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#3407510 2.5 Months On Accutane, Getting Worse

Posted by TheSwampCelt on 13 January 2014 - 08:36 AM

I'm nearing 2.5 my self. I'd say keep with it. I've heard of it taking people until even the fifth month to start seeing dramatic effects. And unfortunately, there definitely seems to be some "purging" effect when taking the 'tane, at least for me, so if you've been getting a lot of Breakouts, hopefully they will diminish soon. Only now am I seeing more dramatic results, and I think for each person it will be different unfortunately. You mentioned your Derm wasn't thrilled with putting you on accutane, but what does she think now? Does she want you to continue it?


Stay strong and I wish you luck. I know it's so hard making these decisions.