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In Topic: Acne Between My Inner Thighs

01 August 2013 - 07:14 AM

Im 25 and have the same exact problem It has been consistently getting worse. I dont go to the beach or ever wear shorts because of that problem. I ordered the sulfur soap right after reading this today. Have your results improved since the last photo?

sorry took so long to reply but yeah it has improved a little but now i'm trying to fade those pesky dark marks

My bf had the same problem, but in his beard area. Folliculitis. I found an awesome sulfur/3% salycilic acid soap online, called SAL3 (www.SAL3.com). They make the soap themselves, and it only has a few ingredients (more is NOT better when it comes to ingredients in your face products). They offer free shipping, each bar of soap is less than $6 and a bar lasts for at least 3+ months when used daily. It worked WONDERS on my bf's Folliculitis, the bumps are gone, the itchies are gone and the skin tone where the bumps used to be is even.

Zinc oxide, in cream/lotion, at a high % (20%+) will relieve itching and reduce inflammation & swelling. The best version I've found is Desitin in the purple container (yes, the diaper cream, you'll find it in the baby care aisle at any drug store), it has the highest % of zinc oxide. It is extremely thick & creamy and the white residue will not rub in completely, ever, don't bother trying. It's not supposed to fully absorb, but is to remain on the surface of the skin as a barrier. Luckily, this will be on your thighs, so not readily visible. Apply as many times a day as needed. Don't apply too thick, or it will just be a spackled mess. It's difficult to wash off skin, but with soap, it should come off. In all reality, you really don't need to remove the zinc oxide, as it isn't occlusive.

thanks for the story i will definitely try the soap and cream and see how it goes

I have had this problem for as long as I can remember...it seems to get worse during the summer days..i went to an infectious disease specialist...not to say that this condition is an infectious disease....but she stated that my body was colonized by staphylococcus bacterium and that I needed to decolonize...she informed me to buy a over the counter antiseptic cleanser named HIBICLENS I am to bath my entire body with it twice daily and also she prescribed an antibaciterial cream bactroban which I am to apply twice daily to the affected area being my thighs...I am starting this out today so I will let everyone know of the results I am desperate at this point....having thigh acne is so discouraging...I am ashamed to engage In sexually encounters due to it ......I have been told people don't care....but I know that is a lie cause I care...its ugly and I pray to God this treatment works



of course she informed me also to only wear breathable cotton clothing...I am not to shave and or was since this introduces more bacteria in the pores and also creates in grown hairs and irritates the skin causing it to become inflamed...as an alternative to shaving she said consider getting laser her removal or  use a dissolving agent such as nair or veet to get rid of the hairs.....and after I have decolonized for 2- 3 months with the hibiclens and bactroban cream I am to only use antiseptic and antimicrobial soaps such as dial and carboic or detol soap

definitely keep me posted on if the treatment works or not

In Topic: Acne Between My Inner Thighs

18 May 2013 - 07:15 AM

Thanks so much for this post. When I saw your pictures I was surprised to see that it looked exactly like what im going through. What brand sulfur soap are you using and are u turning the asprin mixture into a paste, or spray. Lastly how are you applying it... sorry for all the questions, but I see you've had results. Any info would help... Thanks

hi sorry it took me so long to reply but I use Grisi Sulfur Soap with Lanolin for Acne which I bought off amazon and for the aspirin mixture its not a paste or spray i just put into a bottle and pour it on to a cotton ball and apply to my thighs. But i'm sure you can use the mixture as a spray and for the aspirin mixture I use the cheapest aspirin at Walmart the 98 cent kind. Good luck and don't expect results right away it took me a few weeks to see improvement but I hope it works for you if you try it let me know.



In Topic: Acne Between My Inner Thighs

13 May 2013 - 11:47 AM

my regimen of using homemade aspirin and witch hazel mixture and sulfur soap has really helped improve the acne I will be using lemon juice to try to get rid of dark  marks here my updated photos

In Topic: How To Remove Dark Spots

12 April 2013 - 09:04 PM

go to a esthetician and get a peel

how much would that cost ?and how soon do you see results?

In Topic: How To Remove Dark Spots

12 April 2013 - 08:18 AM

Ponds clarant B3 seems to be really working it is partially fading my dark spots but it has only been a week so i will see in a couple more weeks how much it has improved