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Should I Bring Up My Skin Flaws To This Chick I Haven't Met Yet But Am About To?

24 November 2013 - 01:54 AM

This chick, who lives in the same city, sent me a message on fb a couple of weeks ago and we immediately hit it off, pretty much been talking every day and we made plans to meet in a few days. See, my skin looks great in my pics and on cam, and she's even commented on how great my complexion is numerous times. But in person my complexion is far from great, it's uneven with mild acne, insanely oily with enlarged pores. It's going to be awkward if I bring it up out of the blue before meeting and it's also going to be awkward if I don't bring it up since she'll be expecting flawless skin when seeing me in person only to see the flaws I've described. So what would you do?



If You Suffer From Accutane Hair Loss, Look Into Milk Thistle.

14 September 2013 - 08:59 PM

I had two accutane side effects that stuck for at least 5 months after my course was over. 


1. I lost a lot of hair in the shower, my hair loss wasn't to the point where my hair was noticeably thinner, but whenever I pulled my bangs back, I could tell the left side of my hairline was starting to recede a little. 


2. I was always in great shape, before accutane, I could play basketball 5 hours a day, every day, before I was even close to gasing out. After accutane, I started to notice that whenever I did high-intensity cardio, I would gas out after only 40 minutes, and not just that, I would also start coughing like crazy and felt like puking...something I never had a problem with pre-accutane. 



Since taking milk thistle (which helps clean out toxins from your liver) for almost 2 months, I've noticed that I'm not losing any more hair than I should in the shower, and my hairline has been growing back to pre-accutane form. Not only that, but for the past few weeks, my body feels normal again when I do high-intensity cardio, I still can't go as long as I did pre-accutane, but the coughing and puking feeling are gone. But if things keep looking up, I'd imagine my hair and stamina will be back completely to pre-accutane form sooner than later. 


I'd also like to note that along with milk thistle, I also took biotin and used a hair thickening shampoo. I started off taking 5,000 mcg of biotin daily, which broke me out, so I lowered my dose to 2,000 mcg. 

Wrinkles Gone After Accutane? Say Whaaaaaaaat

15 July 2013 - 02:30 AM

If any thing, you would think accutane can cause wrinkles because of the excessive drying...but I had some minor wrinkles under my eyes before tane, only noticeable to me and not too much of a concern. A few months after tane, I noticed those wrinkles are no longer there. 


Maybe it had nothing to do with tane and I just wasn't getting enough sleep at the time...or maybe it was the excessive moisturizing I was doing when on tane, who knows.