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#3350145 You Are Not Alone.

Posted by betterdays89 on 20 May 2013 - 11:03 AM

Thanks Quirky,


I appreciate your encouragement. 

The only thing that keeps me going is being pro-active about my skin and continuing to do treatments.

But on those days where the depression sets in, and everything seems glum, I'm thankful for places like this, where I can share openly and know that I am understood.

All the best to you friend!

Also, Quirky, how are you doing in the battle against your scars, do you feel like you've had any victories?

#3349994 You Are Not Alone.

Posted by betterdays89 on 20 May 2013 - 02:31 AM

It's been a year since I returned home from volunteering in Nepal, a time that turned horrible when I had an allergic reaction to the food and broke out horribly with cystic acne on nearly 80% of my face. When I was there I had no control over the situation, I was living in villages and small towns and had little access to any kind of effective medical assistance. I can not even begin to explain the emotional/psychological toll this experience had on me, especially the feeling of helplessness, of not being able to do anything to help my situation and having to witness it grow worse each day. So, when I returned home I basically made it my life's mission to clear my face and then to do battle with the aftermath; the horrible scars left behind as a cruel, ever-present  reminder. And so after clearing my skin, then finding a skin clinic and undergoing laser genesis, pearl resurfacing laser, micro needling and now a recent fraxel 1550, I have noticed some improvement, but not enough to keep me from falling into the the thought loops that seem to have taken over my every day. The anxiety that comes with constantly worrying about these marks and indentations all over my face. Just when I think I may have overcome it, just when I think today will be different from all the rest, that I will be able to get through it without thinking about them, or that I'm going to somehow confidently choose not to care...I am reminded, without warning, that my face is inferior...that in this world of beauty tyranny and impossible standards, I will never be "normal". As much as I want to hope that one day my face can be what it was before 3 months of volunteering overseas permanently changed it for the worse, the more logical side of me recognizes this is basically a pipe dream.

I usually try to keep these thoughts to myself, I never share them with others, and I'm sorry if others find this post depressing. But this is the only place where I feel like I may be understood.


I'm tired of no longer feeling normal.

I'm tired of witnessing the gaze of other's eyes fall away from looking at my eyes during conversation, and instead darting back and forth from scar to scar on my face, studying the imperfection and then returning the gaze back to me as if nothing happened.

I'm sick and tired of fighting, of constantly having to be strong and talk myself up before entering any social situation.

Let's face it, having acne scars is so emotionally and psychologically exhausting. And this is largely unrecognized.


And so, for those who are experiencing similar emotions, let me just offer you this one consolation: you are not alone. I understand your pain. I experience it every day of my life. My heart hurts as I type this, just thinking of anyone else having to live through this hell.

But know you are not alone, and I send you my love.



#3337451 New Acne Scar Treatment

Posted by betterdays89 on 31 March 2013 - 01:03 AM

I hired a tutor that speaks Korean help me find out more about Cora Therapy. This is what he translated for me:

01 What is Cora Therapy?
Cora therapy promote the regrow of skin on its own. After a treatment, the redness of a scar goes away within a week if it is on face and more treatments are needed to accelerate the healing process. This therapy is effective treating acne scars, chicken pox scars, and any other kinds of scars.

02 Cora Therapy of collagen regeneration capacity will rise rapidly.
Treatment of chicken pox scars and acne scars caused by the collapse of the dermis through the promotion of blood flow accelerates the nutrition of the skin tissue, skin problems, depressions or indentations to solve.
Cora Therapy procedure scars, indentations or depressions on top of each other and filled up to a height equal to the surrounding normal skin.
You can get almost no side effects so it a safe and effective treatment.

I also had him translate a letter to the clinic explaining how I live in the States and wondering if they offer their services outside of South Korea and this is their response:

Thank you and we appreciate your interest all the way from the United States.

Cora Therapy treatment can only be done through Rodham clinic. In other words, you can only get the treatment in South Korea.

The treatment consists of a procedure using a single needle. This is how the procedure was able to be published in paper. The treatment interval is twice a week and usually for 5 to 6 sessions. It requires a period of at least three months. A deep scar may require additional treatments and time to fully heal.

If you have been taking care of your skin and it is relatively in a good shape, you may be able to reduce a number of treatments.

The therapy uses one needle to treat a scar and builds up new skin step by step. This will allow the treated scar to reach to the height of the surrounding skin. We do not inject any chemicals but provide an environment that can help skin to regrow. Therefore, there is almost no side effects and makes it easy to take care of after treatment. If you were to receive a Cora Therapy treatment, you can wash your face right afterwards or the next day if you would like a synergy treatment. The synergy treatment allows for even skin color, promote skin regeneration and strengthening keratin, shrink pores, and help manage sebum.

The therapy usually costs between 350 and 700 US dollars. We would need to examine you first in person to be able to give an exact quote for the treatment price. In case if you are interested, getting a treatment for one scar is between 35 to 55 dollars and can be up to 110 dollars if it a big scar. If there are many scars, we quote the price based on the parts of the face that are going to be treated.

Once again, thank you for your interest and have a good day.



You are awesome! Thanks for posting this!
Are you considering going to Korea to have this done?


I so wish that North American Dermatologists would get their heads out of their butts and start recognizing and offering treatments like this.