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In Topic: Update 18 Months Later! (Uk)

14 December 2014 - 08:21 AM

So I teared up when I read this. CLEAR SKIN! STILL! Congratulations! I hope you're well :)

In Topic: 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)

14 December 2014 - 08:17 AM

A year and 2 months since finishing Roaccutane


So, it's been a while. Things have been pretty tough and I haven't had a chance to write an update but here goes...


In October this year (almost exactly a year after finishing Roaccutane), I noticed my skin was beginning to worsen and I had a few little skin coloured spots down the sides of my face and on my chin. Terrified that it would only get worse, I went to the doctor and was prescribed Zineryt. Although it doesn't have great reviews on here, it has done a fabulous job! Since starting to use it I have had an average of 1 tiny spot on my face and haven't experienced any adverse side effects.


I'm still so glad that I took this drug. I've had a number of dark days recently, but the fact that I haven't had the stress of acne to contend with too has definitely helped. I don't know how I would have coped if I was battling with my skin as well as everything else in my life. In all honesty, I think the recurrence of mild acne since stopping Roaccutane was triggered by stress but with this early intervention treatment I've seemed (fingers crossed) to stopped the problem from worsening.


I hope everyone's skin is doing well too and that we can all enjoy stress-free Christmases :D

In Topic: Buying Accutane Online

29 April 2014 - 01:07 PM

I got accutane on the NHS, as do thousands of people every year in the UK. 


Accutane is not like other drugs; it's dangerous. No offense but I think you'd be stupid to take it without the supervision of a qualified doctor.

In Topic: Milk Of Magnesia- The "cure"

13 April 2014 - 01:10 AM

Haven't posted in a loooooooong time, so sorry if I'm not much help.


But I've used MOM for about 2 weeks. It literally did nothing for my oily skin. It did make my redness decrease however. But I remember using it in the morning before school, with moisturizer applied on top, and it looked like I was sweating, it was really bad. It made my oily skin even oilier, and so I never touched it again. I guess with some people it works wonders, and with some it doesn't. Don't know much about pH and all that, but if you really want your oily skin gone, you'd risk trying out a product, right? I think we all would since we're about fed up with our skin. Never know until you use it. Good luck!


Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm fed up with my skin but I don't want to risk damaging it in the process of trying to make it better (especially after everything accutane but my poor skin through). I think I'll try MOM if the oil gets any worse and becomes unbearable so thanks for your advice :)

In Topic: Accutane At 15

05 April 2014 - 12:17 PM

I was worried about this topic too. I started accutane when I was 14, I turned 15 during my course and I took it for almost 6 months. I finished my course 5 months ago and I've grown about 1cm since then. I'm pretty sure the drug hasn't affected my growth.


I think you need to decide what's most important to you. For me, I would rather be 30cm tall and have beautiful skin than be lovely and tall but with the awful skin I used to have. But if your height really is important to you then maybe you'll have a different opinion. Of course, you may be lucky like me and your growth won't be affected but it's definitely a risk you should think about.


Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck :)