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Update 18 Months Later! (Uk)

20 November 2014 - 08:18 AM



I've been meaning to do an update for so long, and I have finally got round to it. Better late than never!


I took my last Roaccutane tablet 17 months ago, and I still have clear skin! I can't believe even now how it's worked. Of course I get the odd spot here and there (though would call it more of a pimple), but it disappears as quickly as it appears. Even my back is clear (my back was very stubborn to clear). I don't use anything special on my skin now as part of my skin routine as I find my skin is quite sensitive (always has been). So I just use baby wipes to remove my make up, and Clean N Clear Cleanser.


I suffer from no long term side effects. Just a thick scar on my wrist from where I caught it on my nail.


One thing I do want to say to female (or male) sufferers is when my skin was at my worst before I went on the Roaccutane, I was trying to find the best make up to cover my skin. I watched a Lisa Eldridge video (celeb make up artist) about how to cover acne. I purchased the foundation & concealer and it really made a difference to my confidence. I felt it covered it far better than others I tried. It's pricey, but I still have my concealer even now- a little really does go a long way. I know this is a random thing to add, but it did help boost me & only wish I found it sooner, so I feel I need to share it with others. Here's the link to the video for those that are interested:



Back to Roaccutante. All those that are hesitating or too worried about taking the plunge;do it! Without sounding OTT, it has transformed my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. Don't let the side effects put you off. Every individual is different. I had a friend at work take Roaccutane and her side effects were minimal, she just had a sore back. 

Focus on the long term rather than the short term.


If you have any questions, I am happy to answer. Here's my skin today (mid make up, so excuse me!), and also below is a link to my original diary. 




And seeing I'm still wearing the same earrings 17 months on, has made me realise I need a change! A little embarrassing...!

Excessive Itching On Scalp. Help!

02 February 2013 - 08:06 AM


I am on day 13 of Roaccutane. The past few days my scalp has been itchy. But early this morning, it was unbearable. Couldn't get back to sleep as it was constant itching/burning pain. Ended up jumping in the shower (scalp feels incredibly sensitive as the force of the water hurt my scalp). It helped the itching. But (5 hours later), it's getting itchy again.

I am from the UK, and have just bought standard Head & Shoulders dry scalp shampoo. Not sure whether it will work (trial and error I guess). Is there anything else I can do? Any products that might help?
Any advice much appreciated, as was at the end of my tether this morning!