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7Th Week On The Regimen..skin Still Not Great

20 February 2013 - 11:44 AM

I have mild/moderate acne. I've just hit the 7 week mark on the regimen (using Dan's products). During the first 3 weeks I did see some improvement, and then gradually my skin got drier and started breaking out more and more often. I switched out Dan's moisturizer for CeraVe, and that's been keeping my skin a lot more supple. However, I feel like the BP is still bringing all the stuff under the skin to the surface, in an icky way (a purge?). I started incorporating Dan's AHA about a week ago, and I must say I do think it has been helping with the breakouts (especially healing quickly) and red marks.


Is this normal? How much longer can I expect this "purge" to go on for before I get "all clear"?

Did Anyone Not Purge Or Experience Severe Dryness When Starting The Regimen?

10 January 2013 - 05:15 PM

I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who simply started the regimen and became clear - no severe dryness or "purging".  Basically, I'm looking for simple success stories as encouragement :)

I have mild acne and sensitive skin, so I'm starting it a bit slow and hoping to minimize the adverse effects.

Nervous To Try Regimen, But Want Clear Skin For My Wedding.

08 January 2013 - 11:33 PM

Hi there!

I'm 26, have dealt with acne for most of my teen/adult life, and only recently discovered this website.

My acne has been mild-moderate for the most part. I thought it was bad during my teens and early 20s, but it really only got "bad" in my mid-20s (around age 22).

Anyway, I'm getting married in May and would really like to have clear skin for the big day. My skin has been such crap over the past few months (despite going gluten free and getting my thyroid hormones in check), so I'm looking at new options --> specifically, the regimen.

I'm a little reticent to try it though, mainly because I have sensitive skin (developed that way over the past 2 years) and have experienced contact dermatitis/eczema around the eyes while using harsh acne products like BP and salycylic acid (SA has always been easier on my skin than BP though). I managed to heal this and other dry patches on my face by using gentler cleansers (including honey, my new favourite) and moisturizing with argan oil.  Sooo...whlie my skin is currently "healed", I'm still dealing with breakouts (definitely hormonally linked for me - happens like clockwork every month). And, I'm still nervous about trying BP products because it took so long for things to normalize.

Any thoughts/recommendations on how I can make this work? I was thinking of trying just a teeny tiny bit of BP once a day (before bed) but doing the other steps 2x/day. Of course, I will avoid the eye area completely. Moreover, WILL it work? I still have a hard time believing anything could clear my skin!

Thanks so much!!