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My Retin-A And Isotrex 0.025% Gel Diary(Pictures) - Stopped At Week 14; Azelaic Acid

30 January 2013 - 06:10 AM



I started using Retin-A about 10 days ago. I won't bore you with my "acne history", one thing I will tell you is i used Roaccutane but acne came back in a very much milder form a year after I stopped.


I will try to make this diary as informative and as simple as possible.

But if you wish to ask me anything about Roaccutane or Retin-A, go ahead; helping others is partially why i am doing this. I mostly want to keep a diary of my progress, i like to have some kind of record of my journey.



So this will be WEEK ONE


For the first two days I did a typical beginner mistake-I applied retin-a as if it was a moisturizer. I put around a dime size amount all over my face. My skin was red, irritated, it was peeling and burning so after two nights i decided to have a break for one night. Which helped a lot. After that i figured i really need to only apply a pea size amount! Which is so little and it is really difficult to apply it evenly.. But I managed to learn how to apply it and since then, I have absolutely no burning, no tingling, nothing. Also, after week one redness went away. I learnt that after you wash your face at night, you are supposed to wait for 20 minutes before you apply retin-a. Well, I've been waiting for an hour every night and it greatly reduced my peeling and all that jazz.


In week one I already had breakouts as you will see in my pictures. Breakouts for me aren't as awful because retin-a also dries pimples very fast. I noticed my skin isn't as sensitive so I usually use retin-a as a spot treatment during days as well. Which really helps.

I don't use any moisturizer at night on top of retin-a, because moisturizer combined with retin-a irritated my skin and made it peel a lot more.


I just use 3 products now.

As a makeup remover and cleanser: Bioderma Sensibio H20 Cleansing Water(very good product)

As a moisturizer: Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich(also very very good, very moisturizing, diminishes flaking completely)



My pictures are bad quality because I took them with my phone, but there is no need for better quality.

Also, all the red marks; those aren't pimples but retin-a really emphasizes the redness so it makes your skin looks worse than it actually is. I have scarring(indents) in my skin but in reality it's not visible, the lighting makes it look pretty bad.



Have a nice day and will update soon smile.png