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04 March 2014 - 04:17 PM

Still taking zinc and turmeric and I haven't been using any acne prescriptions at all.

I'll post my pictures tommorow when there's some sunlight.

What I have been using for 6 months is La roche posay Effaclar duo and it helps A LOT.


But I am still working on balancing my hormones, dietary changes and speeding up the process of fading acne marks.

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05 August 2013 - 07:23 AM

Hey Sasch! :)


Getting to know your skin better!

Really happy you kept going and reached 100 days! 100 days is quite a number and i think it's the time where you can finally tell if something is working or not, at least that was it like during my tane course. I hope thing will keep getting better from now on :D


I know the feeling of "i've tried it all" . . . so i hope this works for you. But remember, there's always a solution to a problem and if this doesn't work, there's tons of stuff left. But i am sure this will work, it has toeusa_pray.gif Just be careful, better safe than sorry. Don't over irritate your skin.

In Topic: My Retin-A And Isotrex 0.025% Gel Diary(Pictures) - Stopped At Week 14; Azela...

05 August 2013 - 07:07 AM

Sasch83; i know but through the years i have learned to tell if something is going to work and is worth trying or not.


Ok, so just to make a quick update! :)


Since the beginning of July i have been taking 30mg of zinc/ day and also taking a full teaspoon of turmeric/day. That's all i've been taking, nothing else.

Then, a week before my period i got a terrible breakout! That was a shame since my skin was doing so well. I have to tell you though, zinc and turmeric were both wonderful. They are both anti inflammatory and they both have healing benefits and ever since i started taking them, my skin OVERALL looks good and feels smooth and nice. Very reduced redness and i noticed (especially when applied topically) turmeric helps with hyperpigmentation-marks. My skin tone looks nicer and everything. Yes, i do have acne that are red and inflamed(mostly red marks now) but i am positive turmeric and zinc had nothing to do with it, i always break out before my period and this time was pretty bad. I reccomend taking zinc and turmeric, they've done a great job with me. Zinc will help heal acne faster therefore you will have less post acne marks. If you decide to take turmeric, be careful since it does make blood thinner and you can get the opposite effect-when you eat too much of it your healing process will last longer! I'd say a spoonful of it in a day is more than enough.



I have to talk about something else. Did i say i have psoriasis on the lower part of my scalp? I am so happy while i am writing this because this is like a miracle. It's not like it happened unexpectedly, because i made a research about turmeric and found it can help me for more than just acne. TURMERIC (mostly)healed my psoriasis 90%. I say 90% because i do get an occasional itch.

I have  never been diagnosed with psoriasis because skin conditions are so complex that very few people's conditions fall strictly into a certain category...My condition was looking most like psoriasis, i had(have) it only on my lower scalp, it got extremely itchy if i didn't wash my hair often, and i had scabs and not just regular dandruff but large flakes of shedding skin. I also had(have) regular dandruff on some parts of scalp. It's really difficult to say what this is exactly. It's just what it is. I've been using this special dandruff shampoo for years and it helped heaps but now i can go without it. I would only make sure i cleanse my scalp with rinsing with apple cider vinegar which also helps a lot. I am so happy to say that my condition is now under control!

I'd strongly recommend anyone with the same problems to try turmeric!

I have to give credit to stop drinking cow milk almost completely too. My stomach.. or pretty much whole digestive system is grateful, also i have noticed milk made my skin irritated and congested, i see a difference.


I's hard to say what exactly "makes difference". It's more complex than that. I guess zinc, turmeric, cow milk free diet all had effects from the inside.

i've been using La Roche Posay Effeclar DUO for two weeks now and i am not planning on stopping anytime soon. :) really smooths out skin and fades marks, so for a topical, it is helping a lot. But mostly it counts what i put into my body.


I have to post pictures of my skin as soon as my red marks heal a little to prove i am not talking rubbish! cool.png I just hope i don't jinx myself

heading to another topic to tell about psoriasiswub.png 

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05 July 2013 - 03:26 PM

I know exactly how you feel. I'd cry every single night before i went on Accutane...

