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Scalp Acne /folliculitis

09 May 2014 - 10:02 PM

Hi there, it's been a long time since I wrote for the last time on here but I'm back.


I'll try to sum up as much as I can, though this story is really long. 


Ok, first of all I want to say I've had acne on my body since I was like 12 but I didn't have anything on my head before. It started when I shaved my head a year ago -it was my first time I did it as well-. After a while my head began to itch and to scratch (just on my nape). but it wasn't until like 3 months after shaving I went to the dermatologist. He told me it was folliculitis and sent me mupirocin ointment and trimethoprim to take and everthing disappeared. 


After that, I started an isotretinoin treatment for general acne and I didn't feel anything till 6 months later after I ended with this treament. Since there, all has been a nightmare; I've had like 3 breakouts on my head again, I've treated them with the same drugs but in the last one -now- It hasn't worked totally; I got some red marks on my head plus the itching feeling, even when I have no pimples with pus. The itching is stronger at nights so I haven't been able to sleep well lately and now It has spread for almost all my head. I tried with fusidic acid but it was worse, so what I'm doing now is just applying some alcohol 70, -I read I can help- but the problem's still there. I've seen that using a good shampoo is important too but in fact I don't know what kind of shampoo I should use.


I'll see the doctor on next Tuesday. but in the mean time I'd like you to help me.


Please,I need help from people who have had a similar disease, this thing has been almost as bad as acne on my face. I can't even brush my hair properly and I decided to grow out my hair and now I'm afraid that I have to cut it again.


Thanks for reading and sorry for the mistakes in writing.


Hyperpigmentation Without Pimple/breakout

11 October 2013 - 06:50 AM

Hi, today I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a red-mark in my right cheek , where it's not common for me, to have pimples or breakouts, rarely they appear on this part of my face, the mark looks like any other mark but what I find strange is that I had nothing yesterday on my cheek, what thing could it be? is something to worry about?



Is This Normal?

19 January 2013 - 11:24 AM

Hey people, like all you I've suffered with scars because acne, a few time ago, I got a mechanical peel and I had a big spot on my forehead, so after the extraction, I received a cauterization on my skin -supposedly, for eliminate the bacterium-. Now, two days after this, I have this scar on my forehead, and I've never had that kind of scaring, so I'm a little worried. Have you ever had this kind of scaring? is it normal?

My Story ¿what Must I Do Now?

10 January 2013 - 10:38 PM

Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum and as all you (I think) I've suffered many things with this disease. I'm gonna start to tell you my story quickly (you must excuse me if my writing isn't correct but that's because I don't speak english very well, right now I'm learning). If you don't want to read everything you can go to the boldface type.

I have acne since I was 12, it started with a simple acne, you know blackheads and stuff, I've always thought it was too early to my age - I am a man- after, with the time my acne became worse, I remember I had my first cystic spot when I was 14, -my face swelled- I went to dermatologist and she only sent me antibiotics and Vitamin A and said me that it was "normal"  -but I always knew that it wasn't- Time passed and acne became worse and worse many cystic spots (I also had in chest and back), and again, another dermatologist and the same thing (Vitamin A, Retynol) at this point I didn't know that I had cystic acne, I only knew that It was serious.

Time passed again and finally I found a good dermatologist, he explain me all about my disease, the name, why this ocurred, etc. and he gave me Roaccutan, he also explained me that It was a serious medication and I had to care with everything food and said me Acne it' was gonna became even worse.

Afterwards, when I finished I realized that It had worked! I hadn't more cystic acne (I was 17), so I made a big mistake, I handled my skin like a normal person without acne, I left to use solar protector, I didn't wash my skin, I turned back to eat junk food, etc. So Acne got back! not as strong as before but It got back. Then, again more Roaccutan and story repeated like 3 times (Roaccutan, Clean Skin, Neglect, Acne, Roaccutan).

Some time ago, we (my mother and I) discovered I had gastritis maybe 'cause Roaccutan, so I decided don't take Roaccutan anymore, and acne is present now (I'm 19), not really serious although some times I have to fight with cystic spots. I've been changing my diet and drinking more water, washing my face with sulfur soap 2 times (in the morning and at night, if you ask me, I'll tell you for me sulfur soap works, and eliminate extra grease).

The last part of my story (if you have read all before, come on read this, you know that frecuenlly acne's stories are looong) are the horrible scars, luckly (if I can say this word) my acne didn't affect my cheeks too much, but in my forehead and specially beside sideburns I had many scars, not really deep. So (we're  near to the topic question, keep on reading) I've decided go for a peeling  because I've seen and heard that it works for acne's problem and scars of acne too, but here's my doubt, when I found out, they (people of facial center) said me that in the peeling, they was going to do an 'extraction' and I'm not really sure of this because to say truth I almost never pinched my face (well only blackheads Posted Image, but now I don't do this anymore) and Im worried to this sprout me a several acne again. So, I want to hear your experiences with these treatments (peeling) and stuff. ¿What must I do? Is there another medication with nonprescription that might help me (for acne and scars)?

PS: I forgot many details in story, but anyway thanks for reading and replying. I lost every pic when I was a several cystic acne, but Im gonna attach a new photo (from now) for you can see after cuz now it's really late.

Hope your answers.

Here are my pics, as you can see my acne isn't very strong now -believe me it was really worse-, anyway you can see some cystic spots, and specially scars beside sideburns, so would work a peeling?

PS2: I've just realized that there's another forum for scars, sorry.