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What Can I Do To Improve My Diet? Tough With Food Allergies

31 March 2013 - 09:07 PM

Hi, this is what I have been eating for the past few weeks



Oatmeal with Brown Sugar or Eggs



Can of Chickpeas, low salt

Bag of Frozen Brown Rice and Vegetables



Salmon with Orange Jelly and a little Horseraddish

Sweet potatoe


1 or 2 cups of coffee and 2-3 fiber one chocolate and oat bars


This is what I have been eating to stay healthy because I live with parents and these are the healthiest choices. I am looking to start shopping more with them so I can pick out more foods that are healthy to me.


My problems with allergies:I don't eat any nuts. Lots of uncooked vegetables and fruits give me trouble. My throat gets itchy when I eat a raw apple, or somtimes grapes, and oranges.


I've read that eating food your allergic too is bad for your skin.


What are some canned foods I can eat that are good for my diet or easy to prepare, microwaveable stuff. I just want more options because I don't really have that much variety. What are non carb foods that I can cook easily. Also what are some good vitamins to take cause I'll buy some of those too.



Weird Effects From Tazorac

01 January 2013 - 01:29 PM

So I have been reading other people's posts about tazorac and I have some thing I want to ask you all about.
First of all, I've been on Taz for about 3 or 4 months now and my skin is better but not perfect.

Aparently you are supposed to only be using a pea sized amount for the entire face? I have been using a LOT more than that. Like a lot more. Pea sized for just my chin.

Also, I didn't have any adjusting problems. I started using it every night right away. Previously I had been using Retin A Micro, but then derm switched to Taz.

So since day 1, whenever I put the Taz on, its white at first then it gets absorbed and becomes very shiny. Like it looks like i just spread butter all over my face, thats how shiny it gets. Its weird and it doesn't seem like anyone else has that problem.

Next, my dry skin used to be really bad but it got a lot better recently and I only get dry skin on my upper lip area and chin. Should I be moisturizing everywhere even if its not dry?

Should I start using only a pea sized amount for everywhere?