But in reality - it's not that important to other as you think it is. Many of my friends have acne and I NEVER SEE ANY. Never. When i think of their faces, i can't even remember how acne would look like on them.. It's like it's not there. And i might subconsciously look at their acne sometimes when we talk but it's like a quick glance it doesn't mean anything  and you think about it when you do it. it's like a glance at their hair or nose.. It's nothing. But you might be questioning yourself oh god, did they notice, do they hate me, are they disgusted? It's not like that.

And i've learnt one quite interesting thing while experiencing the both perspectives. When i had acne the easiest way was just look down and pretend i wasn't there and avoid all the eye contact avoid seeing their eyes traveling all over my face...But i didn't know back then, people notice it. People see and feel you're avoiding, they feel how bad you feel, they feel your insecurities. It makes them uncomfortable and awkward because they don't know what to do. And some might use the fact you don't appreciate yourself for bringing you down or using you. When you don't love yourself, others won't either because they see they can "afford you! "

if you show confidence, acne won't matter. I've seen a lovely sight of numerous guys with acne, i didn't care i think acne made them sooooooo much more attractive just because i thought to myself: oh god he is so brave and so comfortable in his own skin he can do it all blah blah :D But it's the truth, my truth at least.

In Topic: My Retin-A And Isotrex 0.025% Gel Diary(Pictures) - Stopped At Week 14; Azela...

05 July 2013 - 02:47 PM

Hey guys!

If anyone still reads this smile.png

It's been a while i know and feel bad for not updating you guys. As i said, i was using azelaic acid but the summer was getting really hot and with azelaic acid you have to be careful since it's like a chemical exfoliant for your skin so it makes your skin thinner.

I stopped using it because if this. I don't want to spend my summer just hiding in the bushes all the time

i've got some pictures from the time i was using it:) to make it up to you guys


sooo after that i just used whatever on my skin. mostly was using turmeric mask but my face was turning more and more yellow so i figured it's better to use it once a week not every day, but i have to say turmeric does help with discoloration! Keep that in mind:) If you have sensitive skin, be careful, and dilute it very well with yoghurt


it's funny because i officially kind of weaned off all the acne stuff. my skin is not very good at the moment. but it's just little bumps and blackheads, i can't believe that i only have like one pimple at a time on my face! I have no idea why but after all of the mayhem.. it's almost as if i grew out of it a little. (out of the worst)


right now my "skin care routine" i am putting that in brackets because it's not really worth calling it like that. biggrin.png i just use water, sometimes a mild soap, jojoba oil for removing makeup which i will stop using because it has (i found out now) wheat germ oil in it which is HIGHLY comedogenic. -.-


my skin is still a mess. and i know that i am horrible when it comes to sticking with something but i don't know..i think i know when something is not going to work as well as i thought so why continue? so retin a brought soooo many stuff out of the blue and yes, while it dd actually clear up my acne almost entirely, it was making my skin sensitive, and making my red marks really prominent and emphasized..it was just the fact my skin was so irritated.it did get used to it in terms of not getting all red after putting it on, but my skin was indeed so sensitive and irritated...aand it would always bring up some type on cysts.  and azelaic acid ... well, it's not needed anymore since i don't get any actual pimples, ..excuse me? did i just say that..of course i do get pimples lol. i do get quite a few of the monsters during the time of the month or like little ones whenever on my temples and neck or forehead. nothing like before where i got them on my cheeks and jawline. but i meant like real pimples, cysts.


so that's why i decided to try something internal. i've already started taking zinc because i read loads of good stuff about it. i don't have high expectations just trying something new. i am taking 30mg/day and i never feel sick after i take it. so we'll see. i should probably post this somewhere else..this is turning into a crazy long-ass monologue of a deranged pimply girl lol using a different thing every week.i hope it doesn't seem like that to you reading? hope not eusa_pray.gif


Anyway-zinc for me, we'll see. One thing i always do is wait until i see results/don't see any results. That's for sure. I won't start telling you guys about it and then just forgot about it for good. Because i see too many posts like i started this and that and you see the date is like 2007... :/ i wanna know what happened!

I might add beta-carotene, vitamin d or something like that in. i really want to try every single one until i find the right one



p.s you can see on the pics azelaic acid really helped. red marks are still there but what can you do in such a short period