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05 June 2014 - 11:53 PM



Check this out if you're wary about trying fin, people have had decent results on it. I'm scared of fin because of the potential sexual side effects it poses. Still looking for alternatives...I haven't been up to date with this forum for a while, but has anyone gotten any real tests done? If we could get a few blood test reports and cross check them with each other at critical test points (Cortisol, test, dht), we could find the culprit.


Lets try to keep this alive guys.

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

18 June 2013 - 10:49 PM

We're finally getting somewhere and its because we're actually TESTING and not guessing. I feel like the more data we have, we could probably narrow it down to the actual problem causing the hair loss, whether its testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, etc.


itsoveryes, excellent fucking work so far

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

01 June 2013 - 11:13 PM

itsoveryes, the guy's email is [email protected]


Do you have any idea how people treat adrenal fatigue?

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

31 May 2013 - 05:15 PM

To clarify, no on got tested, but Blue. And Blue, you didn't test your cortisol levels because you said they are fine on cycle, is that correct? I am going to a dermatologist this Thursday, no tests scheduled, but will see what he says. Also for those in touch with the guy who previously ran the b5hairloss website, he never found a cure? Reading his old posts, seems he leaned toward adrenal fatigue


current regime:

atomidine 1 drop, 7 days on, 7 days off

crude oil twice a week with a 30 min massage+crude oil pine rinse, then vaseline

radial active appliance (4 days with gold, 4 days w/o gold, 4 days off)

3 bottle of careprost (generic latisse) in a bottle of nioxin scalp treatment every night

1gm l-cysteine

Considering rogaine foam

Correct, he never found it but thought he was close. I think he was leaning towards adrenal fatigue as well. But no one got cortisol saliva test, so we don't know as of yet if the theory holds. 


I can refer you to his email if you want to talk to him, he's very informed on this specific problem after years of research, and you seem to be a smart and determined individual as well, so maybe talking it through you guys would be able to figure it out? For me, he told me to get those tests, but I'm nowhere close to my doctor to do that without spending hundreds....

In Topic: Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

21 May 2013 - 12:32 AM

We all say were shedding hair, but I didn't know until lately that its only considered hairloss if you're loosing more than 100 hairs a day (which I know I'm not). I've begun to think that the increased loss is natural because its not coming out and clumps and is only some hair in the shower


You lose a lot more hair than you think. Think about it, how much hair do you lose in the shower? You're up about 16 hours a day, there's no way you could possibly count how much hair you're shedding throughout the day...if you're finding hair very frequently everytime your run your hand through your hair, then its a problem in my opinion..