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In Topic: Minocycline

05 April 2013 - 11:56 PM

I'm on minocycline as well. I wouldn't be too afraid to give it a whirl. It's helped me. :) If you're worried about side affects, popping a pro-biotic can help, especially with digestion issues. It's not a long term fix usually... but hey, if we can get away with it and it helps, why not? :) Gives you a breather for topicals and lifestyle changes to kick in. Or even better, just for one's hormones to settle down on their own if that's the root cause for you. :)


Whatever you decide, good luck! :] 

In Topic: How To Stop Forming Cyst?

05 April 2013 - 11:38 PM

Aw. :( That's the worst, Tyrean. I'm just getting over such a cyst myself. The inevitability of the forming stage is the worst! 


On the topic of BP, yes, a lot of people use it topically. I just started a few weeks ago to use a wash (was using some heavier stuff before that--tazorac), but applying a standard BP 2.5% cream like you mentioned should be fine, like Dan recommends after cleansing. Will it help a cyst like in this scenario? I'm not sure. I used a washed every night on this guy and I'm quite tempted to say it helped, but obviously not as drastically as to be readily apparent. 


A product I found helpful for treating cysts is the topical anti-infection cream Aczone. Unfortunately it is prescription only, I believe. But it's worth a google search. It seems to take longer for the cyst to break and clear, but it is much less angry and after even as short as a day of topical Aczone becomes hardly painful at all.


A note on the tea tree oil--beware, it can definitely hurt. NEVER use tea tree oil at 100% strength, always dilute. It will burn you something fierce! Believe me I know from personal experience. :) Here's a link I found real quick on diluting. Hope it helps! 


I know it seems like that sucker will last forever, but it will pass, and things will get better. Keep your chin up. We're rooting for you! :)