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Traditional Chinese Medicine Knows The Cure To Scars But...

10 September 2013 - 04:18 PM

The idiots wont tell us details.


It is some fresh stimulating circulation herbs together with a micro current that used the micro electricity output to drive

the herbs to the scar .So blood goes there and vanishes the scars.


Look at the pictures to this link to see what i am talking about.



If anyone is living near finland and norway they can get this treatment.

This method is the CURE FOR SCARS cause it allows the blood to do the job via herbs and micro current.


Also and idiot pm'ed me once back then telling me that this comes from rural China but still he/she didnt want to tell me details!!!!

and said that he/she doesnt want to reveal the method cause of the potential  people hurting themselves with micro-electricity!!!!

Really retaded way of thinking.


Anyway .Any thoughts?

Wild Thoughts: Dermastamping Then Putting Raw Egg White

17 May 2013 - 03:24 PM

Many people here know that egg yolk oil can reserve burns,even major.


I deep down believe that a slimy enviroment is totally associated with regeneration and life.

I  can see it everywhere:

Hydrogel,raw egg white,snail slime .Slimy sperm is the beginning of life itself.


When i cut today a egg,i saw this slime raw egg white.


Its like its going to fell appart,break and become liquid,but for some reason

it can keep its shape.


It will be far superior than any other moisturizer known on earth.


So i was thinking to dermastamp a scar and then apply the slimy egg white(and maybe put something 

like a bandage to keep it in place).

Growth factors could travel more easily through the slimy enviroment  being made on the scar.


I believe in this.


But ,the eggs have to be fresh and organic.

Also who knows,maybe an infection will be made,so things are not that simple.


BUT,this slimy thing is far superior than any other moisturizer after stamping,

and it will make neovascularization an easier procedure for the blood.


Keep in mind,finally,that we can put again an embryonic enviroment to surround the scar.


08 April 2013 - 10:21 AM

Found this on curezone.Looks pretty legit and need 10 treatments plius detoxifying certain organs.


There is also a new treatment that is indeed traditional chinese medicine that works with micro-current & chinese herbs to eliminate many skin imperfections--particulary the chinese scar removal therapy. GO to Duiclinique.com for more info--the only catch is this: Only available in Europe. This procedure works with the certain pressure points to detoxify organs that are causing problems, combined with milli ampere micro-current & chinese topical herbal solutions. They use about 10 sessions to eliminate scars, acne scars, wrinkles, acne, acne scars/marks, broken capillaries etc. I have wanted to do this procedure, but I am glad I found out about the internal cleansing because I believe it would work better with the internal cleansing & change of diet. Also must drink alot of water before & after procedure as this therapy works by deoxifying through lymphatic drainage.

If anybody would like the e-mail address of the web site let me know, because the one on the website nobody responds to--there is a personal e-mail used by the owner of the duiclinique system. She sells the herbal mixtures but stresses that only machine therapy with the mixtures will eliminate & treat the scars almost like a miracle.
I hope this information helps somebody who is able to travel to Europe for this procedure. Good luck.