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In Topic: Tretionoin I Think Its Time To Stop

21 January 2013 - 07:46 AM

I have the same problem. I use Triacneal, at first, it helps a lot to make the clogged pores underneath my skin out onto the surface, but just as a whitehead which I can easily extract. But to my surprise, later I got cyst which I never have. At first I thought it's due to my picking, but now I think Tretinion also contribute to it.

Since I stop using it, even though I still cannot give up the picking habit, I do not get cyst anymore. At least, I just have papules size.

In Topic: Extractions For Under The Skin Bumps/pimples?

17 January 2013 - 08:19 AM

I was in the same shoes. It started in November and it is called clogged pores, normally caused by make up/skin care. But the bad news is leaving clogged pores there for long, they will turn to be inflamed and become pimples someday.

I had hundreds of whiteheads under the surface that people cannot see it. But when I cleanse my face, I feel like every single of my pores are filled with those junk.

When I see 3 pimples rising clogged pores, I see doctors and ask for a cure that does not harm my skin. I don't mind a time consuming solution, as long as it do not make me inflamed.

However, up to now, i find there are only 2 options for it:

1. Waiting for it getting inflamed one by one. Doctors give me BP & Clindamycin treatment to treat it. That's all. You never get "Very bad/severe status" at one time, but you are never clear. Moreover, it continuously grow if you keep your make up & skincare routine.

2. Extract it. You will come to very bad/severe time (just like me) while you cannot use any make up. Skincare just very simple & mild. However, it can heal in some weeks after all the whiteheads out of their shelter under my skin.

After struggling with Option 1 for 1 month, I go option 2 with the help of Glycolic Acid & tretinion. All my face sucks, very red and irritated.

Well, I have to say I'm still very depressed with my skin now after 3 weeks with option 2, but some part of my face already healed is perfect. No matter light is, my skin is completely clear, just like it used to be. And the good news is when I cleanse my face, I feel my skin again, not the clogged junk anymore.