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In Topic: Finally Found A Concelaer That Hides Everything

27 February 2013 - 12:34 AM

Oh man, its funny that you say that because I hate the stuff xD.

I'm not usually super sensitive to comedogenic ingredients (my acne is all hormone) but my face hates petroleum derivatives. I used it for a few months and the coverage was nice (though not waterproof, which is occasionally a problem) and realized it was making me break out even worse. I think there was a petroleum derivative and also corn oil (clogged pore city) which didn't agree with me. 


To answer the other poster's question though, I love-love-love Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer! The coverage is the same (if not, imo, a little stronger since it layers well) but it never makes me break out, and I find it lasts a lot longer since it sort of drys to a matte finish and stays put. And I love waterproof, especially for summer nights where I may end up alternately sweating and jumping in a pool xD.

In Topic: Does Mineral Makeup Cause Acne

27 February 2013 - 12:07 AM

There are a few culprits in some mineral makeup brands that while technically non-comedogenic can often irritate sensitive skin. Cornstarch is in a lot of them (sometimes called Zea-Mays starch in cosmetics) and is not technically a pore-clogger but acts as a food source for acne bacteria which can aggravate breakouts. Mica and Talc I have heard are often irritating as well and are both super common. Also mineral oil is often included (it's in most BareMinerals products) and although it's technically non-comedogenic because the skin doesn't absorb it, some people find it clogs them anyways. Personally I have no problems with certain highly comedogenic ingredients (SLS, coconut oil, etc) but the mineral oil in BareMinerals made my acne worse for years. I know there was also Ethylhexyl Palmitate (rated a 4/5 on the comedogenic ingredients list) in my very expensive Elizabeth Arden loose powder.


That being said, mineral makeups can be great- theres a million out there, and you may just want to narrow down the list by figuring out which particular ingredients are breaking you out. Always check the ingredients regardless of whether it says non-comedogenic or not (the regulations for that label are slim to none). One of those is probably the culprit!


Also, remember that acne doesn't get better overnight, and makeup rarely improves acne, it usually is just neutral- non pore clogging, non-irritating, and causes no new breakouts. If your old makeup was super comedogenic switching to mineral powder may be a great step, but it could take a while to see a change. 

In Topic: Can Someone Please Help With My Situation?

26 February 2013 - 11:49 PM

Do you use a powder as well? If not, that might be just what you need. Theres a plethora of translucent finishing powders out there if you're happy with your coverage and don't need pigment- the powder that goes with your foundation (the Vichy Dermablend setting powder) is awesome for setting the foundation/oil reduction/mattifying.


Or, you could do what I do and go with something pigmented- I use a discontinued Korres compact, but I find most high quality non-comedogenic pressed powder compacts to be fairly similar, since i'm using them for finishing rather than coverage. What I love about a pressed powder compact is that if you match the shade right it does double duty- I brush it on with a big soft brush to set it the morning, and pop it in my purse for touch ups. Bring along a makeup sponge and do your touch-ups with powder instead of liquid- the coverage will nullify any removal of pigment, and it should mattify you too.


Hope this is helpful? If you're already wearing powder and left that info out, I really have no tips to offer xD. Except for maybe switching to a new one, because the right one can really be magic for oily skin.

In Topic: What To Put On Cyst/pimple After It Popped And Bleeding?

20 February 2013 - 01:17 PM

The polysporin and a bandaid thing works WONDERS. Try it, seriously.

I use polysporin (the ointment with a petrolum jelly base) on anything I know is going to scab if left to its own devices, and neosporin on smaller red marks. Cover with a banadaid and leave on overnight. Keeping the wound moist means that the scab never forms- just fresh skin. Its usually healed over within 1-2 days, and thats with new pink skin rather than an ugly scab.


Just don't use either of these creams too often, or all over your face. Spot treatment for popped marks only.

In Topic: Homemade Bronzer

20 February 2013 - 12:09 AM

I was doing a little research on cornstarch as finishing powder and if it's okay for acne prone skin; although some people said it doesn't break them out I understand it can act as a sort of food for acne bacteria and prolong their life? I wouldn't risk it- but this recipe could be really nice with a cosmetic grade mineral base!