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Posted by kelseylee on 30 April 2013 - 02:03 PM

Hey just to let you know..vitamin d isn't like...something you can get dependent on or "stop working". your body needs it sort of in the same way it needs air and water, just not to the same extreme. It actually does function like a hormone though, which is part of why it is important. Getting a blood test @ the doctor might help alleviate some of your anxieties, you can get your vitamin d levels checked and if you're low, that's prolly not helping your mood. and also there are many other important health indicators they can check, including hormone levels. Also vitamin d has nothing to do with getting pregnant, except for the fact that it would logically be better to have adequate levels of vitamin d when you get pregnant for overall health. just like it would be beneficial to be adequately hydrated throughout a pregnancy. you can take vitamin d supplements, which I do, but sun is probably superior in a lot of ways as long as you don't stay out too long and get a burn. i think half hour direct sunlight everyday is "recommended". 


I got really upset when I was having pcos symptoms, acne and lack of period, but it's really nothing to be super upset about. as far as body disturbances go, it's very low on the list of traumatizing things. of course if you've had heavy symptoms for a long time, that will be a little harder to treat, but if this is a more recent thing, you can get control over it easily. have you seen a doctor recently? 


I second everything the above poster said about diet. It's all about complex carbs, lots of vegetables, and whatever sources of protein you like. and fiber. and not having massive anxiety around food or isolating yourself because of it (aka cutting out a whole bunch of stuff). you're already at a low weight, so restricting carbs is really hard. i'm 5'8, 132 lbs and I felt so horrible trying to cut out all carbs (including fruit) awful awful awful.


Birth control was a great, "easy" fix for me...I felt life was too short to spend the next x number of years trying to balance my hormones with a naturopath charging me a shitload of money for herbs. my family was looking at me like wtf and they are very progressive and liberal. not saying theres ANYTHING wrong this alternative treatments, just explaining. for me, birth control (ortho tri cyclen lo) cut sugar cravings by a lot (pcos symptom), gave me more energy, made me feel like "myself", basically made me stop feeling like shit. this helped propel my health in new directions once I had the energy and normalcy to function optimally. but yeah, some ppl hate birth control or don't believe in its uses, so follow your heart smile.png

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Posted by kelseylee on 30 April 2013 - 01:26 AM


Thank you for your reply--I know I got really defensive, the internet is a good place to vent smile.png. It's just hard cuz I really tried to go the natural route, but I just felt worse and worse. However, agreed that conventional medicine can have great downfalls. there is a documentary called Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead where it shows men taking like 15 medications a day given by doctors because of late onset diabetes and so many other health problems basically caused by diet & lifestyle alone. medications on top of medications, medications to mediate the side effects of other meds.


Interesting to me that you say you've been clear in dark times and had acne in great times. My life is like the exact opposite, but I really appreciate this alternate viewpoint because more knowledge is always better. never in a time of peace and emotional well being have I really had acne at all. but I got it a little, when I was stressed as a teen, and that's it, and then more recently when things have been crazy I actually developed acne (and ezcema). I guess I would say its highly correlated with anxiety for me, but not necessarily sadness or depression.


I would like to eventually go off conventional meds but from where I was at, they were a great help. I think its all about steps to get to where you want to be. Like changing your diet, it can't exactly happen all over night. taking steps to being healthier and healthier feels empowering to me and hopefully I won't need birth control in the future if I choose to go off it. I would also like to be off antidepressants but that has proved harder as anxiety and depression I had after stopping was worse than before I started them. which shows that they can be problematic but not taking them was..worse.


Hearts, what are your favorite natural routes or remedies that you have done?


And to the op, how are you doing?

