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Inositol Log! Starting Something New

26 June 2015 - 09:51 AM

A log to keep track on my progress with inositol (myo-inositol). You're welcome to follow and give inputs/questions.

Starting a new thing for my mild hormonal acne, that has been quite persistent lately, after I've started purposely skipping periods (I got an idea from my gynecologist who claimed it could help me balance my hormones), but acne has been increasingly worse ever since I started with continuous bcp throughout the whole cycle. Other side effects been breakthrough bleeding, obviously my body needed to get rid of the uterus lining badly, lol. So I'm stopping that and introducing inositol with hope that it will help me regulate my periods, mood swings and reduce insulin resistance and hopefully my sensitivity to DHEAS and stress hormones. 
At the same time I'm taking Yasmin (soon 2 years) and lowering my dose of Spironolactone, due to really bad side effects. Lowering from 50mg to 37,5 and then to 25. If the side effects don't reduce, I'm gonna get of spiro for good.  

So this is day one on Inositol in powder form, just took it before my meal, it has a slightly sweet taste. 
Will post again in some time, to see if my monthly breakout, that is due soon, is gonna be milder on Inositol. 


So Tired Of Searching For A Good Moisturizer... Help!

02 May 2015 - 02:05 AM

Hey everybody... I don't usually get much answers on this site, maybe cause I'm not very active here (I just don't have much valuable knowledge to give, so I mostly just read), but I hope someone can take a minute to give me an advice. 
So yea, I find it almost impossible to find a good moisturizer, cause most of them break me out a few days after using. I've been sticking to Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer as it seemed to not cause any reaction, but the ingredients always bother me so much, since there are lots of parabens and frangrance... Just doesn't feel like I want to feed my skin with it forever (been using it for 1,5 years now as my main moisturizer). 
Moisturizers I've tried recently: 
Paula's Choice Skin Ballancing Moisturizer - I kept on using it on and off, but it feels like each time i use it, I break out a bit on my cheeks. PIty, since it has nice ingredients
Dermalogica Active Moist - my newest experiment and it didn't end well at all. I broke out on the areas i used it the most, so no doubt about it. 
Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer - no big break outs, though acne is still there and I don't like the ingredients, so maybe it's contributing to my pores clogging 
Neroli Oil - same same, a reaction few days after using. Had high hopes for this one, since it's supposed to battle acne. 
Bio-Oil - immediate reaction, got some whiteheads next morning. And not only on my face, butt and back too, where i used it. 
Avocado Oil - skin didn't like, small red pimples on cheeks

Also my skin hates any kinds of exfoliants, AHa's, oils (Salycilic Acid and Lactic Acid are ok)... I don't know what to use. Can't just skip moisturizing, cause it gets really dry and I'm slowly developing fine lines, not to mention scarring etc. PLEASE recommend me something

My Experience With Fractional Lasers (Before After Pics)

06 February 2015 - 01:26 PM

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to share my current experiences with fractional laser, treating rolling scars left by moderate/cystic acne.
So far I've done 4 Fraxel Re:store procedures on an affected area on a right cheek (added the "before" picture). The procedures were a bit painful, but as I have high pain tolerance, it was no big deal for me. The downtime was short and I was actually going to work the very same day I got my fraxel done, since the slight throbbing/burning sensation didn't bother me much. Each time my skin would start peeling on day 3-4 and the redness would be gone in 3-4 weeks. I've done these 4 procedures with 4-5 weeks in between them.

Improvement has been slight so far, around 20-30% which is quite little for the amount of money I've spent, but these lasers are supposed to show the final result in 3-6 months, so I can't say that Fraxel Re:store was a waste. 

In about a month I'm gonna get an ablative laser procedure for the affected half of my face, since I have only had acne on my right side. Thought that I should get this things done before the sunny season kicks in. A bit nervous and pretty sure that the healing won't be easy-peasy like it was on fraxel, but the results might be worth it.

Too bad I had some acne since my last fraxel, so I can't put a picture of my current state, cause it's all red and can be misguiding. But I am going to put an "after" picture in autumn 2015, so please subscribe to this topic if you want to see the outcome. 

Any tips or questions are welcomed. 

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Herbs That Don't Interact With The Pill

12 November 2014 - 07:02 AM

So which herbs can help with ballancing hormones and reducing pms symptoms and NOT interract with birth control? Saw palmeto, chasteberry and similar ones seems great, but are not recommended with the pill. Which ones are ok to take?

What Treatment Would Suit Me Best?

09 August 2014 - 10:00 AM

Hey everybody,

I would really appreciate and advice on which treatment I should use for my deep rolling scars. I am terribly afraid of fraxel or any kind of laser resurfacing since I kinda feel that it would break me out (the scarred area often feels like it's about to break out, but never really does, I just get get tiny red spots that I eliminate with Epidou or other creams). I read the reviews of other people and it often seems to give them cystic pimples. Besides, any kind of exfoliation is "threatening" to break me out as well, even if it's some good quality exfoliation cream I use at home (for example Dermatologica's exfoliator), so I assume chemical peeling would make it worse as well. 

Would fillers or subscision suit these kind of scars? Can they make my skin break out? Or maybe I should choose something else? 
This area seems to be infected since a very young age, since it's the only area on my face where I got the worst acne that left deep scars. Got clear since I got on Yasmin+Spiro. 

Please share your opinion and advice, these scars makes me feel very ugly and they are visible in all the pictures that are taken of me. ;(