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Ellie's Blog > Slippery Slope

Posted 21 June 2013

Yep, I slipped up... but on the other hand it wasn't too bad. My biggest problem with picking is the shame I get afterwards and it usually doesn't go away until the picked areas have healed, but this time it was quite mild. It started with a random attack at a blackhead under my chin, which was utterly pointless...making me go searching for something else...

Ellie's Blog > Well Yeah...duh

Posted 18 June 2013

I have come to the realisation that I can actually stop picking...it sounds obvious I know. Any previous futile attempts were merely wishful thinking, as a way to just convince myself that I was trying not to pick, and I think the reason I failed every time was because although I hoped I could stop picking, I didn't actually believe it. Now I know th...

Ellie's Blog > Aversion Therapy

Posted 17 June 2013

I am happy to report that since my last post there have been no major picking incidents. Admittedly I have picked a small whitehead and 2 comedones but I'd class these as pretty insignificant. Which leads me to believe that snapping an elastic band on my wrist actually works! Hurrah! The first time I tried this it was with a hair band and I only pinged it...

Ellie's Blog > Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Posted 14 June 2013

I'm still trying to resist the temptation to pick and somehow managing to stop myself...although if I keep looking in the mirror to check on the progress of the 2-in-1 comedone I'm going to end up messing with it. I don't understand why I feel the need to keep looking in the mirror though, it's like putting cake in front of someone on a diet! and yet I ju...

Ellie's Blog > Temptation

Posted 13 June 2013

So I picked the near-corner-of-mouth spot...it was hurting quite a lot and needed to relieve some of the pressure, I then looked at the rest of my skin and avoided picking the ominous bump above my eyebrow but apparently couldn't resist a little comedone that was jutting out of my forehead. 2 spots...I can deal with that - not great but not a disaster. Al...