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In Topic: Stumped With My Hormonal Acne

18 December 2013 - 06:11 AM

Hey--just reading through this whole thing. wow, so much to say here. First, it can make you more obsessive but i think its a good idea to get those lab results. I was blown away when I got mine. And like someone just said, you have to be really defficient or too high for a doctor to say anything. its totally possible to be in the normal range for androgens or testosterone, but still react to them. its all about what's normal for your body. for example, my mom has "never" had a too high or too low lab result in her whole life, including all hormonal tests, but yet shes struggled with hormonal, mild cystic acne for about 45 years (she still gets zits after menopause). so clearly, there's something hormonal going on, its just subtle. you basically have to have pcos before they can tell something is wrong with your hormones. Same with vitamin D like others have said. For me, acne was a combination of about a hundred things, not just vit d deficiency or just this or that. that said, adding a vit d supplement was just one more part of the puzzle that made me feel better. it also contributes to mood, obviously, which for me, along with hormones, explains all my skin issues (i also get ezcema sometimes). anyway, blah blah, but i know its overwhelming when you first get a lab. however, right on the lab they will have the highs and lows indicated near your score. so for vit d it will say e.g. a score of 50 (i forget what the units are) and then show you that the healthy range is 30-90, or whatever. so you would see you are in the middle ish. for someone like u who is so affected by sunlight, i would think it best to get your vit d pretty high. I think I heard above 50 is ideal. I totally get the whole diet thing and not being able to restrict your diet that much and truly most people's acne is a problem far larger than diet. that said, i never in my life had acne until i started consuming larger amounts of sugar. i went thru a period of depression and happened to be working at a bakery, and ate much more sugar than normal for ~2 years. then i decided to go off birth control and anti depressants after my 2 year sugar party, and broke out for about 8-9 months. so diet did affect my acne...but not in the way I thought. I still eat basically what I want, but I avoid things that have gargantuan amounts of sugar and minimize dairy products (i tested as having a medium dairy allergy). at first i went way crazy with the food stuff and felt like i was coming down with a full blown ED, but i've since rellllllaxed and realized you have to just eat a combo of healthy food you like and junk food you love, 80/20 or whatever.  


you've probably already heard all this. but i wish you the best it sounds to me like you are going to get right to the bottom of this. just keep going, even when it sucks, and you'll find your way through. i just showed my mom pics on my phone of my acne when it was at its worst and we laughed and said omg. at that time, i couldn't have imagined being where i am now. that said, i have a shitty zit on my chin which drug me back here--its like igniting all my ptsd around acne and worrying it could scar. so i went straight to acne.org. XXXXX




I wrote all this before reading the third page. so 53 is pretty good. you could still take a supplement, it would hurt nothing. 1,000 or 2,000 IU a day is a small normal amount that doctors frequently prescribe (my mom's doctor just told her to take 2,000 iu a day). I take a lot more and she thinks i'm crazy. As for the DHEA one, I'm not sure how dhea directly relates to testosterone, i know its responsible for helping produce testosterone and estrogen. So possibly your DHEA could be normal but there still could be a hormonal component. Did you get your free testosterone checked? mine was clinically elevated and therein lied most my probs. 


Oh and one more thing--I think the fact that you hate where you live speaks volumes. I HATED where i was in my life, for really the first time, when all these problems started brewing. Anxiety is also heavily correlated with my acne. I think I already said that but i can't emphasize it enough. There is some weird holistic stuff which i take with a grain of salt that says acne is a representation of anger and frustration, something like that. you've seen thelovevitamin--you know what i'm talkin bout. i do think there's some truth to that stuff tho---if you contrast your experience in italy w/living in a small town you dislike, its pretty evident. hopefully when you move to chicago that will be much better for your mind and skin! I was so f'd up I had to move home to heal myself, and still had acne for several months here until it calmed down and i felt at home.

In Topic: Stacey's Spiro Log.

06 July 2013 - 01:43 AM

hey pinkpugsy i had a similar experience to u. have you tried retin A??? thats what the doctor gave me and although i was hugely skeptical at first (i wanted antibiotics) i am so freaking glad. it brings down large zits within one or two days into a tiny scab. u do purge but its worth it for me.

In Topic: Hormone Imbalance? Estrogen Or Testosterone? How Do You Know Without Taking A...

16 May 2013 - 11:55 PM

vitamin d is a really good idea, its too bad ur doctor didn't test u for that in the blood test. that's good if your hormones are normal because many ppls are not when they have acne and get tested, like me. remember, being underweight can mess up your hormones just as much as being overweight so you really want to strike a healthy balance. I get anxious about eating sugar too, and too much of it is definitely bad and bad for hormones, but you still want to make sure you're eating enough other food so you don't mess up your system or show signs of an eating disorder.