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Posted by kelseylee on 27 April 2013 - 06:36 PM

Hi guys-

okay first of all....none of these things are permanent. And it may sound like "a lot", but compared to the amount of medication circulating in our society and the pain of not facing your problems, it is not. I think to live depressed, anxious and isolated everyday is more extreme than accepting help from a doctor sad.png.  taking some steps to help myself is the most natural thing of all, obsessing over "curing your problems naturally" I think is an unnatural and inorganic issue. Furthermore, your hormones got messed up because of emotional issues like anger, anxiety, turmoil and depression. If you are well and free, your hormones will operate appropriately. I went on and off birth control for years with zero issue, because I was not struggling emotionally. Birth control (while there ARE some bad ones out there) is not the enemy, in fact taking massive quantities of herbs to fix your hormones, which many ppl do, is just as extreme and potentially more so than taking a low dose birth control...and makes you just as "dependent".


The only reason I would introduce the subject of something that helps your mood is when someone is struggling with anxiety, depression, feeling like they maybe don't even want to live, AND struggling with health problems that result from those very emotional issues. and even after all that said, I by no means believe that what is right for me is right for you, but please don't judge or think less of what i'm doing simply because you would rather not do so. Trust me, MANY ppl on here tried to cure their acne "naturally". I spent around $500 on herbs and stuff from a naturopath; after going to my wonderful and intelligent doctor from my teenage years, I spent $20 on stuff she prescribed that actually helped. Oh and NOTHING a naturopath prescribed helped, and she suggested I eliminate most food from my diet and have 3/4 of every meal be vegetables. I am already thin, and this just led me to be isolated from my friends and family and anxious about food all the time. So you can obsess over your diet, isolate yourself through this, despise conventional medicine, but you are in no way "winning" or being more "natural". I'm probably gonna like get yelled at for saying all this, but i'm just being honest.


As I've healed emotionally, my acne has healed. This is no coincidence. (And it is completely untrue that ssr's cause acne. If anything, they're unrelated.) My back acne is completely gone, and just a month ago I would touch my back and wince at the bumps. Sometimes emotional problems get so deep, we need a little help to get out. Whether this is therapy, family support, medication, all three or just the first and second, it doesn't really matter. My dad and three of his brothers and my grandma suffer with anxiety and depression, and many of them have taken medication when needed over the years, and most of them no longer do. Similar issues on my mom's side, so for me I am genetically hardwired for anxiety and depression. as a teen I dealt with it through perfectionism over my grades, looks and sports and didn't start to relax and enjoy life as much until taking a low dose antidepressant. trust me this is not the way I would have chosen things if I could have; nobody likes taking medication to be "better" and it can make you feel ashamed. But if it helps right now, and trying to stop taking it for nearly a year did not work, I accept "defeat".


I am hugely into most aspects of natural healing; I think all the amount of pills and otc meds will do nothing if you don't heal emotionally and address the roots of your problem and this is why I love therapy. I also eat very healthy food that I love, with my friends and family, exercise and don't consume drugs or alcohol. I also meditate and do yoga and read a lot of spiritual books. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hays is what i'm reading right now. But if I didn't take a few of those aforementioned steps, I would still be swimming in anxiety and mild depression, obsessing over my self image, and not even be able to address my deeper issues and accept and give love to my friends and family. The therapist I'm seeing now actually told me it's better for someone trying to heal in therapy to take ssri's (if they suit them) because anxiety and depression are so distracting that they can prevent deep healing, and they are just symptoms of emotional pain and low self esteen. I wish you the best of luck curing your acne....naturally.....but if you find dead ends over and over, know there are other options.

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Posted by kelseylee on 25 April 2013 - 09:18 PM

it's definitely not your toothpaste that's the issue. the only thing thats ever unclogged my pores before w/o manually extracting them myself is african black soap. it draws clogged pores and blackheads out and then it forms a small scab or the actual piece of clogged pore pushes out of the pore w/no scab. it is intense but effective. Good luck!! 2nd the no accutane thing.

