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Facial Redness And Possible Forehead Folliculitis!

04 March 2015 - 08:36 AM



Can anyone help with a bit of advice on the following.....


Ill make it quick :)


Forehead, Nose and Chin gets really oily even straight after showering!


Skin gets really red from any kind of touching lately.


Corners and bottom of nose and mouth getting really red and flakey!


Constant red bumps on temples.


Skin around lips get whiteheads after shaving.


Forehead has a lot of skin coloured bumps that come and go every now and then (Been coming more than going lately)


I have read up quite a bit on Seb Derm and Folliculitis and it sounds pretty much like those.


I do suffer from Psoriasis on the back of my scalp which I treat with coal tar shampoo. Could that be another factor?


I don't use any products on my face as I worry they will irritate it. I train quite a few times a week and shower straight after. 


Please help with any advice as its really getting me down lately and putting strain on work,home and me and my girlfriend.


Thank You In Advance!


I have attached some pics to give you a little idea of whats going on (Not the greatest pics)



Bumpy/rough Under Skin Bumps On Forehead!

13 March 2014 - 11:04 AM



Ive suffered with acne for around 2/3 years now but the last 6 months ive had really bad bumps on my forehead and temples.


I think they are clogged pores as they feel really rough but are flesh coloured so in certain lights it looks ok but in natural sunlight they look terrible.


Does anyone have any idea how i would try and get rid of these as i already suffer with anxiety and all this acne isnt making it any better!


Pic attached isnt the best as you cant see them but can kinda of see what i mean!

IMG 20140313 164923



What Cleanser & Moisturizer While On Tane?

03 June 2013 - 02:05 AM



I was wondering what moisturizer and cleanser you lot use while on accutane as ive heard it drys up your skin quite a bit and would need to keep your skin hydrated.


At the min i use this:   106611.jpg?v=1





The only problem with this is that is contains salicylic acid which ive been told not to use while on accutane as it would dry my skin and irritate it too much is that correct?



Ive heard Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer are good which i can get from boots and what about lip balm?



Low Dose Accutane Log

02 June 2013 - 05:46 AM



I've suffered with spots and stuff since about the age of 14 but for the past 2 years (im now 22) i have suffered with mild to moderate acne. The first year or so it didn't effect me so much i was still out going and socialized quite a bit but for the past year or so i have been the total opposite! I haven't been out with my friends in about 6 months and when i get asked to go out i always make an excuse because of the marks on my face. I get soo conscious even going to work is sometimes a struggle and have to call in sick because i don't want anyone to see me! It has really got me down to a point where i cant go on like this anymore.


The GP i have been going to for the past year doesn't really seem to understand how much of an effect it is having on my life and has kept prescribing me antibiotics and gels and creams that seem to do nothing but irritate and make my face much worse than it was to start with.... 


I have currently been on Tetralysal for the past 3 months with NO improvement whatsoever, i still wake up everyday with a new red bump that i know will be a whitehead within a day or so.


Also i have had the most oiliest forehead and nose area for the past 4 months which seemed to just come out of no where and i have to constantly grab a tissue and pat my forehead and nose in work which is quite embarrassing.


Now i know no one is going to like what i am doing here but i have self prescribed myself Accutane (20mg per day) for 3 months. I have many friends who have had GREAT results, one of my friends who had very bad acne is now a model a year n half after having a course of Accutane.


I have done numerous hours of research on Accutane and its side effects and long term damage so please don't tell me off for this a bit of support would be very much appreciated.



Day 1:

I have just taken my first tablet with a glass of milk as i have seen many people saying that it should be taking with something fatty and seen milk as a good way of taking it.


Obviously i wont notice nothing today as i feel very normal at the min i was wondering how long till i start to see or notice any kind of effects.



None as of yet




Here is a few pictures of me just now: ( Horrible i know! )


IMG 0073
IMG 0072
IMG 0071