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sal1917's Blog > Drug Free

Posted 13 November 2013

Sooo I went to my final derm appointment one month ago and he said I was good to stop taking accutane. This made me very happy!! After 13 months of medication, almost 10 of them being accutane it actually feels like I'm forgetting something in the morning without the need of medication! My face is still extremely pigmented with a few dints.. They are fadi...

sal1917's Blog > 29 Weeks

Posted 03 August 2013

I go to China in 3 weeks,super excited.. I wonder how I'll go with all of my pills haha. So I still have 2 lumps under my kin, same places as the dermo thought they would 'go away them selves' ha.. that was almost 2 months ago now so I'm going to try and get back in before I travel. Im super happy as I can completely cover my redness now just with Cliniqu...

sal1917's Blog > Six Months

Posted 09 June 2013

I remember when I first got put on accutane they said it would be for 6 months. Well happy six months, if all went well I would now be done. I had my last appointment about 2 weeks, had another injection into my check, darn thing is persistent. I am back on antibiotics, E-Mycin these ones are called and they are suppose to stop the bacteria that is causin...

sal1917's Blog > Week 21 (5 Months)

Posted 08 May 2013

OK. Not much has changed. No new dots. Just the same lumps near my nose that will most likely get injected in 3 weeks when i have my next appointment, I have never been so excited to get stabbed in the face!!I am still on 20mg of Accutane a day.. they said I still have another 7 months to go, finishing up in Dec. A whole year! arg. But it has gone quick....

sal1917's Blog > Week 14Ish Cortisone Shots

Posted 24 March 2013

So its about 9 days since I had the injections in my face and wow, the swelling has completely goneand my cheek is flat for the first time since september hooray! now i can cover the red marks easily as theyare not all gross and bumpy. I wish I got one in my chin too cause it is still a big lump, Ill be back in 7 weeksso I might ask then if it is not gone...