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In Topic: I Could Really Use Some Support :)

Yesterday, 06:38 AM

You're gonna get there, Emmygirl! Think of these 18 days as a time to prepare your body for Accutane round 2, so use it well and take some acion instead of plainly waiting! Eat well, get plently of rest and stay focused - you can do it! Imagine the clear skin you're gonna get on Accutane and send that imaginantion to the Universe. :) 

In Topic: Sugar & Acne

26 February 2015 - 02:45 PM

I have a sweet tooth as well, but haven't noticed any clear connection between my acne and sugar. There have been days when I consumed much more sweets than usual, but it didn't cause me a break out. There have also been days when I didn't eat any sugar at all, but broke out a bit. Junk food and especially chips have caused me breakouts on the other hand. And stress. Mostly stress. 

In Topic: Life After Acne

25 February 2015 - 04:33 AM

Life after acne is dealing with acne scars and spending thousands on fixing them. That's the life after acne for me. 

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

18 February 2015 - 05:01 PM

I noticed, that I'm taking less and less pictures of myself each year. Even when I used to have active and thriving acne, I took and participated in more pictures, than now. There is just something final about scars, the realization that your skin will never be fully restored. The first thing they tell you at any skin or laser clinic - your skin will never be like it was before those cysts. It can only be improved to a certain point. I find it disturbing in a way and somehow it makes me to now want to be captured in picture. Whenever I see that the scars are visible on a picture, my only thought is - it will only look slightly better, no matter how much money I spend on lasers. Eh, life :/

In Topic: My Experience With Fractional Lasers (Before After Pics)

13 February 2015 - 08:25 AM

Nah I wish. I took some pics before I started laser back in 2013 but when I got a new phone they all disappeared -blah! So far I've done the erbium laser, then 2 co2's, a few ipl's then 2 fraxel restores. All I want is my raised scars flattened I cant figure out why its so hard they arent even that raised they just look super weird if that makes any sense. I did see a plastic surgeon that wanted to do dermabrasion on the chin area and I was going to do it until they told me I had to be off spiro for 2 weeks which is way too scary for me to think about right now. I wanted him to just numb me up and do the surgery while I was awake but he wont do that so for now I will do a few more restores then re-assess and go from there. 

As far as ablative goes the erbium and the co2 i had were fully ablative and I didnt see much of a result but I think if you are going to do it you gotta go pretty darn deep to even get down to the scar. I almost think in many ways dermabrasion is so much better because the surgeon can go a lot deeper (its not set on a certain setting like laser but there is more room for error in a way) and customize the treatment for the particular scar but most times they wont even do that until subcision has been done. I would think they would want the scar raised up as much as possible so that the dermabrasion could be done just to finish it off. 

I know fraxel repair goes pretty deep but i know the recovery is longer as well. I would go see a few more docs and really do your research and then mention the various lasers and what they can do and go from there. Ask about spot dermabrasion too. The more informed you are the more it will help you decide what is best. 

I tried to google if you can get any surgery while on Spiro, but they only info I found was that you should inform the surgeon about taking it. Did they tell you what complications you might get and why they didn't dare to do it? 2 weeks off Spiro sounds craaazy and would probably wreack havoc! I'm gonna do a little nose correction this year, but if they want me to stay off Spiro - thanks but no thanks!! 

Idk, dermabrasion sounds so scary... So after you did ablative laser, did you have to put some real thick moisturizer on? Did that not break you out? How long did your skin look raw red?