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As Msm Cream?

17 November 2014 - 08:11 PM

has anyone tried it ? i've read good things about it for rolling scars?

Updated Pics

28 September 2014 - 07:09 PM

so i'm about 6 months out from my 4th 25% tca peel ...and a year out from dermarolling my skin prolly 10 times ...i have been working alot so i haven't had time to do anymore treatments just use vit e lotion and sunscreen everyday ...my skin has tightened up alot lately i think its still healing and the exposure to the sun i am in daily ...i have red where the sun is actually good for your skin...i did about 4 peels within a year and my consultant mr matt said it would heal even more over time ...i have some low places i would like to get filled in ...anyway here is a pic from before my 1treatment and new ones




Tightening Skin

06 July 2014 - 08:03 PM

i have alot of lose skin under my jaw i'm 37 anyway when pull my skin tighter my scars completely dissapear ...is there any good methods out there to get this done surgically?

Skin Clump?

20 May 2014 - 08:42 PM

so i allways had this clump on my left cheek and i noticed tonight i could actually push a needle all the way threw from behind ...like a piercing ...the clump has allways been hard and never healed or went away for years ....anyway i was over it so too some small surgical scissors and went in behind and cut it ...i even cut what flappy skin away from it ....if it heals back and leave a crater i've fine with it because it allways was about the skin hard and red ...here is a pic ...

20140514 142217

i'll take another pic of it tomorrow after it stops bleeding ...

My 2Nd Tca Peel

28 September 2013 - 07:09 PM

i've done my 2nd 25% tca peel first was in july this one was wed ....i have seen some good results this times scars getting shallower ....i haven't dermarolled in awhile but will start back at that as well ...i'm 36 and have lots of sun damaged skin had cystic acne when younger ...i'm going to keep doing these peels ever 3-4 months i really like what the results anyway here is some pics ...btw i'm completely peeled 3 days in ...i dunno why my skin peels so fast but it does ...i applied it in 3 stages cleaned it will alcohol really good before use ...i will take some better pics in a day or 2 when the redness has gone


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