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Posted by kelseylee on 22 April 2013 - 08:33 PM

Have you tried or thought of trying spiro? ppl have had success after not having it with all the stuff you tried...and it def sounds hormonal if it came back after accutane. have you tried multiple types or birth control cuz some vary quite a lot so that might be worth looking into. There's a wikipedia page called oral contraceptive pills which lists at the bottom all the various hormone compositions of the most common birth controls and shows you the major differences between them. Also, this might sounds nuts, but have you ever tried counseling/therapy? I know with long term acne, that is resistant to lots of different treatments, it can sometimes be helped by working through emotional stuff and even just expressing your frustration about your acne. it gives you a safe place to vent and talk about how shitty it is to deal with something like this. helped me a lot but you HAVE to find a good therapist/counselor or else it won't do you enough good. so search/interview ppl until you find one you like best. i'm poor too and it's worth every last penny for me. Also, just worth mentioning: african black soap is my favorite cleanser and its the only product thats EVER done anything positive for my acne besides like birth control. and its $3 or $4 but you do have to search around for it. online is the best place to buy. and I feel you on alternative approaches not working, my acne got to its worst when I was eating extremely "healthy"/restricted. therapy was a wayyyy better alternative than obsessing over my diet. xoxoxo

#3340758 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by kelseylee on 14 April 2013 - 09:24 PM

 You have to power to shape your life exactly how you want to. 

This is great! and true, it's just about figuring out how to access that power, which is waht i'm trying to do smile.png. The book I was referencing, i'm just finishing it now, is called When the Body Says No: exploring the stress-disease connection. Now to be honest, it's actually a very negatively toned book in many ways. for one, the content is horrifically negative; the majority of the text is made up by anecdotal stories/interviews with chronically ill patients. Cancer, ms, als, ibd, alzheimers, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The rest is scientific content and loose psychological theory about how early childhood development shapes our later behavioral patterns, coping skills and "personality". I brought the book to my counselor, and as she skimmed through it she was like, "Yeah....yeah....no...no this is not good for you to be reading". LOL. I thought for a day I had ms after reading the in depth chapter on the disease. So it now appears I am more of an anxious hypochondriac overly stimulated by things I read ;-). I did decide to finish the book and i'm glad because the end has more pearls of (positive) wisdom and less dread/we're all screwed mentality. 


Another great book, albeit sort of controversial, is Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. She's written others but I purchased this one-- my really smart friend was reading it so I bought it. When I say controversial I basically mean that she has some weird beliefs like "we choose our parents" (we literally come to planet earth and pick out our parents) "we cause our cancer through resentment/cancer is healed through releasing resentment" etc. Having known a few ppl with cancer, this is a complex and potentially loaded statement. anyway, all of these controversial statements are meant to ultimately allow us to gain our power back, so it's not based in as much negativity as it seems. Reading has been at least good brain exercise to get myself to focus on the more rational, well thought beliefs I have and see where the fear based, insecure feelings come from, which is supposedly the less evolved/advanced part of brain. 


Congrats about your skin-strangely I'm kind of breaking out right now and i'm on my (beginning) of the third packet of birth control. I have stopped squeezing my face in any way shape or form, so at least now when I get zits I don't have the emotional stress of feeling like I have to "do" something and then feeling all bad CUZ I did something. THis is the worst pattern lol. my insight to anyone is to just stop, completely, touching your face in any way unless your a trained esthetician. Oh that brings me to your comment about going into esthetician school-that is so freaking cool...it sounds like something that you are very passionate about, which really, and esp in light of all the things i've been reading, is one of the biggest predictors of health/happiness: spending your time invested in something you are passionate about so that your days are filled with empowerment and joy instead of stress and turmoil when you're doing something your heart isn't in. Anyway I've got more to update but I'll put this out here and hope everyone is doing well! 

