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A Little Advice Please

27 April 2013 - 01:01 PM

Okay so ive been on dans regimen for a month now my skin has been up and down, bu ha had some improvement. But i have faint scarring or some pigmentation what can i add to the regimen that will help scarring or pigmentation issues? Im fair skin so i have little pink spots like needle sized and some a little bigger im not sure why these randomly show up even tho i dont pick or had any pimple where they show up is this pigmentation?

Any advice is appreciated.

I Need Help, I'm Literally Lost.

12 March 2013 - 02:12 PM

I feel hurt and lost at this point

My skin has gotten a tad bit better less bumps but now these marks

I have tendency to pick but i know i didnt pick as much as how many little tiny pick marks i have 
Im using proactiv for about a month or so but mid way i switch to exposed because of all the reviews i had read (exposed help none) so i decided to switch to proactiv which was helping at one point my skin looked decent but i swear random days like today my skin is tender red and sore. Even if i trying moisturizing no help. I used an egg whites mask today which is why im extra red. But can someone help me diagnose what these scar are or what may have caused them? is it horomonal or diet related? Also its a both sides of my face forehead is pretty clear.


Heres what i have been on for the last couple weeks


Proactiv morning and night

Sulfur mask at night on big pimples

Cetaphil at night before i do my proactiv to remove makeup


vitamin i take the vegan hair skin and nail 

fish oil 350 mg


also i got back on birth control Nuvaring which I have been on since jan. 


Im thinking of trying acne.org kit or am i just a loss cause at this point...? please someone help


sorry for these ugly photos...and horrible camera quality im very insecure to even put these up.... if youd like to see what my acne looked like in december/jan look at my gallery 

I also apologize if this is the wrong forum

Combination Horomonal Acne. Confused And Lost.

03 January 2013 - 02:22 AM

2012 took a hard beating on my body from what i ate to birth control mishaps.

Anyways so far ive been concluding my acne is hormonal and is mostly on my face around my
Mouth majorly lower jawline spreading fast.

I hear so many different thing idk what to do with myself. I have white head clusters of under the skin and looking to be it may be cystic.

Bottom line i need to be told what to do im in pain emotionally most and physically.
I cant even afford a derm.

What regimen should i use? Inexpensive ones please?

How long till any results