigue more easily during the first month.


Hope things will continue to get better for u! biggrin.png
I probably won't log on here much from now on, seriously for the past few months, I have been touching my face and sleeping on my side occasionally, yet I am still doing fine!

And I can picture you being completely recover at the end of the course already! Hang in there! smile.png

In Topic: Helton's Accutane Log - 5'8Ft , 140Lbs

21 June 2013 - 12:48 PM

Yaya Update time!
This month is 40 mg!


Notes 40mg:

I went back to the derm and got my blood work checked and everything was fine. It was such a hassle though, they drew TWO tubes of my blood... I was like is that even necessary... they probably only needed a drop of my blood or something.

Anyways, he and I agreed on going up to 60mg since my nose went NUTS and the blackheads were increasing in an unbearable amount, so I wanted to go higher to get rid of them.

So when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription and they only gave me 40mg, I was like whattttt.

Turned out my insurance only covers a total amount of 20mg, 40mg and 80mg. They don't cover 60mg...

Oh well, I am going back to the derm next month and maybe go on 40mg for a few more months, then finish off with 80m so I get the right amount at the end.


What I am doing:

- Night: Wash with warm~hot water in the shower, moisturize with Cerave lotion

- Morning: Wash with COLD water, moisturize with lotion; no sunscreen,  always wear a hat even if it's cloudy in day time.
( I don't like the feeling of wearing sunscreen, it always gives me white cast and makes my skin looks weirdly shiny and I can feel something's on my skin. Even the Cerave one does the same thing. Its lotion's awesome though. )


Skin changes:

-LOTS of blackheads, I avoided picking them but got really tired of see them, so I scrubbed with my scrubby. It turned out nicely and loosened up most of the plugs. Still feel like sandpaper though....Oh well, I hope the pills will get rid of them eventually.

-Not oily at all! It's crazy how I NEEDED to wash my hair everyday before or else it gets greasy. But now, I feel that I can go without washing for a few days and still be fine. ( Though I still wash everyday, got used to it )

-No more breakouts :D Still have marks though.

-I am starting to moisturize more now, it was getting crazy and started to hurt when I make facial expression. Currently using Cerave lotion, LOVE IT. It's oil free and disappears on my skin! No heavy moisturizer mask-like feelings


So far so good! smile.png
I wasn't feeling happy for the past few days, but I realized friends are really important! If u r feeling down, just go find a friend and hang out with them smile.png

In Topic: Helton's Accutane Log - 5'8Ft , 140Lbs

11 June 2013 - 07:32 PM

Notes 20mg:

Yaya, on the 6th pack which is the last one for this month! Time really does fly by, it seemed forever to go through this month but fast at the same time! :/

Skin's doing OK, no more random break out on face/neck.
However, nose is filled of blackheads now, it feels like sandpaper to touch around my nose... it's so gross...

But I will stick to what I am doing, just wash and avoid applying too much stuff on my face. I might use my 8% AHA toner this Friday so I can make the blackheads go away quicker ( And I pick Friday cause I can choose to stay out of the sun if I want to )


I also notice my memory is kinda.... not as sharp as before or I just have an OCD of checking stuff?

I checked my wallet like three times in a row to make sure everything was inside LOL. Or I am just getting old now :'(

But nothing major!

Summer school started 2 days already, classes are going well!

I noticed exercising is really important for skin, it seems to bring stuff like blackheads up the surface of my skin quicker. Sure it looks gross but that just means at least my skin is getting rid of them, in time.... I hope they go away quick sad.png
But I am optimistic, if 20mg is already helping me that much, think about what 60mg will do! smile.png


Is that how it feels to have somewhat dry skin!?
I used to hate touching my nose in the middle of the day and see grease on back of my hand. But now I don't have any even though I stayed up since 7am today! It's amazing!

People with good skin must feel damn good to be themselves everyday! sad.png((


Going back to derm on 14th to get blood tested, then 17th for another appointment, then have to go to another pharmacy on 18th to get prescription. Repeat this for the next 5 months, blahhhhhhhhhhh. It's such a hassle but I can't complain since I am literally saving 2k dollars just by doing all these visits!

Feeling optimistic and happy! smile.png