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Posted by kelseylee on 07 April 2013 - 03:49 PM

Hi stacy! Just wanted to say hi and I relate a lot to what ur going through. I went through a cycle for like four YEARS where I would go out, drink too much, feel terrible the next day (physically but out of guilt/disappointment) and the cycle would continue. This is prolly more extreme than what you're experiencing but it was a very frustrating cycle I got myself into and yeah, I just know the feeling of it sort of adding to already existing struggle like acne. I get a lot of pimples in my eyebrows too, its painful and frustrating. I think posting when things aren't going well is prolly more important than when they're going ok, venting is very necessary.


It really sounds like you're on to something about the progesterone. I'm curious how spiro works so well for women @ higher doses without directly balancing the progesterone/estrogen. It obviously acts on androgens/DHT but I'm wondering if by fixing testosterone it helps encourage a balance between estrogen and progesterone as well? it sounds like, w/your irregular menstral cycles, you're experiencing either difficulty with the Estrogen/Progestron balance or something else.


Anyway, don't give up, it sounds like you're getting closer and closer to figuring things out. I know on a blood test they can tell you exactly what your estrogen/progesterone levels are so they should be able to see if you have low P compared to your estrogen. I had very low levels of both. naturopaths also have a lot of ways to raise progesterone as do doctors. Of course birth control pills would balance it out, but you'd have to make sure to find one that had an ideal balance of those two hormones because when i looked on wiki the variation between birth controls is HUGE. yaz for example has an average amount of estrogen and a HUGE amount of progesterone, etc. I think that's why women experience success with it often. High levels of progesterone are associated with feelings of peace and euphoria. For me, a bc w/high estrogen to progesterone made me feel like CRAP and a bc with average/low estrogen and higher progesterone made me feel much better. I know greengables has a LOT of info on these types of things, she has done spiro and I believe was going to try bio available progesterone after that, might be worth starting a thread to get some of her thoughts.


I really think so much of this cannot be controlled through diet, and just leads to more sadness and frustration when we place anxiety on our diets, esp if you've struggled with that in the past, so my two cents is don't be hard on yourself---I've gone back to just eating what I want and I feel soooo much better. Another thing that helps with insulin resistance, which I think is prolly some factor in ANY hormonal issue, is taking a lot of fish oil (I know, more supplement advice), and obviously getting the hormones balanced and menstruating regularly. For me, I just can't do low carb diets, it makes me feel like i'm dying (sorry to all you diet obsessives out there) so instead of eating like, a bunch of carrot cake or cookies, i'll make whole wheat banana pancakes with maple syrup (and a lot of them). or something. so you're allowing yourself to eat carbs and sugar like the body wants and (i believe) needs, but you're not going to the opposite extreme of like 4 pieces of cake. okay please update us and I wish you all the very best, you will find a solution i know it.


ps-water kefir is AWESOME. it's a fun trial and error process in the beginning, i screwed up like four batches but once you drink it and eat the water kefir grains regularly, you will see positive changes in your stomach.

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Posted by kelseylee on 01 April 2013 - 06:19 PM

Hello Hello Hello. I thought I would write since things are looking up a bit. That only started about an hour ago, lol, so until then it was the down slope of yesterdays continuing on. I washed my face tho and was pretty surprised when I looked in the mirror and my skin looked okay-kinda good. I am still avoiding certain mirrors/lighting because it does nothing but make me feel worse. So in my favorite downstairs bathroom lighting, I took to it with the black soap. Same purging continuing and my skin looked really good after I had washed. I have about 10 or more little clogged pores that are pushing a visible thing, interesting. All of this keeps reminding me over and over and over how big of a concept patience is with things like acne. And I guess health. Seriously, skin improvements seem to move at about a snails pace. Not to mentions more steps backward than forward. Our mind, the frustration and the fear, however, move at a million miles an hour. So I guess there’s really no point to worry. I need to stop playing the mental game of ‘my skin will never look better, I will never look better, it got this way and it is stuck this way forever’. Your skin will get better and so will you if you keep trying. I think its as simple as that. That doesn’t mean that trying isn’t a bitch and entails crying and dead ends and it’s definitely harder for some than others. I’m at the point where I’m like, if it helps you, and makes you feel better about your skin, f*** do it and be proud of it. I have zero judgement. Waxing poetic about this makes me feel better I guess.


