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Tazorac After Accutane- Please Help!

23 February 2014 - 12:35 AM

My teenage (15 yo) son recently finished Accutane, about 6 weeks ago. He had very severe cystic acne. Accutane cleared him beautifully, with minimal side effects.

His derm has now prescribed him Tazorac 0.05% gel. He wants my son to start using it to keep his pores clear & to prevent the acne from coming back. My son is very prone to blackheads & clogged pores, which  is how the cysts begin, of course. In fact, he still has some clogged pores/small blackheads which I am very scared will become inflamed & grow into big red cysts.

My dilemma is, how do I know the Tazorac will work like the dr. says?  He's a skin dr, so of course he only makes money if people have bad skin, not clear healthy skin.  I have read a lot of bad reviews on Tazorac, so I'm scared to let my son try it.  It sounds like it's very harsh, and even has caused returning acne.  He would be using it mainly as prevention, but my thinking is, why mess with the skin now & take the risk when he is still clear?  If I knew for sure it was going to keep him clear, of course he would be using it.

So- anyone who has used Tazorac AFTER Accutane, after getting clear- please tell me your experience!  It would be oh so helpful. I don't want to make the derm. mad by not following his orders, but I also don't want to screw up my son's (finally) clear face!
Thank you :)

Bacne On Accutane

11 May 2013 - 10:22 AM


My son is on day 40 of Accutane.  He has severe cystic acne, both on face and back/chest.  His face is clearing faster than his body, which is what I was told to expect.


Can anyone tell me how long the wet/oozing/bleeding should continue on his back?  He has open sores and his back is very fragile and sensitive to the touch.  It looks pretty bad and is just so raw.  He is being gentle with it, and moisturizing it, but it's hard to tell if it's healing.  I think it is, although very slowly.  The derm saw it a week ago and said it's typical for Accutane and he has seen worse. It doesn't look infected or anything (beyond the usual acne infection).   I know he's in pain, both physically and emotionally.  There will definitely be scarring.


Anyone who has had experience with cystic acne on the back while on Accutane, I welcome your feedback!   Should I expect it to be this raw and gross during his whole course?  Or should it start drying up?  He gets blood on his shirts so he's having to wear an undershirt just about all the time now.


Sorry to be gross.  Please don't ask for photos, I have taken some for our personal record, but he would not want me to post any.  Just suffice it to say it's severe.    :(

Quick Question About Accutane

30 March 2013 - 05:47 PM

My son got his first Accutane prescription filled yesterday. It's for a 30 day supply. However, his next derm. appt isn't until May 3rd.  Should he wait until April 3rd to start his treatment?  I heard you weren't supposed to have a pause in treatment, that's why I'm asking.