Have you ever calculated your bmi? at 89 lbs you are definitely underweight, so that's not good. i use a bmi calculator to make sure I am staying within the best range for myself. i'm really happy 4 you that you scheduled some therapy appts--and remember, if you don't like them, find a new one, no harm in that. I don't think vitamin d would have been enough for me in the state I was in, but I think I will be able to go off bc in the next few years cuz it has stabilized me and helped me get my body back to normal. keep us updated xx

In Topic: Cut Out All Carbs And Now I Am Clear?

11 May 2013 - 08:38 PM

Okay I see I may have been a bit rantish with that. It came across to me as being very extreme-ish in qualifying veggies as carbs, and I did hear the part where she advised him to eat...sweet potatoes or something. personally, I think its more logical and makes more dietary sense to think of things like muffins, cookies and bread as carbs. what I was responding to was based on stuff I've read all over the diet forums, and not just one person's opinion- but multiple people banding together and basically encouraging each other to go on extremely restrictive and obsessive diets. I do agree with your above post about a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory diet. My only point is I think you have to be careful as someone who is older and has been able to cure their acne that you are not influencing people (even if accidentally) to be very restrictive to the point that its unhealthy. 


And really, diet creates a lot of false hope with acne. If diet was truly the number one culprit, we would be able to prove it. I think it just restricts the focus (regarding acne) on one aspect, which is delusional at best. I tend to agree with the thinking behind sites like thelovevitamin that acne is more of a somatic, physiological-emotional problem. and of course its no more fair for me to say that is right than it is for me to say a diet theory is wrong. but if I would have continued to focus on my diet and not sought outside help, I would have been seriously screwed in regards to my health, acne and well being. Cutting out dairy, gluten and all sugar (including fruit) made me feel some of the worst ive ever felt in my entire life, not to mention I could nearly not eat at restaurants and could barely feel alive throughout the day. This is sad to me, and when I see other people doing the same I just assume they are not feeling great either. And I definitely felt like I had an eating disorder even though I had no reason to have one aside from fixing my skin problems.


I didn't mean to be as..inflammatory...as I came across, it was really late at night. But would it hurt to think beyond diet in regards to disease and acne a little bit, or is everyone here 100% focused on diet only?

In Topic: Cut Out All Carbs And Now I Am Clear?

11 May 2013 - 01:27 AM

"You haven't cut out all carbs if you are eating veggies. And why not add some resistant starch source like sweet potatoes or properly soaked and poked legumes."


I'm sorry but this is insane, and I notice a lot of the advice you give around diet is extremely overbearing and harsh. vegetables basically do NOT count as carbs, and saying so is basically encouraging eating disordered thinking. Yes, I understand there are some sugars in veggies like carrots, beets, corn, even some greens, but this stark way of thinking is absolute insanity. and I say this as a 5'8 girl at 130 lbs. I feel like so much of what I read here promotes sad disordered eating behavior. he even said he does not enjoy what he's eating as its not "palatable". I don't understand every aspect of acne, but it seems to be exacerbated by anxiety and inflammation in the body, which leads to disrupted hormones. basically those three things, and several others work together in concert to exacerbate acne. some ppl are obviously far more genetically prone to it, and maybe you will need to take something prescribed by your doctor or naturopath in order to get your hormones or adrenal system under control.


I think when you obsess over your diet in this way, you are just transferring the same anxiety that caused your acne onto your diet, a locus of control. Yes you may clear up because you have physically reduced the possibilty of any inflammation by consuming zero carbohydrates and throwing your body into a fat burning, hyper metabolic state. But this is unsustainable and ultimately bad for your metabolism and psyche.


If you don't deal with the emotional issues behind your anxiety, and just develop a quasi eating disorder, you now have skin issues and disordered eating. I think everyone would benefit better from therapy or some equivalent and emotional healing rather than policing their diet like its the end of the world. so many times I see posts like "I went raw vegan! cleared up my acne! so happy! can barely socialize and am so hungry but clear skin!" then...two weeks later..."I drank half a cup of soy milk and broke out, does soy break me out?????, back to only eating grass nuts and apples :(" or something like that. It doesn't really work. And I say this as someone who eats super healthy, and also whatever they want. Since I allow myself to eat whatever I want, I actually eat about 90% really healthy by choice. it. is. so. much. easier. and my acne is almost gone, but therapy is mostly responsible for that.


also, serious food allergies are a sign of other health issues or at least an inflamed system, and they are not necessarily permanent. Yeah, lots of dairy and gluten are probably not super great for ppl, especially if they don't exercise. But if you're allergic to a bunch of shit that is healthy, its your body having a hyper inflammatory response, not those foods being inherently allergen producing.  


best of luck 2 everyone.