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#3333085 Starting My Accutane Journey!

Posted by CourtneyH on 13 March 2013 - 10:24 AM

Day 55-


Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and she just kept telling me that by week 12 I'll be extremely happy with the results..so by my next appointment. She could defiantly tell that I'm discouraged lately. I'm still breaking out and it's frustrating. I guess I was hoping to be pretty clear by now. I have good days and then bad days (today is a bad day) I guess I just need to be patient right?

I've been on Claravis the last two months and when my doctor went to fill my prescription she was told it's on backorder, so she switched me to amnesteem. Has anyone switched brands midway thru? That switch has me on edge as well. I don't want to have an IB all over again. :( 


Other than that.. my dryness is under control and I started using dove soap which is really helping the eczema.


I'll update in a few days after I start taking amnesteem. 

#3331418 Starting My Accutane Journey!

Posted by CourtneyH on 06 March 2013 - 11:36 AM

Day 48- (I think)


My lips are SO dry. I use aquaphor multiple times a day, but a few days ago my lips cracked SO BAD and now they just look raw. Not sure what to do about this other than to just keep using aquaphor and wait patiently!

My skin hasn't been too dry. Any dryness is usually just around my chin.. I'll say this every time..the vaseline every night helps tremendously! My skin seems to be a lot better. Less redness and way less breakouts. I have a really painful bump near my eyebrow.. ( not sure if it's a pimple or ingrown hair?) I've recently started noticing how dry my hair is.. I could go DAYS without washing it. And my body is really dry too..still dealing with the eczema..on both arms. :(

Oh and the constipation issue was resolved with the prune juice..yay!

I go to my doctor next Tuesday, so I'll update again after my appointment. Hopefully she can determine how long I need to be on this! 


Good luck everybody!! :)

#3326627 Starting My Accutane Journey!

Posted by CourtneyH on 13 February 2013 - 07:53 PM

Day 29-


So I went to the doctor today for my one month check up and she thinks my skin looks better than it has in awhile! Yay! She told me by month 3 (12 weeks) I should be completely clear and just coast thru the last 2ish months. She gave me a lot of hope so I'm extremely excited!! I'm staying on 60mg and continuing with the same moisturizers, but since I'm peeling a lot around my mouth and chin she told me to put vaseline (petroleum jelly) on my face every night. Hopefully that helps since my makeup looks crazy during the day because of the dryness! I also asked her about the dry patches that I have on my left arm and she said that it's eczema..which apparently is a side effect of accutane. If any of you are dealing with this as well she told me to keep it moisturized with vaseline! 


And I'm still trying to upload pictures! :(

I finally got on a computer and I still can't upload pictures. Someone help! I'm not very good at this computer stuff!! Thanks!! :)

#3318885 Starting My Accutane Journey!

Posted by CourtneyH on 15 January 2013 - 06:19 PM

Hi everyone! I'm Courtney....I'm 21 and I'm starting Accutane today! I've been struggling with acne for the past 8 years. Posted Image  Heres a little bit about what my experience with acne has been like. I first went to the dermatologist when I was 13. I was put on Benzaclin, Vitamin C cleansing pads and Sodium Sulfacetamide lotion. After about 6 months of no success, my doctor put me on Doryx. The Doryx instantly cleared my skin! I stayed on Doryx for 3 years until I decided to stop taking it, because I thought my acne was gone forever. I stayed clear for almost a year until my acne came back worse than ever. I tried to fix it with over the counter products, but after nothing worked I headed back to the dermatologist. I was then put on Atralin and Acanya and once again after 6 months of no success I was put back on the Doryx and also gave Spironolactone a try. My skin got better, but was still pretty bad. I've now been on both antibiotics for a little over 10 months. Looking in the mirror everyday and still not having perfect skin is a struggle everyday..so after thinking long and hard I decided to talk to my doctor about Accutane. I had to take a negative pregnancy test and have blood work done, then 30 days later I took another negative pregnancy test and now I'm ready to begin Accutane! My doctor has me on 60mg of Claravis....30mg in the morning and 30mg at night. I also bought moisturizers that she recommended. (Elta MD UV facial SPF 30 for the am and Elta MD intense moisturizer for pm) Oh and before I forget..if anyone is wondering about price...I have Aetna insurance and my prescription was $109.63 for a 30 day supply.

Anyway, I will try to update every week or so. Any advice, tips or feedback is greatly appreciated and if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer them as I complete my Accutane journey!Posted Image