I’m going to see my old family doctor tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous, and insecure and embarrassed about it actually. I guess she feels more like a family friend than a doctor cuz she saw my mom and I for years. But I need to tell myself that doctors have seen it all, and they really aren’t very judgemental. Hence their inability to understand emotions sometimes. It’s their job to look at things from a scientific, clinical perspective and they aren’t going to think less of you as a person for having a health problem. The last time I was in to see her I was probably 16 with perfect skin and zero health problems, so I just feel kind of like a train wreck walking in there now with my wonked out blood test and slew of issues. I guess I almost feel like she will be disappointed in me and my “bad” health. I guess I’m breaking up with the naturopath. Kind of awkward, but yeah really not feeling that treatment protocol. I have taken some aspects of what I’ve learned from the experience, but other than that I guess I don’t really feel confident in her care and trust her to fully help me. Just a gut feeling that I’m going with. I realized that the only reason that I was going to my most recent appt with her was she basically forced me to schedule it and I was going out of guilt to not make her feel bad. So I cancelled it. And said I would call back, haven’t called back and she called me and left a minute long voicemail. I feel like she is very eager for patients and for them to see her a lot, which hey, this shit aint cheap and I kind of feel like I am not getting my moneys worth at all. So sorry to her. But stacy I think that’s awesome you’re making a naturopath appt-if you find the right one it could be amazing and fix everything up. I just had a weird experience. & thank you for your words of encouragement. Just remember it gets worse before it gets better and that the only place to go from rock bottom is up, and you will never go back!


I FOUND A GOOD TIP AND THING FOR ZITS. K don’t know if you guys already know this or not but have you ever applied Neosporin or polysporin to active pimples? Sorry if you have. But holy shit it reduces a mark by A LOT. I read on an old post of a veteran member about how to deal with a cystic pimple, and she recommended doing this. She also said that before she started doing this, every cyst would leave an indented mark and obviously a red mark. After she started applying Neosporin/polysporin they have not left any indented mark and the red faded faster. I did the same thing, applied it to all my whiteheads and as sort of a ghetto experiment, I saw that it worked. This is because I get the same kind of whitehead in this section on my forehead repeatedly. They’re kind of bad. The first one left a small boxcar scar because an ESTHETICIAN popped it ---(THANKS) and she went after it way too aggressively. It really hurt, which zits don’t usually hurt that bad when they pop unless they’re a cyst, so she f’d it up. It barely needed pressure to pop and she like attacked it. Careful with those estheticians. The next white head left a legit red mark because I popped it, but no indentation. And the last one where I used nesporin left nothing but a small pinkness and it only appeared like a week ago. I also did not pop it, it kind of removed itself. But please try this if you’re getting marks, it might seem unnecessary or you might be worried about the Neosporin being greasy but it hasn’t caused any extra zits, I haven’t had any new ones since applying. 


Also I am on a lower bc now –ortho tri cyclen lo. The mononessa was a generic version of OrthoCyclen. Orthocyclen has 35 ug Estrogen/day whereas ortho lo has 25 ug and slightly less progesterone as well. However I think it was the higher estrogen that didn’t agree w/me. I was also on ortho lo on and off for 8 years w/no probs.  

#3336407 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by kelseylee on 26 March 2013 - 03:58 PM

Helloooo everybody! I have been reading about estrogen dominance lately too, its an interesting concept. I hope ur period comes soon, ed sounds totally likely and maybe spiro is wreaking havoc on it too? U were having regular periods before you started it right? Being on bc is kind of funny cuz I’m using it for absolutely nothing related to contraception. I feel much better on ortho tri cyclen lo, almost instantaneously I felt less nutty. Probably mostly placebo, but still whoa. It’s kinda funny cuz a lot of ppl seem to really hate ortho lo.  


