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In Topic: Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

17 February 2014 - 11:40 PM

nice to be back here...and see some old folks

i have not been as consistent as i did back in my posting days

i thought going away would help, but it has been more like the oposite

so here is for a new run..!

In Topic: Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

31 July 2013 - 10:28 PM

. Anybody got any tips on how to deal with the urges?


Keep urself busy with meaningful stuff.


if its thaaat bad, just go out and meet up a friend or family member....

if you dont wanna see anyone....go out for a walk or something....


as time goes by....and you start putting together decent  streaks....(a week....15 days...etc) ..you just learn dealing with these urges isnt a huge huge deal...


and of course....avoid porn at all costs....makes things 99% easier.....how to avoid porn??...hmmm...maybe go back to my list....it applies equally.

In Topic: Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

28 July 2013 - 12:55 AM

Any conclusive results from this thread?  I find it highly unlikely masturbating causes acne.


IF it were...every single guy on the planet would have acne....


However...for some acne prone people....masturbation does aggravate it, and for some others it is indeed one of the major factors.

Read about the topic around here, and other forums on acne.org....you will find people that say...YES.

As always tho. YMMV

In Topic: Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

25 July 2013 - 11:29 PM

day 38 standarts have gone to shit, i check out chubby girls too now


LOL !!!....that happened to me recently  (this one chubby girl i know whose got a very very pretty face)

In Topic: Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

23 July 2013 - 11:41 PM

broken promise...i feel you expect for this to cure everything.....and I noticed you contradicted yourself a bit


keep the overall picture in mind.....try to see if there are improvements in terms of new breakouts....(not what u already had, or had coming), and if you do breakout, if its any lesser (quantity/"quality").


I feel towards the end of ur posts u did notice improvements....go at it again...try to go longer!


btw...dont drink water before going to bed....that helps with the "morning wood" if it bothers you...


btw2: a week and a half isnt that much.....when you said you havent done it for a while i imagined at least 3-4 weeks lol!!