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Mirror Fasting?

19 January 2013 - 04:38 PM

I have found that a root of a lot problems is the mirror. I obsess over every pimple every scar that pops up and ive come to that conclusion that mirrors are only bad news. The more I look at the mirror the more I stress, yet oddly I cant stop looking. I have also noticed if I look in the mirror im more inclined to sraatch or touch my face or pop pimples. And lastly, looking in the mirror makes me lose faith in treatments a lot faster (cause you dont see immediate progress).
Like many of you on here acne has affected me greatly in the area of self esteem/self image.
Just wondering if anyone has gone on a "mirror fast" before and how it felt?
Im going to try to do a one month fast from the mirror, if youd like to join me you can message me and we can carry each other through it! I figure it will also allow the treatment to work without me messing with it constantly, and if i dont know what i look like I think im less likely to care! Of course im realistic so ill allow myself 2 mirror visits a day, morning and night just to do the regimen.

Regimen Log Moderately Severe Acne

19 January 2013 - 12:42 PM

Started the Regimen as of Jan 13. Ill try to update weekly

I have had acne since high school but it was always mild to moderate with the occational large pimple on my nose. When I got to college my acne seemed to subsided a great deal with just the small pimple here and there. Now I am 19 almost twenty and since about November my Acne has flared up a great deal into the severe, moderately severe range. I started to get cyst on my cheek bone areas, and some on my jaw line. I am also asian darker skin tone so every zit leaves a hyperpigmentation mark that seems to last forever and is really as bad as acne itself. PIH is nearly as noticeable as acne except it last 10x longer!. I eat a relatively clean diet, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water and I started the regimen on Jan 13, 2013. Acne has affected me a great deal mentally. I lost focus at school and my grades dropped, Ive avoided my friends like the plague, and for my entire break I hid in my room. Now that school is about to start again I have to face the world again and I am not looking forward to it. I look at other people my age and no one has acne anymore and they all have perfect skin, ive lost all self confidence and have pretty low self esteem now as well. Anywho this log is more for me than anything just to keep track of where my face is going.

Exfoliating Everyday While Using Salicylic/glycolic Acid?

08 January 2013 - 11:29 AM

Im currently using a fight and fade spot treatment gel on my hyperpigmentation and acne spots. When I use it my skin usually becomes very flaky, crusty, and peely. Should I leave it Alone and continue using treatment and allow it to take its course or should I exfoliate it off  everyday and then continue treatment? I do mousterize afterward but still is very dry/flaky. Please help school starts again in 2 weeks =(