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Diary And Probiotics

19 May 2013 - 01:43 AM

how important is dairy as a source of probiotics ??


I have cut dairy from my diet, and im wondering if my body will miss the amount of probiotics i was getting from cheese and yogurt...


I'm not asking how to increase my intake of probiotics without having dairy.......but rather...if i need to use probiotics given that I have cut dairy......


FYI: I do not feel I have any bacterial imbalance (the only use of antibiotics that i can think of, was about a year ago for two months (acne)....but I dont think it affected me digestion wise)

A Holistic Life Style Change

03 May 2013 - 06:17 PM

After going through a bad break out about 2 weeks ago, I felt quite hopeless as I felt I had tried many things......

I have never approached this holistically, I remember I completely dismiss it about a year ago when I first got serious about doing something about my acne, basically because medically I was told there is 'no real connection between diet and acne'...and hey!...I have always eaten "healthy"....


well I have been reading a whole lot about the holistic approach, and now I believe that there is def. a connection...

eating "healthy" wont cut it if you have diabetes, and for acne prone ppl, the same applies....


I start this log to keep track of things, as well as to get any kind of feedback in regards to what im doing....



1. Diet:


Very similar to a Paleo diet. I will cut dairy, grains, most carbs. Evrything I will cut, I will replace with "green smooties".

I will increase my water intake to 3 litres (not counting what goes into the smooties)


Concerns: Weight


I recently been eating less because of my awareness of high gi/gl carbs, as well as of dairy.

I'm a male, 25 years (by tomorrow tongue.png), 1.75 m. My weight has been around 130lb (128-134)....(underweight...but still on the healthy range)

However I weigted myself today and I was at 125.

I hope once I go full force with the diet, my weight will stabilize at an "acceptable" level....(maybe 120 ??)

If things go well...this will be one of the first things I will look at., and try to fix/improve, as I dont want to be that thin in a long term basis.



2. Supplements:


Not a big deal, except for all the money I think im gonna have to spend monthly....

Still deciding on how much to suplement, and which suplements....

People recommend here many, for different reasons....

I see 3 categories: Minerals/Vitamins, Hormone managment related, Leaky Gut healing related


I will be following something close to what this guy used to do http://www.acne.org/...y-acne-program/

I'm debating tho, on the amount of dosing...I dont mind following a high dose for the first few months I guess, but dont really want to do that long term....since Im doing so many changes in my life I will probably reduce the recommended dosis based on his guidelines

Likewise, Im still debating whether or not to use saw palmetto (or DIM, or Flax seed lignans, or nettle root)...

I would like to try one of these, but I'm afraid of making things worse by playing with my current "hormonal balance"



3. Colon/Liver flushes:


Originally my idea was to follow the guidelines given by the same person on the above link....

I saw a few other people (on another thread) doing an almost exactly the same procedure...so I felt good with it.


However, on some thread someone brougt to my attention the possibility of getting your stones trapped on the bile channels if they happen to be big enough, and thus induce jaundice (along some other potential problem).

Unlikely yes....but I guess the possibility is there.....


In the meantime (while I decide to do a compelte flush), I will be doing "mini flushes" (see same link above), and do liver/colon cleansing herbs more frequently....(eg. Psyllium Husk and Bentonite shakes, milk thistle, burdock, dandelion, etc.)

I still have to work out my exact routine in regards to these (i changed my mind about the complete flush just yesterday)



4. Sleeping properly


This is gonna be quite tough for me. I have fairly irregular sleeping habits, and every time I try to normalize them, I end up going back to my old bad habits. 

More  importantly, I dont feel this have as big as impact on acne, so I dont feel too motivated to do it. However, I will try. Again.



5. Masturbation


Yes....I think this might be controversial for some.

If some one had told me a few years back to stop masturbating to clear my acne I would have felt so insulted. "Everyone does it, so it cant be it", "its a normal thing to do", etc.

Now I became open minded about many things. I have been reading about the whole hormonal impact, and in my eyes, I can see the clear connection. The question becomes.....By how much does it affect any given individual.

It seems fairly easy right now, altho I know I will get very tempted. However, I'm quite determined to stop this.

Last time:...May 1st 





lol...feels like an essay now.

I hope to stick to all of this for at least 3 months, and them make an assesment. Hopefully I will get results, and I will then adjust it moving forward.

I dont want to get my hopes up, as I have done before when trying topicals. However, unlike topicals, even if this doesnt work, there are overall health benefits of doing every single thing that I will be following. So I will win regardless (thats how I wanna think of this smile.png )

I still gotta figure out some details....will do so over the weekend and hopefully I will start the complete program by this monday.

Once I do so, I will share the specifics of all my steps.


Any comments are more than welcome!

Acanya Gel In Canada

05 March 2013 - 06:55 PM

does any one know an alternative to 'acanya gel' that you can get in canada...


acanya gel is : Clindamycin Phosphate 1.2% and Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%



I am aware of options like clindoxyl, but that is 5% B.P. and it has been too harsh on me.


thanks for your help.