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Switching Retinoids? Differences Between Tretinoin And Adapalene

16 May 2013 - 02:08 PM

Hi everyone,


I've been on the lowest strength of tretinoin cream for about four months now.  A different doctor prescribed 0.1% differin gel for me, but I haven't decided whether I should switch over, as I've had some limited success with the tretinoin.  Generally, my skin is very oily with stubborn blackheads, large pores, and occasional bouts of moderate acne.  I had a pretty bad breakout last month and the red/dark marks on my face have refused to heal for weeks now.  I do think the tretinoin has helped with the size and severity of my blackheads but the difference isn't as significant as I would have hoped.  I'm wondering:


Does switching from one retinoid to another cause another initial breakout? 

Does differin improve the general texture (e.g. oiliness, blackheads) of one's skin like tretinoin?

Does differin make skin sensitive to the sun like tretinoin? 


I could probably answer all of these questions by starting with differin, but I'm nervous that I'll have another major breakout.....