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In Topic: Regimen Works For Middle-Aged Acne Sufferer

26 December 2013 - 07:39 PM

Yes - I find that Dan's regimen keeps my blackheads to a minimum and also helps with sebaceous filaments (which many people think are blackheads) on the nose. Maybe the drying power of the BP helps with overall congestion?  Just to reiterate, I'm totally OCD about moisturizing and sunscreen...I even carry a little travel bottle of Dan's moisturizer with me during the day in case I'm feeling dried out, which tends to happen in my smile creases and around my eyes.  Other than a little dryness, I notice no extra wrinkling - even during the winter in New England.  And believe me, I'm on the lookout for wrinkles! If I find anything else to add to the routine that is beneficial for aging (cough cough) skin, I'll update.  Keep the faith! :-)

In Topic: Flaking When I Wake Up

22 February 2013 - 01:37 PM

I have flaking in the morning, too.  Don't worry, you're doing great! Are you using a humidifier at night? Where I live the winter is very dry and the humidifier helps.  I also added 1 drop of vegetable glycerin to 6 drops of jojoba oil and one pump of moisturizer.  I found out about it at whole foods.  It's a non-comedogenic humectant which means it attracts moisture.  I found it helped me from drying out quite so much.  Good luck and hang in there!

In Topic: Flaking And Help Please

22 February 2013 - 01:27 PM

Hi Adam - it took me at least a month and a half to get consistently clear so hang in there! I have a few stubborn red spots but I'm going to try using some AHA to see if they'll fade with time.  The drying and flaking is a b*tch; no watt around it, especially if you're new to so much BP.  I find that the only way I can stay "unflaky" is to very, very gently exfoliate in the shower. In the morning I wash my face in the shower and really let the water soak into the dead layers of skin.  Then, with my fingertips, I gently rub at the skin and the flakes start to rub off.  I don't do this in areas where I have active pimples.  After drying off, applying BP etc. I mix 6 drops of jojoba oil into Elta sunscreen (Dan's moisturizer at night) and lately 1 drop of vegetable glycerin (purchase at health food store).  I smooth it over my face and then let it soak in.  I'll still have to spot moisturize during the day (I carry Dan's travel size moisturizer) but I'm not like a Gila monster anymore.  Hope this helps!

In Topic: The right state of mind to have Dan Kern's Regimen work for you

12 February 2013 - 06:02 PM

Fantastic post and wonderful information.  Thanks!

In Topic: problems with dryness or flaking?

12 February 2013 - 11:41 AM

Hi All - old lady here, 45 years old.  I use nothing but Dan's products (except for my daytime SPF) and was dry and flaky as Hell until I found this:  Vegetable Glycerin.  I'd never heard of it until I was at the health food store yesterday.  Basically, is a clear liquid with a syrupy constancy that acts as a humectant i.e. it draws water to it.  After I wash my face and put on my BP, I mix one big pump of Dan's moisturizer, 5-6 drops of jojoba oil, and 1 drop of Vegetable Glycerin in the palm of my hand and apply it to my face.  For the first time in three months, when I woke up this morning my face wasn't like lizard skin.  Really!  I did the whole thing again with my SPF this morning and as of now (lunch time) my face is still soft!  Usually I would have applied moisturizer three more times by this time.  Anyway, after making this discovery I couldn't wait to write in.  Hope it helps - let me know if you have any questions/comments.  By the way, V.G. is non-comedogenic - I''m a psycho about that.

P.S. the lady in the health food store told my she mixes glycerin (only one drop - a little goes a long way, and if you add to much it has a "tacky" feeling) with a few drops of water and mineral foundation and uses it for her foundation.  I haven't tried this yet because lately I haven't been using anything but blush, mascara and concealer.