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#3369628 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 27 July 2013 - 12:08 PM

Just a really quick message from me. Glad things are looking up. I haven't had a single spot for ages now, my scarring is fading on my back is minimal and not noticeable and I am going out tonight with friends with flawless skin and actually having my back on show :o haven't had my back on show for 6 years. I feel amazing and you will soon too :)

#3361097 22, Female, First Time On Accutane!

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 24 June 2013 - 12:46 AM

Sorry to read you haven't quite got the results you wanted right now. Damn those hormones!! Hopefully this final month will blast it. Not long to go. :)

The difference between your earlier pictures to now are still amazing!

#3351580 Roaccutane- Journey To Clear Skin. Edited-Pictures Added.

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 24 May 2013 - 08:13 AM

The journey has come to an end......


So after I have popped my last 3 pills tonight, I have finished my course!

I had an appointment on Tuesday. My consultant had to be somewhere so instead I saw the specialist Derm Nurse. She worked out how much I've had so far, and once calculated it said I have had the correct amount and they are no longer licensed to prescribe me anymore. I have literally just double checked this and I have taken approx 7,800 mg (I worked out at the beginning that for my weight I can take between min 7,200- 9,600mg max.) She mentioned about 125mg for my weight, and that's what I used to work out my overall dosage, so maybe in the UK they are only licened to prescribe the minimum amount. Okay, I feel a bit better now as I was worried she calculated it wrong.

It has literally been in the last week my back has been completely clear (woo!) so I was very reluctant to come off it but right there and then I had no choice. She has booked me to see the Consultant in two months time. Has also prescribed me Duac for any spots that may appear on my back and told me to call if my face breaks out again (think she was saying it more for reassurance, as she could see I was anxious).

   Whilst I'm nervous about coming off the (in my eyes) miracle drug, I can't wait to get rid of the sodding side effects. The one side effect I can't wait to go is my dry lips. Did not know the meaning of dry lips before now. Am quite excited actually lol! Just another month to ride out and should all be back to normal hopefully with still flawless skin.


I'm still gobsmacked at how clear my skin is. I am so, so lucky to be left with no scarring on my face and have no evidence whatsoever of acne. I have scarring on my back which they said will be discussed at my next appointment.


I cannot believe I'm at the end. Never thought I would reach the end when I began the journey and was envious of those further on in the treatment. Those in the early days who maybe suffering with IB, or side effects, just remember the long term goal. Those losing hope? Be patient, it will happen.


Not only has it fixed the outside of me, it has fixed me inside too. It has given me my confidence back. smile.png

#3348956 So It's My Turn! 22/male/roaccutane

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 16 May 2013 - 04:23 AM

With or shortly after food. Read the enclosed leaflet!

#3338276 Roaccutane- Journey To Clear Skin. Edited-Pictures Added.

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 03 April 2013 - 01:31 PM

Does everyone experience hair loss on Roaccutane? And is Roaccutane the UK version of Accutane? Never heard of accutane here in the Kingdom United. 

I haven't experienced any hair loss. It's a rare side effect. And yes, Roaccutane is the same as Accutane. Just us Brits call it Roaccutane! (company is Roche).

#3335327 23/male/mild-Moderate Acne In Uk

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 22 March 2013 - 09:00 AM

Rorius, Rorius! How's it going?

#3331632 22 Year Old/80Mg-Day/accutane Log

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 07 March 2013 - 12:44 PM

Wow, big change, looking good!
Couldn't help but notice the thumbnail titles...hope you're not putting yourself up for auction on EBay! ;)

#3331128 Accutane Started Today 3/1

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 05 March 2013 - 06:59 AM

You're only on day 4! Give it a chance! You'll notice side effects soon enough. Good luck to you.

#3330703 23/male/mild-Moderate Acne In Uk

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 03 March 2013 - 03:37 PM

Well that's you and me both. Drink wine 1-2 x each week when I have company. Probably works out to 1.5 bottles in total per week.

Note: Please no one come and preach that I/we are damaging our bodies and about to drop dead, as it will go in one ear and out the other. I listen to just my Derm (and my blood results!) No one else that's not medically qualified ;)

#3327624 Roaccutane- Journey To Clear Skin. Edited-Pictures Added.

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 18 February 2013 - 03:05 AM

Day 29

So, it's been a month! Has gone really quickly.
My pores have returned to normal size, and I still don't have any spots on my chest. Can't remember the last time this happened. So pleased. My back is clearing up slowly too.
The skin on my face looks a bit of a state at the moment. I had 6 actives on my forehead (never used to get them on my forehead), but have already gone after a day so left with just red patches. Keep getting pimples appearing around jaw line, up around the cheeks. I know it takes a while to see results, especially on the face, so am not complaining at all.
Side effects- Still dry, chapped lips. Had very small nosebleed since last entry. Experiencing joint pain, & have developed eczema/dermatitis on my arms. Will upload pictures later, if I remember smile.png

#3321585 27/yo Male Started Accutane Today

Posted by NoMoreDotToDot on 25 January 2013 - 12:20 PM

Those results are amazing! So chuffed for you.