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23 September 2013 - 02:59 PM


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09 April 2013 - 01:16 PM

CeraVe is my favorite :)


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05 April 2013 - 02:51 PM

I envy how nice mineral make up works on your combination dry skin.

On my dry is just is so DRY , I have the bare essentual one and whenever I try to apply it I just feel like I'm applying nothing and after a cople of minutes I look in the mirror and I'm something like : "what on earth is going on here......." all the mineral make up just caked on my face , it looks so so bad.And you can't say that I don't have the "tools" to apply it , I googled " best way to apply mineral make up " Everyone said: "get the f82 round kabuki brush" so I did . And you can't say that I don't know how to apply it beacuse I youtubed " mineral makeup tutorial" and watched a lot of videos.

Do you think I should try other brand of mineral make up? because everyone says that is best for natrual looking ,since I'm a guy I want that , liquid foundation looks pretty obvious.

Bottom line : your skin looks great.

Use moisturizer and a primer! I use the bare essentials one too! the first time I put it in i was on whattttt is going on right now. I bought the foundation with the primer that comes in the get started kit. Best primer ever! If I didn't moisturize with about 2 drops of jojoba oil and then put on primer, it'd never stay and wouldn't look good

You don't even look like you have acne at all.

Hahaha thanks I guess but I definitely do. I have for 6 years, but it's gotten so much better lately

In Topic: What Time Should I Take Doxy

05 April 2013 - 12:04 PM

Hey guys,


i've been taking 100mg of Doxycyline a day for the last 2 months now, at first i was sure that it wasn't working and was preparing myself for Accutane but i think it's steadily working


One problem is i've been taking one 100mg tablet at 9pm in the evening, is that too late for it to be effective or does it not matter??

I got prescribed Monocycline 2 days ago which is basically the same as Doxy and try to take it much earlier in the day. Best not to take it right before you go to sleep, and not on en empty stomach.

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03 April 2013 - 09:39 PM

I've taken around four courses of antibiotics over the past ten years, including minocycline at least twice in college. I had good results, cleared my skin and kept me clear for a while after I stopped taking it (maybe a year?). You will read all kinds of opinions on here regarding the use of antibiotics for acne but I think they can be very effective, particularly for teens and early twenties when you're in that window of time when you may outgrow your acne. It may keep it at bay until then if you're in that lucky group =). I would avoid taking any antibiotics for an extended period of time and stop taking them if you have stomach upset, body aches or fever. Taking them with food can decrease the risk of stomach upset but sometimes your dermatologist will want you to take them on an empty stomach if you can tolerate it. Anyway, good luck to you whatever you decide. =)

Thanks! Maybe I'll give them a try :)