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In Topic: Acne after stopping birth control pills

01 August 2013 - 02:48 AM

Oh dear, this thread is pretty scary... I've been on Yasmin for 7 years (15-22) and have managed to stop using benzoyl peroxide (bleaches everything in sight and ages skin) and just use soap and witch hazel which seems to keep my acne relatively under control. The problem is I've been wondering about the side effects of coming off of the pill, mainly because there is an increased risk of DVT with Yasmin (runs in my family) and I'm curious about the future when I do decide to have kids. I can't even remember how bad my skin was before the pill, pretty sure it was only ever mild and it's still mild now so I'm not looking forward to coming off and experiencing some severe acne side effects!


Hopefully this thread stays active because there are only a few success stories and I am quite concerned about the withdrawal symptoms :( I'll definitely keep the retinoids in mind though, I wonder if anyone else has managed to curb the side effects? Did anyone just grow out of it - I mean did anyone's bodies just eventually adjust to being off the pill and their acne clear up after a certain amount of time?

In Topic: Pimple? Boil? Cyst? (Picture)

29 July 2013 - 03:16 AM

That makes a lot of sense really! I've tried putting BP on a really big spot before and managed to burn the skin quite badly, but I haven't tried a small amount on a small spot so I might have to try it in future...thanks for the tip :)

Also, personally I've found with aloe vera that it really soothes on application but then tightens/ dries out the skin quite a lot. It has healed some scabs quickly but I only use it when I'm not using concealer because it makes the spot too flakey to cover!

In Topic: Pimple? Boil? Cyst? (Picture)

26 July 2013 - 08:38 AM

It looks like a pimple to me, but if it's really painful it might be a cyst? I would definitely pop these! If they have a head then it's almost like your body has done 99% of the work and brought everything to the surface but needs that 1% help to actually get rid of it! Out of curiosity how long do these take to heal by themselves? If it's less than a week, it's probably not worth picking because a scab would last that long anyway.


Also, I'm no expert here so correct me if I'm wrong but I thought BP worked in preventing acne, I didn't realise it was supposed to be applied to 'picked' areas :S I personally put distilled witch hazel on anything I've picked and overnight I use neosporin + pain relief cream which prevents infection and reduces inflammation.

In Topic: Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?

26 July 2013 - 08:26 AM

this is a really interesting thread! I honestly don't know what I'd choose - people have made some very good arguments for money and for clear skin, I can definitely appreciate the freedom that clear skin would give me but equally I probably would start obsessing about some other insecurity in its place... however I think what CBIOT13 meant was that if you ask random people on the street (presumably) most would say the money because the majority aren't dealing with skin problems so 'logically' would choose money, whereas people who understand the emotional side effects of acne would 'logically' choose clear skin, guess it's each to their own!

In Topic: Ice Treatment Problem

26 July 2013 - 03:14 AM

Hey, I've personally had a lot of success from the icing method - literally can make my problem areas look better overnight. However I've only ever used it on cystic spots which means the ice numbs the pain and reduces the bump, but I'm not sure how effective it would be on smaller inflamed acne. Don't forget when icing your skin put the ice in a freezer bag, wrap it in kitchen roll and hold it on your skin for 30 seconds and take it off for 30 seconds then repeat for up to 20 mins, this is the way I do it and I've never had any irritation.