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Mila88's Blog > 3Rd Month

Posted 14 March 2013

It has been awhile since I have updated. During that time nothing really changed. It has now. I'm just getting into my third month and my face is FINALLY completely clear. I have ONE small pimple that has been around for a long time but it is small and going away. I am completely AMAZED when I look in the mirror.   My side effects are still around. S...

Mila88's Blog > 1 Month Check Up... Scared

Posted 06 February 2013

Today was my 1 month check up. My liver function was elevated since last time... that makes me a little nervous. They didn't really say too much about it and all I saw on the sheet was that it said +40 ? I still got my prescription for this month I'm just praying it isn't eleveated too much and I can continue to take this for the full 5 months.     T...

Mila88's Blog > Help! Dry Lips!

Posted 26 January 2013

What do you use for your dry lips ?

Seriously my lips are so dry and the corners are so cracked I can't even eat and have to drink from a straw :( I'm literally dreading brushing my teeth. Right now I'm using aquaphor and caramex a d it's not helping!! :-(

Mila88's Blog > Start Of Week 3

Posted 25 January 2013

Starting week 3, my acne has imporved significantly. Still no IB and really hoping it stays that way.
As far as symptoms go, my dry lips are terrible. Cracks in the corner, hard to eat and hard to brush my teeth without bothering the cracked corners. I've...

Mila88's Blog > Day 11

Posted 21 January 2013

Day 11, oddly enough my side effects seem to have improved rather than gotten worse? Has this happened to anyone else? This worries me. My dry eyes that were terrible just 2 days ago are now manageable, my dry nose is barely bothering me at all and my dry lips are mild compared to what they were 2 days...