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Patience & Being Gentle?

19 February 2013 - 04:17 PM

Well since joining this forum I have tried a few new things and my skin is getting better so I thought I would share. The first thing I learned on this site is how to gently cleanse my skin. I believe this is a very important step. Before I would be angry with my skin thinking I could rub my acne off the harder and longer I scrubbed. In turn my skin would look back at me in the mirror angrily. So now when I cleanse with my tea tree oil Castile soap I work up a lather like Dan suggests and very lightly go over my skin after I have splashed it with lukewarm water. I do this for about 30 seconds and then rinse with lukewarm water. I basically am using the acne.org technique in terms of cleansing. This has made a difference for me I believe. Next I tone with acv and aloe vera. 2tbs of aloe vera and 1/4c of acv mixed together. Again I am very gentle. Lastly I moisturize with 100% shea butter and two drops of grapeseed oil. I may be dropping grapeseed oil soon since I read that it has a comedogenic rating of 2 and shea butter is at 0. But I don't believe grape seed has broken me out. It would just be an extra precaution for me to leave it out of my routine if anything. Twice a wk on wed and sat I exfoliate with mashed pineapple and baking soda. I get the mixture going and add a little water to make a paste. Leave it on my skin until it dries then GENTLY exfoliate. Gentleness has been the key in all of this. I can honesty say I have seen a difference in my skin, frequency of breakouts and texture seems to be changing as well. Scars lightening. No miracle thing happening but I am seeing changes. It seems like I have a loooong ways to go but I believe if I don't spaz out I could be on my way to clear skin. What do I mean by spazzing out? Well when I would get frustrated with my skin I would think oh I need to give myself some crazy facial treatment or go to town extracting to clean out my pores. I would force zits out and pick and  irritate my face and leave a huge mess that took my skin forever to recover from and most times caused more breakouts. Now I don't bother to do anything outside of my regimen. I try to notice the nice improvements and know that everything is a process. I have also been very mindful about my hands on my face along with my hair. I sleep on my stomach though and haven't been the best with changing my pillow cases as often as I should. However, my skin is still improving! Lastly, diet changes. I am a woman and believe some of my skin problems may be hormonal. So I have been taking herbs from dhealthstore. Female hormone formula and the mooncycle formula. Every morning I drink a green smoothie with almond milk as a base and add ground flaxseed. I now drink 2 cups minimum of green tea a day. I also watch my sugar intake more than before. Although I'm not too strict. I just had Girl Scout cookies before writing this post and had a milkshake last night lol. I've been doing this since mid January. I'm hoping that if I continue to be patient and gentle with my skin, including my thoughts about it I will make some progress towards healing myself. I've been taking pics so maybe in another month I will post on my progress. I guess in a way I'm kind of surrendering to my skin issues doing what I can and leaving the rest up to time. Has anyone else taken on this mindset? Have you seen improvements?

New Here. Overwhelmed. My Poor Skin.

22 January 2013 - 09:21 PM

So I finally decided to join the conversation. Hello everyone. I'm not even sure if I'm creating this post right. But anyways i guess ill find out. I've been stalking every site, this one in particular, to hopefully find something to help me conquer my problematic skin. Alas all I can really find is that everyone's skin is different. So finding a cure all is impossible. I joined in the hopes to zero in on what may be going on with my skin if any of you have experienced the same issues. I honestly don't know where to begin except with the latest. I am a 30yo woman who has not had the best skin since puberty. I always break out more during my cycle of course. But i am always experiencing some type of breakout.  I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle eating as naturally as possible. I still have a long way to go in that regard. But I'm trying. Recently I did a 20 day herbal cleanse hoping that my skin would show some improvement. Nada. I think I might of been sad that it didn't so I binged on chocolate and sweets! I know wrong thing to do. I broke out to the point that I didn't want to go outside.  So I have cut out the sweets/sugars and nothing has changed really. It's been two weeks. So again I acted irrationally and slathered benzoyl peroxide on my face. I typically use gentle products. Tea tree Castile soap. Evoo to moisturize. So of course this set my face on fire especially because I accidentally used 10% instead of the 2.5% that was in my cabinet. Smh. What a mess. So now for the past 3 days my skin has been irritated and DRY and still broken out. I don't know what to do! At this point I'm trying not to be OCD about this but it's hard because I'm tired of this battle. I recently purchased some grapeseed oil and evoo and have been doing the ocm. My face still felt dry the first two days so today I put a little coconut oil being careful to be gentle. I've been taking pics and my breakouts have improved. But I don't know what to attribute that to. Also I'm afraid that I will break out on this ocm since when I did it before I started to get clogged pores and cysts after a week of beautiful skin.  (i was using evoo then). What to do or not do? My skin type: my cheeks are a problem area and along my jaw line. My forehead has now become an issue. I get cystic acne along with whiteheads. Blackheads on my nose which really aren't a problem. I can notice when I have a clogged pore on my face and don't bother it, it becomes a whitehead or even if I extract the hard sebum/blackhead the same thing. Lose lose! I am certain this post is all over the place. I'm just over it and don't know where to start. Anyone who can offer some insight would be greatly appreciated. Please? Help? Lol Looking forward to a flawless finish.