Ugh spider veins. They’re seriously the worst. I literally freaked out when I saw one on the back of my thigh. It feels a lot like having an acne scar. You just loathe how it looks and are really frustrated/traumatized about how it got there. I’ve convinced myself I will get them to go away, the internet says that is unlikely to happen, but as it has been wrong many a time before, I will fight the internet on this haha. I think if you don’t make changes (substantial) with your health and body, they will not likely go away. And of course, if you’re in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s its not as big a deal and prolly harder to beat. But yeah seeing them was actually the first huge wake up call that something was wrong with my health. As I’ve gotten healthier they have gotten slightly better, so that helps put me in the right direction toward realizing what I need to do. I think they were caused by drastic hormonal shifts and eating too much sugar. Sugar…..such a sweet substance, so many problems.


Ah yes African black soap purging. A good tip I have is try not to apply it too much to areas that are not oily, because it makes literally everything come to the surface (not right away but eventually). So things that maybe are invisible and would die down on their own are purged by the black soap and this can be confusing, so, I really hope it doesn’t seem like its making it worse. The best thing is nothing it has brought to the surface for me has left any kind of mark whatsoever, its pretty much the opposite as in the skin looks perfect there. Do u use once a day or more? If you use twice a day it will speed up the purging a little, and more potential for dryness in areas that are naturally less oily. Do you find when it purges that it makes an actual pimple, or is it just the clogged bit coming out or flattening? hopefully it's the later! I think there's some good info on acne.org on black soap as well.


I had a fun experiment with food allergies the last few days. I elicited about 8 whiteheads from my face (one big the rest smallish) through testing out some foods I was having allergies to. Needless to say the allergies were proven right. It came up that I had a medium allergy to almonds, but since I have it in my mind that they are such a healthy food, I thought maybe the allergy had subsided and wanted to try it. So for like 2-3 days in a row I ate some with trail mix and holy shit. Oh and I ate a little (like half an ounce but whose counting) of cheese, oops. I miss cheese. Anyway. My skin went berserk. What I mean by that more is my eczema which went insane. I itched for like four hours and it was worse on the last night. And then I got those whiteheads. Some of them might have happened anyway, obviously you guys know, sometimes its hard to know for sure what caused each zit. But it seemed pretty directly correlated. Anyway, food allergies are weird, I’m thinking they will be temporary but as I learned I’m not out the woods yet.


I totally am confused/skeptical about leaky gut syndrome & things like low stomach acid. On the one hand it makes sense to me, on the other hand it almost seems based in scare tactics and bad science & medical science doesn't take it seriously. I’m going to see a gastroenterologist and will def ask about that. I want to know the real deal. Oh, and my digestive issues got a bit better after I upped my antidepressants, feeling like it might be due to anxiety, and hopefully hormonal issues like u mentioned. I really like the apple cider vinegar. Started taking a small amount of psyllium fiber, but it hasn’t been the miracle cure that everyone says it is (I already eat a lot of fiber anyway). I feel like ppl overhype fiber as being a digestive miracle. Anyway rolleyes.gif


ps i should prolly start my own log, i feel like a doofus for writing so much in yours 

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Posted by kelseylee on 17 March 2013 - 01:14 AM

Hi stacy! agh shitty to hear your skin is acting up. i know the feeling. that's awesome you're getting into some cool science in college tho. so hmm yeah i was thinking about what you mentioned in your post. i know i should probably refrain from giving you suggestions or saying what i would do in your situation, since i am no doctor but im going to blab anyway cuz maybe it will help at least support wise.


Periods can be irregular, esp when you deal with any hormonal issues and you're young and not on bc, that's pretty normal. So that's prolly what's going on with your cycle and maybe is aggravating your skin too. To answer your last question, I would say ppl take spiro w/hormonal bc to further regulate and stabilize hormones. Does anyone else know other reasons this is done?


