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#3356049 Cystic Acne Questions

Posted by drewfish01 on 08 June 2013 - 12:08 AM




I have about 3 of them on my face right now.  2 at the jawline one on my cheeks and yes thats how big each of them are on my face. 
I see people talk about cystic acne and how you can't really see the head... but isn't this cystic acne?  I hear ppl talk about how they have that nasty cystic acne thats under the skin.  Is this under or not under the skin?  Assuming there is no whitehead on the picture, would this be under or not?
Because when i think cystic acne/pimple, this is what i imagine ppl mean.  But then i hear ppl say its under the skin and doesn't form a head and you can't pop it.  So does this picture have a head?  Can this be popped?  If it doesn't have a whitehead here... does that mean no?  I'm very confused at the type of cystic acne there is.
Can someone post a picture of cystic acne where the pimple doesn't have a head and thus can't be popped?  I'm really confused.