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#3338729 Mineral Foundation (Picture)

Posted by celery on 05 April 2013 - 12:00 PM

Hey everyone. So as a teenage girl with acne, I'm obviously obsessed with skin makeup. I've tried quite a lot, mostly drugstore to be honest. I don't have the money to go high end. But I tried all the drugstore foundations. And when I say all, I really mean all. Almost all were liquid, while some were powder. Which I think was my problem. Liquid foundation, while it looks fantastic on some people, just felt gross on me. Every time I'd touch my face, it would feel so caked on. It also felt and often looked  caked on. In the past year i decided to try something new and got mineral foundation. So far, I love it. If you want full coverage, this isn't for you. But if you want full coverage, you will always have that "caked on look", if you ask me.


There are a lot of different opinions on mineral foundation on here so I guess i'm just throwing mine out there too. I have mild-moderate acne and combination-dry skin. I don't like full coverage makeup at all on me. I would rather have a few flaws showing than be "the girl with the cake face". Just my opinion. Mineral foundation can give you little or medium coverage (I use medium). It won't cover all your flaws completely but just looks natural, which I LOVE.


I took a picture of my skin with mineral foundation just to show you. As you can tell, you can see a red bump on my nose, because like I said you won't have picture perfect skin. Also, I have blush on. I'm naturally really pale so if I don't have a little color on me I look dead.




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