Bc is literally introducing estrogen/progesterone into your body, while spiro, as far as I understand, 1 helps block androgens, which will promote estrogen/progesterone balance and increase them, 2 contains weak progesterone properties, and 3 contains indirect estrogen boosting effects. So when you really think about it, spiro is a lot like birth control, the method of controlling hormones is just different. bc doesn't specifically block androgens like spiro but both reduce testosterone and promote a functional balance of female hormones. Using both would essentially provide a stronger defense in balancing hormones, imho. I would probably up my spiro to 100 mg and consider introducing a bc, but again, just me, you have to do what feels intuitively right! anytime you're changing anything, upping spiro, introducing bc, it is still a change that can have effects, but my attitude is kind of like, if they're shitty now, why don't I try something and see if it helps. Have you spoken to your doctor about upping spiro? from what i've understood, you might have to be on quite a bit more before you see improvements.


As far as your mild hair loss, this happened to me quite a bit with pcos, and I hated it, and maybe thought I was dying. But it was temporary (my hair is a lot better now) and for me is a lot less of an issue than acne. I have heard that when testosterone lowers, your hair gets less thick because testosterone encourages thicker hair and more hair growth, so try to look at it as a natural thing--you're not losing hair cuz you're sick or anything, its just adjusting with your hormone levels (?) (pseudo science alert). Once things stabilize and your body gets used to spiro, I would imagine the hair loss would not become an issue. 


From looking at your skin, it is very similar to the acne I have, except I think I have more bumpy clogged pores. For me, I had to start putting something stronger on it because it just was not budging and actually getting worse by the day either not washing or just using something very mild like aveda green science. Treating whats going on inside is so important, but at some point treating the outside starts to look pretty appealing too, IF you find the right thing. For me like i've said a bunch of times african black soap helped my skin tremendously; maybe getting some tropicals (lol just realized i wrote tropicals...topicals) would help..even salycilic acid and a good cleanser could calm things down.  


I know this is kind of out there but have you been checked for vitamin d or iron levels? If those two things are low it can make you feel shitty...those are two supplements i feel have quite a bit of efficacy. I read some psuedo science thing about low levels of vitamin d exacerbating/causing excessive sebum production, cuz your skin is trying to produce vitamin d on its own, idk. i've been taking 5,000-10,000 IU's a day and I like it.


Wooh how's everybody doing?  

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Posted by kelseylee on 12 March 2013 - 12:21 AM

omg u guys. i just googled 'acne conglobata'. i feel like i need to be more grateful wow.


& if u guys know how to upload pics ill post em from my cellphone.

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Posted by kelseylee on 11 March 2013 - 11:03 PM

Whew I clicked the wrong button and my post deleted itself, maybe this one will be more excitingsmile.png. Sierra-thats very interesting and bodes quite well for you...high insulin levels are one of the crappier parts. I am fascinated by the scientific aspect as well and feel empowered by it too...thank you for telling me that, I had kind of framed it as a spectrum in my mind, now I see it even more so. I don't think my body has a super strong ability to naturally produce that much estrogen/progesterone. But the testosterone definitely added insult to injury weeeeh.  


I'll have to read your guys most recent updates on see how spiro is going. My skin is alright....the black soap is definitely making the acne, how do I say this, come out through my skin. I guess you've probably read that it purges your skin. Kind of like turns the acne inside out, lol. It actually sort of looks "worse" but I don't really care because I'd rather have it doing something than hiding beneath the surface forever. Some lights are worse than others....ugh. The light at the ymca I go to is so fluorescent I pretty much ran out of the bathroom.

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Posted by kelseylee on 10 March 2013 - 03:34 PM

It’s really awesome to have this log to update on, cuz even tho I’m not on spiro I feel like I’m going through a lot of the same things u guys are.


Ha, so as far as the cupcakes/ice cream/pizza/coffee increasing testosterone—it’s kind of a few degrees of separation thing but there actually is a biological link in the way it played out. But don’t fear—if you put a cupcake in your mouth you’re not going to directly knock your testosterone through the roof…doesn’t work quite like that. It takes a lot more time and basically results when your body does not burn the sugar that you are consuming. So basically, when you’re consuming really high sugar things often, and especially not being super active (I was working on my feet eight hours a day but unfortunately that’s not quite enough), there’s an increased risk of building up insulin in the blood, because that’s what (unused) sugar is converted into. Insulin is actually a hormone. So now you see the start of the hormonal issues. Blood sugar will rise over time as well if this is happening. I wasn’t even probably consuming that many more calories than I did previously, its just that a lot more of them were coming from simple sugars (literal sugar and white flour based things). I had never paid that much attention to nutrition cuz I’d always been really healthy, so I didn’t realize this change in eating was having these kind of effects. Put simply: I used to exercise a lot, and eat a loss sugar, then I stopped exercising, and like doubled or tripled my sugar intake.


Anyway, most things about pcos say it takes place usually as a (build up) result of insulin resistance.  I don’t want to box anyone in and say this is the case for all ppl, some ppl might have such a strong genetic component that no matter what they do they wind up with the symptoms…but for a lot of girls, like myself, mine was definitely a combination of nature vs nurture, in that I helped pull the trigger (kind of  dislike that expression but it works). But so back to the hormones, the insulin literally builds up in your blood, and your body isn’t able to use all of it for energy, cuz it’s in excess, and then the free insulin ends up working on your other hormones. So basically being on bcp’s, like others have experienced, can be kind of a cover for a lot of pcos symptoms. The bomb doesn’t go off until you stop taking the pills, because basically you’ve been supplementing with “good” hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and when you pull those out of the equation, the testosterone is allowed to shoot upwards because it doesn’t have those female hormones competing for dominance in the mix anymore.  


From here you’re basically just screwed because the testosterone becomes dominate very fast. It sends signals to the pituitary gland in complicated ways that I don’t know about which basically creates more testosterone. You stop ovulating etc. Your estrogen/progesterone get very very low. And like skindeep mentioned, you crave carbs really bad. Sugar and bread basically. These things do, esp in a hormonally unstable environment, increase testosterone as well. I hope I am not writing too much here so maybe I’ll bring it to a close but there is a really loose interpretation of how I’ve gleened things to work after speaking to the gynocolegist and hitting up Wikipedia a number of times (as well as reading a fair amount of ‘questionable’ science on the interweb J). If you have anything to correct, add, or personal experiences let me know. Oh and you mentioned it took 18 months after bcp’s for your androgens to get elevated, so that sounds like it means you’re body had a lot easier time fighting to maintain the estrogen and progesterone as dominate, but as time progressed, the androgen slowly crept up a little. I don’t think doctors are quite alarmist enough about elevated androgens because a lot of women, especially those dealing with acne, probably have an androgen sensitivity issue. Like, being on the low end of the testosterone spectrum is probably what your body prefers, so for you, or whoever, even slightly elevated androgens are a problem, even though you fall within the “normal” range. 



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I also have pics if you would like to see the current state o' the bumps and the drawing out process. I was diagnosed w/pcos a month ago after feeling really really messed up and weird after going off bcps 8 months ago, (not to mention 0 periods and the worst acne of my life). i too am normal weight (5'8, 138 lbs) but three years of inactivity after a lifetime of being an athlete... + a bad break up... + unlimited access to cupcakes/ice cream/pizza/coffee for way too long (where I worked)... led me to elevated testosterone, cholesterol and a pcos diagnosis cry.gif. It's pretty much gone now (i've been working out like two hours a day) but if you guys have any question/ want to share things you've learned.... lemme know.